Do you love art journaling?  

Are you just starting out? Or would you love to deepen your practice?  

Than 21 SECRETS is the workshop for you!

21 SECRETS is celebrating it's fifth year of gathering talented, inspiring Artists eager to share their art journaling secrets with you in a BRAND NEW FORMAT that will make your experience with 21 SECRETS much more personal and in alignment with the rhythms of your own creative life!


Art Journal Pages by 21 SECRETS Teachers  (Top) Jeanette House, Lisa Cheney, Lisa Sonora Beam  (Bottom) Katie Kendrick 

With each 21 SECRETS membership you receive the following

  • A downloadable 177 page eBook that contains 21 art journaling workshops which include 25 hours of videos, supportive content, and inspiring visuals by talented, professional Artists.  No longer do you need to login to a website or find your password--you can keep this eBook on your computer or iPad!

  • Unlimited access to all the workshops at once!  You pick and choose which ones you do when and go at your own pace!  There is no time limit--these workshops are yours to keep!

  • Membership to the private 21 SECRETS Facebook community and 21 SECRETS Flickr gallery where you can share your art work, be inspired by others, and receive warm, supportive feedback from other members and teachers.

  • The opportunity to learn a variety of art journaling approaches, techniques, and processes that will energize your creativity and touch your Soul.  

  • Be a vital part of a supportive, loving Artist online community that is going on it's fifth year and celebrates everyone's unique expression and supports all Souls in growing more confidant as Artists.

21 SECRETS Spring will be released on April 1, 2014.  ON SALE NOW!!!

Here are the inspiring teachers & workshops
(You can learn more about the teachers HERE)

The Illuminated Mushroom!
Ardith Goodwin

Mother Nature has gifted us with intense variety in color, shape, and size within the natural world and we will use that variety to let our imaginations soar on our journal pages! The lessons in The Illuminated Mushroom will give you the skill set to sketch basic 3 dimensional shapes, learn to shade and blend with graphite, and then transform your sketches into an illuminated scene by floating watercolors wet in wet, layering iridescent fluid acrylics, and building up luminosity with glow in the dark pigments. Because painting with words is equally important in our art journals, we will explore some simple strategies to express our connection to nature and take the concept of being "Light Beings," to a whole new understanding. Join me in discovering how to use your art journal as a tool to explore capturing a light source, embracing shadow, and painting an image, either whimsical or realistic,  with dimension while connecting to our core that is one with nature. The world of illustration, mixed media, and art journaling collide on a mushroom stool in this course, so pull up a creative one and join us!  


DeAnne Olguin Williamson

Soulidarity is all about creating art journal pages that come from your soul. Real personal expression happens when you get out of your head and start creating from your heart. In order to do this, you need to stay spontaneous, not think too much and follow your impulses without judgement. You will get prompts and techniques that will help you stay focused on the process of impromptu, unplanned creation. Soulidarity will teach you to follow the creative journey your soul wants to take rather than lead it.


Effy’s Sweet Trash Art Journal
Effy Wild

Turn a $2 Composition Notebook into an awesome art journal. Includes instruction to alter the book to suit art journaling, reinforcing the book so it stands up to lots of of layers, decorating the cover, and creating the first art journal spread from start to finish. 


Art Journaling The High Priestess
Erin Faith Allen

In this art journal lesson we will explore the archetype of High Priestess, and apply our own rich tapestry of energy to the journal spread.  The High Priestess is initiated in the wisdom of all that is Woman, consciousness, potential, inner-knowing / intuition, magic, creation, and the cycles of shadow and light.  We will create ourselves as the High Priestess of that which exists deeply rooted in the earth and stars, in our heart + soul as our highest potential ~ and we hold the space for the full spectrum of emotions co-exist with us on our journey.  

Art journaling can be an intensely powerful meditational experience and when entered as a spiritual practice, it can create powerful shifts that are integrated through focusing intentions throughout the artmaking process.  I will share with you some of my favorite artmaking techniques and practices, and together we will co-create a ripple of highly tuned in, empowered journal spreads.


Claiming Our Mythos
Galia Alena

Each of us has many stories… Our personal mythology….Stories we frame our lives and our identities through. In Claiming our Mythos we will unveil one of our own life's narratives through the sacred practice of intuitive and intentional art journaling.  Through collage, journal writing, doodling, painting, and just about anything else that wants to come through you--we will reframe our personal mythos into powerful expressions of transformation.


