Welcome To 21 SECRETS!

Welcome To 21 SECRETS!

We Believe Art Journaling Is For Everyone!

21 SECRETS is more than just an online workshop, it's like having 21 talented, inspiring artist friends to art journal along with any day at any time!  21 SECRETS is made up of a diverse, talented community of artists that are most of all passionate about sharing what they love about art journaling with you!

The 21 SECRETS eBooks contains 25+ hours of inspiring videos, full color photos, printouts, and detailed instructions where you will discover new techniques, unique methods, and bold approaches to art journaling and embracing your creativity with more gusto and joy!

Plus, you know what's really cool?

Each 21 SECRETS is a downloadable eBook where you decide the pace, the order of the classes you dive into, and when! We know how busy you are so the 21 SECRETS eBooks are intended for you to savor and fit into your life perfectly.  Because all the workshops are yours to keep you will never feel like you're falling behind or trying to squeeze everything in to meet a ridiculous deadline!

21 SECRETS was the first art journaling workshop of its kind online founded in 2010 by Connie Hozvicka and has served over 5000 creative hearts since then!  Currently Hali Karla is the Creative Director and to see a list of the teachers who have graced us with their talent and creativity over the years please go HERE

21 SECRETS is perfect for the art journaling newbie all the way to the seasoned artist looking to renew their creativity!  At 21 SECRETS we believe that art journaling is for everyone and we welcome artists of all skill levels and backgrounds with open arms and warm hearts!  

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