I got to celebrate my very first Boss's Day this year yesterday!!! Wahoo!!

Cause you know...I am my own boss now!

And what a better way to celebrate then with an amazing group of inspiring entrepreneurs!!

Here I am with one of my definite heros: Barbara Winter.
Such an incredibly wise, sassy, humorous, and loving soul. I think she's so the cat's meow!

And one of my favorite, favorite quotes from her speech was:

No one's had exactly your life - use it to create a natural monopoly.


And then it was so great to hang out with my dear friend Sandy Dempsey of the Dreaming Cafe.

I can't thank her enough....she is always so supportive and loving to me--
and one of my biggest cheerleaders!

Thanks Sandy!!!

Plus, the first time Sandy and I met was when she attended my workshop Creative Dig last year--and this year--she was FEARLESS Painting like a pro!! It was awesome!

Then one of the sweetest treats of the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree was the opportunity
to meet and hang out with a blogger I absolutely admire and respect:
Mr. Mildly Creative himself: Ken Robert.

Don't let his "mild" manner fool you!! This guy is a lot of fun!!
And...be ready...he's got some awesome things planned for the future as well. I can't wait!

Plus---he got his FEARLESS painting on!!

Along with many others...

I showed you a couple days ago HERE how I packed up a load of paints, brushes, palettes, and vellum bristol and headed on to the airport! Each bottle of paint was contained in it's own ziplock bag--and lucky enough--I only had one minor explosion.

But no biggie.

Everyone that participated (and I had some repeat performers---I hosted this FEARLESS Painting event twice this weekend) was so open to the FEARLESS Painting Process. I LOVED it--and LOVED how the energy just shifted once we started slapping paint around.

More boss's need a painting party on Boss's Day!!

I have to tell you....I just feel so lucky.
So LOVED. So very supported--
by amazing individuals--
and the incredible Universe itself.

There is never a moment
that I do not appreciate this beautiful
Creative Juicy Life I lead.

That I am not grateful for the
soulful, wise, and deeply open people that I meet
on this journey.

And listen...after this spectacular weekend...
I'm seriously....SERIOUSLY.....ready to knock things up a notch.

It's time. Time to truly be FEARLESS!


Sandy Dempsey said...

I enjoyed spending Boss's Day with you and celebrating! Fearless painting was not only FUN, but freeing.

You are an EXCELLENT teacher and storyteller.

I am enjoying watching your journey unfold.

To your success, in all areas of your life,

chrissie said...

Thank you for sharing your special Boss's day Connie. The fearlessness is contagious - I'm catching it, and it must be spreading like wildfire.

Emily said...

Yea! Looks like so much fun:) I bet everyone there had a blast painting with you.

side note- where did you get those black skull cups? my son would LOVE.

Emma said...

How fun!! Come do that here. :)

Marianne Cantwell said...

Thanks Connie! I loved doing the painting and getting my fingers all paint covered :) It was just what I needed.

I can't wait to hear about your classes!

Marianne x

Liz de Nesnera said...

What a blast it was to put paint to paper...globs & all! :-)
Thanks for fun!



Alice Barry said...

Wonderful to finally meet you and see the force of nature you truly are. I LOVED Fearless Painting with you. Your straight forward process makes me want to do more. I like focusing on the process.

lynn said...

Thank you sooooooooooo much for your wonderful painting class this weekend at the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree! It was relaxing, soul-expanding and fun...not only taking the class, but meeting you and listening to how you began your entrepreneurial journey. You're not only a warm and supportive "inspired painting" guide, and engaging speaker, but an authentic, giving entrepreneur sharing her "inner light" with the world. Looking forward to more,
Lynn G.

Jami said...

Connie- Such a pleasure to meet you this weekend at the Jamboree. I LOVED the painting class you taught and wish I could have kept going. You inspired me to possibly cover a wall with paper in my craft room, buy some paint, and just go for it! I so look forward to doing more- I'll keep on eye on your workshop schedule! Jami

Sylvie M said...

I wish I was there ! every time I read you I open to new possibility. When I read about your creative juicy life, when I think about my part time creative artist, part time "creative math teacher", you remember me to ask for the most creative life I want for me. We live just once (or can count only on one chance for sure). I give me 5 years to rock my life from bottom on ! Thank you connie you're such an inspiration !!! May the universe light your way.

Sherri said...

Connie, I couldn't participate since I was opposite you in time, but I look forward to visiting you the next time I am in Phoenix! It's been a while since I pulled out my paints and your presence has inspired me (perfect timing, since I am housebound now - accident on Sunday night).

Barbra @ Collage Ideas said...

You have a beautiful blog. Your loving spirit really comes through.

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