Succor:  Haven For Your Inner Child  
Jane Cunningham

This workshop connects you to your inner child – that beautiful part of yourself who holds your childhood memories- the joys and longings – the child part of you that longs to be heard.

In this workshop we will do a visualisation to meet your inner child, make a model to honour her and then create a place for her to play.   This will offer her a chance to speak up for the things she wants and needs.

We will engage our imagination, paint, collage, explore and engage with our tender heart to strengthen and shine.


Outside, Inside
Jeanette House

Some days, the bright, smiling face we present to the world masks the darker, more desolate feelings that we may be dealing with inwardly. Our journal is a perfect place to explore this "Outside, Inside" contrast: to express what we are concealing and in doing so, find some release or healing. For this class, we'll create a folded/window page that illustrates our "Outside/Inside" faces and feelings - two spreads that contrast the pretty with the raw.


Color It Joyful!  
Jes Belkov Gordon

Sometimes we can unleash buckets of creativity when we work within limits.  We often discover tiny nuances of joy hiding out in unexpected places when we do things like limit our palette or imagery.  This workshop is all about the exciting interplay of COLORS.  We will do this by limiting our palettes and using some collage elements to inspire playtime.  By pushing the boundaries of the analogous color scheme and personifying color we will experiment with expressing ourselves in a new way.


Setting the Stage: Internal Monologues With Extreme Visual Journaling
Juliana Coles

Extreme Visual Journaling is a creative process that focuses on creating internal dialogues between known and unknown aspects of self.  There are many voices inside with conflicting messages: who are these voices, why are they acting out, and what do they want from us? How can we create allies out of these enemies within?  By combining words with imagery learn to create a meaningful encounter with inner dualities, retrieve some unlived life and potential, and access inner gold.  

Places everyone, places!  We begin this workshop by uncovering some of the opposites within.  Next, in the form of monologue writing (yes, just like in the theater) we give these characters a voice.  Our goal is not to be great writers, but to uncover information- this is just research.  Unique to each one of us, these characters, actors on our stage of life, sometimes calling the shots whether we want them to or not, will assist in our visual journaling practice. They have much to tell us about the unlived life.  

Setting the Stage:  we use journal writing in this particular Visual Journaling exercise to get at inside information.  We also use journal writing to help us set up our page (the stage). We then layer with my mixed media assignments that facilitate freedom of expression with an emphasis on process, as opposed to product. In this way, without thought, without planning, we give our characters form; we bring them to life. The final act of this unique and multi layered Extreme Visual Journaling assignment, is Reconciliation, where we bring everything together for deeper meaning, transformation and healing.

Every step of this workshop is outlined in great detail from choosing a book, to preparing the stage of a page, to what is journal writing and how and why do we do it, to creative image making and mixed media tools all the way though to Reconciliation.  In full color pdf files and video I will explain all of my terms that are unique to my process and as Director, guide you every step of the way. The underworld is my domain. Traveling where others fear to tread is my daily journey and part of my life purpose.  We’ll do this gently, easily.  You will surprise yourself by looking into the shadow and finding the beauty in the darkest recesses of your soul.  Carl Jung stated that we do not find enlightenment by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.   

Dim the lights.  Exit, Stage Right.


Psyche’s Tattoo Parlour
Julie Gibbons

Psyche’s Tattoo Parlour workshop is an invitation to explore your personal symbolism  through the medium of tattoo. Scared of needles? Don’t worry, this workshop takes place entirely in the safety of your art journal!

In Psyche’s Parlour, you will be offered some guidance to explore your own personal symbolic language (the language of your unconscious.) Afterwards, you’ll use your knowledge to create the perfect tattoo design to represent yourself, which you’ll then incorporate into a symbolic self-portrait, using oil pastels, marker and acrylic paint. 

It’s entirely up to you if you decide to take it a step further and get some ink!


Signs and Symbols
Katie Kendrick

What are the symbols that you are drawn to and how do they manifest and repeat in your art?  I have a whole language of personal symbols that find their way into the paintings I do, most of them are common archetypes layered with meaning, both universal and personal.  Using paint and collage I’ll share ways to incorporate your own unique library of symbols into our journals and ways to understand them as “guides” and teachers on your artistic path.


The Savage Mirror
Lisa Cheney

He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.  ~ Lao Tzu

The savage mirror sees all and will reflect all you wish to reveal or keep hidden. That little wrinkle, aurgh, why do I have a wrinkle there!?! The sweet little wrinkle has a story, as an art journalist isn’t it time to give it a voice and share it’s story, even if it is just between the two of you. Perhaps you have a story that has been kept in your heart that is ready to find a voice, it is part of you and gives you strength. Or perhaps you have a dream that needs to be brought forth, it is there in the mirror, don’t you see it?

