Grateful For YOU

Morning Drawing, Oil Pastel On Paper

I am so grateful.
So very grateful for the beautiful response--
the LOVE all of you have wrapped around me--
the support you are showering me with--
as I dive head first into the great unknown...
of my Creative Juicy life....and my blessed, blessed soul.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for your comments...your emails..and your deepest heart wishes.

I feel the LOVE and I reflect it right back to you

So that together we can radiate,
shine bright,
turn our lives into those dreams come true.

Big hugs, my friends. Big hugs!


organicsyes said...

mutual love...right back atcha!

I totally enjoy visiting your blog...and seeing your wonderful work!

Lis said...

you certainly do!

and i love your new morning routine (i so hear you about the older body needing more time to "juice up" before yoga-cizing!)

I dare say, this sunshine is better than the one outside my window. i am feeling pretty skippy happy jumpy ready for action!

dosfishes said...

Big hugs back, I think it is empowering for all of us
when we see a woman go for her dream in a real way.
Brave brave brave!!!


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