Lets spend time getting to know ourselves, seeing ourselves for who we truly are or where we really want to be. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of having to draw a portrait, we will get around that!! I promise. We come to the mirror to express what is in our hearts, through the use of guided exercises, collage, expressive drawing, painting, and writing. The savage mirror reflects those traits and dreams that the human eye cannot see but are nonetheless obvious when revealed.

Beginners and advanced levels are welcome.


Mandala Meditation & Play  
Lisa Hofmann

The mandala is an ancient format utilizing the circle to represent the wholeness of the Universe and our place within it.   Spiritual traditions like Buddhism and Hinduism utilize the mandala as a meditation aid.  More recently, psychoanalyst Carl Jung worked with the mandalas as a form of self-inquiry, facilitating  personal growth and discovery. 

Creating a mandala can be a soothing and meditative experience.  A rich play of symbols, forms, and colors provide valuable insights into subconscious wisdom  when we relax and play within the circle format.   In this offering we will explore a variety of ways to create and work with  mandalas in both our journals and in daily life.  Yoking the mandala with a practice of intention setting, we will examine how to work with the mandala as an aid to  self-reflection, mindfulness and inner growth.


A New Chapter: Fearless Writing In Your Journal 
Lisa Sonora Beam

I want to live in a world where women aren’t afraid of writing in their journals — because when we have the confidence to begin putting words to paper, we start getting all sorts of things we really, really want. 

Did you know: writing can be sorta magical that way?

When women tell me they long to write, but don’t, it’s almost always because of very common, persistent fears: I’m not good enough, Who am I to write, I have nothing to say, I don’t know proper grammar, can’t even spell, I’m afraid to be seen and heard…What if I suck at writing? What if I do it wrong?

This saddens and frustrates me. I can’t think of a greater tragedy that having a creative dream inside that never gets expressed. 

Your New Chapter an experiential workshop that will get you writing in the privacy of your journal. With ease. With courage. With grace. With compassion. This is where the magic starts.

It’s all about letting the blank page be your ally. A place of sanctuary and safety, where you can gently learn to express yourself. Then you’ll experience the magic of writing for yourself.


I Am...
Liz Lamoreux

In this workshop, we will excavate the story of who we are right now, in this moment, as we pack our creative toolboxes with our cameras, words, and all those bits of ephemera we have hanging out in our creative spaces. We will explore the joys and truths found in self-portraiture as we turn our cameras toward ourselves. And we will poem it out when we put pen to paper and play with words. We will then create a journal to house our poems + self-portraits that will become a place for us to gather the stories of who we are that we can turn to again and again to help us tell our stories.


Building Your Wings
Natasha White

In Building Your Wings we’ll use writing prompts to explore where we’ve come from, what our strengths are, and where our hearts wish to soar.  From there, I will guide you in making mixed media feathers that we will use in our art journals to build wings that best represent our own personal journey into flight.  


Inner Art Expedition
 Petrea Hansen-Adamidis

Learn some simple yet powerful ways to tap into your inner creative fire using nature.  Many times our inner critics try to trick us into thinking that we don't have a unique creative voice - yet we all have one. The real trick is tapping into it with your own creativity so that it is not overshadowed by doubt or a drive to be like others.

Creative Inspiration comes from within. But many of us feel cut off from our creative side so we seek it outside of ourselves. Through the intermingling of art journaling and nature’s wisdom, you will uncover your one-of-a-kind artist self that lurks within.
Let nature be a stepping stone to beginning your own creative art journaling practice.


Glorious Goddess
Rachel Ellen Andrews

Are you ready to reconnect with, reclaim, and release your inner goddess?  Then the Glorious Goddess workshop is for you.  Through guided meditation and some of my favourite art journaling techniques, I will guide you into creating your own Goddess pages.  Using paint, mixed media, collage (and whatever else you have!) we will connect to the abundant flow of the Universe and let the Goddess guide our hands!


There Is A Place  

Roxanne Evans Stout  

Would you like to discover beautiful ways to cover pages of your art journals that convey the feelings and moods of the nature that surrounds you?  

Let me be your muse and help you find the place where your creativity runs free and your imagination is boundless.  In this workshop art and nature will converge as we layer, paint, stain, stitch and collage pages of art.  Join me in "There Is A Place", where you can lose yourself and joyously create!


A Way With Words
Tara Leaver

Words are energy. The words we choose to use in our everyday lives help to shape our experience, so why not use good ones! In this workshop we’ll look at ways to choose words for their energetic frequency, and then make them into pieces of art that generate positive energy. That energy will ripple out into your environment and make you - and anyone else who sees it - feel good every time you look at it, even at a subconscious level. I’ll share with you some of my processes for building a painting, and we’ll use one of my favourite techniques which involves feathers!  You will end up with a beautiful piece of art with the exact message you need right now, worthy of framing and hanging somewhere you can see and benefit from its positive energy every day.


Self-Discovery Beyond Words
Tara Wagner

This is what I've learned: There comes a time when words fail. When what needs to be sought, discovered, and expressed in your soul is deeper than the mind can comprehend and well beyond the limitations of language. When there is so much needing to be let out but your mouth can't form a single sentence, let alone the stories that need to be heard (by you as much as anyone else). As a writer and an inner poet, art journaling gave me the tools to continue my own self-discovery an Digging Deep when I ran out of words. Through color, and texture, and images I began to find, process, and understand the deeper experiences my heart needed to express. And as I began to get my hands messy, I began to find growth, healing, and transformation in new and powerful ways. Join me in a process of using art journaling for self-discovery and spiritual revolution, and learn how giving yourself permission to get messy can recreate your world.





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Q:  Why did the price go up from the last 4 years?  
A:  The price of 21 SECRETS has gone up because now you are no longer limited access to the 21 amazing workshops--but instead these precious drops of creativity, healing, and wisdom are now yours to keep forever and ever!

Q:  Are the videos in 21 SECRETS downloadable?  
A:  The whole 21 SECRETS is now a downloadable eBook that you can keep on your computer.  All the videos are password protected and you have unlimited access to them.

Q:  Where is 21 SECRETS held?  
A:  21 SECRETS is a self guided online workshop that is contained in a downloadable eBook that comes with free membership to the private peer-based 21 SECRETS Facebook community and Flickr gallery where you are encouraged to share your work and mingle with the teachers and students.  Each workshop consists of videos, written content, and visuals.

Journal by 21 SECRETS Teacher:
Roxanne Evans Stout
Q:  Do I need previous art experience to join 21 SECRETS?  
A:  Absolutely NOT!! The workshops in 21 SECRETS are designed to inspire and support art journalers of all skill levels and backgrounds--but most especially the beginner.  Come and join us--this is a great place to learn.

Q:  Is there a supply list?  
A:  Sorry, there is not a master supply list.  Each teacher will present you with a list of supplies in their own personal workshop.  But you can expect to use the basic art journaling materials such as an art journal, acrylic and/or watercolor paints, paintbrushes, glue, scissors, gesso, pens, markers, etc.  

Q:  When does 21 SECRETS start?  
A:  21 SECRETS will be released at 9am PST on April 1, 2014.  Everyone that purchases 21 SECRETS before 9am PST on April 1, 2014 will receive the eBook directly in their email inbox at that time.

Q:  Can I still register after it opens?  
A:  Absolutely! Now that 21 SECRETS is a downloadable eBook--registration will be indefinite.

Q:  Can I access 21 SECRETS with an iPad / iPhone / iPod touch?  
A:  All the videos on 21 SECRETS are hosted through Vimeo.  There is an app HERE that is designed specifically for viewing Vimeo videos with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Journal page by 21 SECRETS Teacher
Lisa Cheney
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A:  Please email Support(at)DirtyFootprints-Studio(dot)com.

Q:  How do I learn more about the 21 SECRETS teachers?  
A:  You can learn more about this heart centered talented group by going HERE.

Q:  How do I become a 21 SECRETS teacher?
A:  Teachers are personally invited by Connie Hozvicka, the director and founder of 21 SECRETS.  But starting in November 2013 we will also be accepting applications to teach.  Please sign up for the Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter HERE to learn more and check back on Dirty Footprints Studio often.

Q:  How many 21 SECRETS have there been? 
A:  21 SECRETS is going on it's fifth year this 2014!!  

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21 SECRETS LIVE! is an opportunity to art journal LIVE with some of your favorite past 21 SECRETS teachers from the comfort of your own home!  Go HERE to learn more! 21 SECRETS LIVE! starts January 15, 2014.


21 SECRETS Fall 2014 goes on sale April 2014 and will be released on October 1, 2014!