That Someone

It doesn't matter how much I paint--
How many classes or workshops I teach
What exotic locations I teach them at
Or what fancy wancy folks are there to hang with.

It doesn't matter how many hits my blog gets
How many readers click follow before leaving-
Or how many friends I stack up on Facebook.
It doesn't matter if Stampington thinks my blog is artful or not.

It doesn't matter if I show my Art work in a gallery in LA
a coffee shop in NYC
or the hallway leading up to my messy, dirty bathroom.

Truth is there is always going to be someone that beats me to the punch-
Who's been there-done that--and posted photos on twitpic immediately afterwards.
Who can paint better then me-bigger then me-more realistic-more abstract-and definitely more pretty too.
There's always going to be someone who sells more then me and
that someone who is always at the center of the hooplah I secretly wish I was at.

There is always someone you see.
Someone I could dream of being like.
Someone I could spend my time chasing after--watching their every move.
Someone that seems to have it all sitting right there in the palm of their hand.

But there is no one like me.

And when I decide to paint like I do
teach what excites me
be where I'm needed most
and welcome those that resonate with my soul-

I put myself in a whole new category

Where that someone is simply who I am.

(the painting here was done as a portrait study...noone in particular)


Emma said...

Really great post!

Detta Darnell said...

Really fab post true deep and resonates with many I suspect well well well done you!

mel said...

oh man, you got that right! lol

just keep on, keepin' on....

took me a while to figger that one out....still figgerin', i think.


Mar said...


gypsy soul said...

So well said, Connie! There's a huge difference between being inspired by someone else (which usually helps you see more clearly who YOU really are) and trying to BE like someone else (which takes you out of the equation altogether). --Paula

Karen D said...

seriously girl.. this is just what I needed to hear today.. what we all need to hear!


Anonymous said...

Yes this is what we all need to hear because we can get so caught in the rat-race of "I am not good enoughs" that we don't light our own light shine. Bravo Connie.
I loved the portrait.
By the way do you have any tips about painting these kinds of portraits like colours and shading and eyes etc??
Big Hugs. Linda

Patricia Selmo said...

Oh, yes! Well said.

Janet said...

You said it so perfectly! I've been "lurking" for awhile now but decided that after reading this post I had to comment. This really resonates with me. Thank you!!!!

Nolwenn said...

It's when we loosen up all the expectations that lie within us (wether it's coming from ourselves or from others) that life really starts to makes sense.
Thank you Connie. For being your Creative Juicy self no matter one. For speaking your truth out loud. For sharing your journey.


Nolwenn said...

Gosh I'm tired. So I meant "life really starts to make sense" and "no matter what".
I have something to write now.

Take care.

faerian said...

i have tears Connie - big drippy JUICY tears....

Anonymous said...

Hooray on choosing to be YOU!

Barb Black said...

Love, love, LOVE this post!!!

Heather Plett said...

Beautiful, Connie. And just what I needed to read tonight.

Carissa said...

Connie, I can't tell you how much this speaks to me, how much i needed to hear and read and see and absorb this right here, right now, in this moment of puffy eyed weakness. Thank you dear soul, for reminding me the most important things of all. Thank you for simply being YOU.

All My Love and Light,

Katie said...

stumbled upon your blog- so happy to read what I often think lately. Lovely paintings and words.

lynna G said...

It;s not just what you say Connie but how you say it-- and how you illustrate what you say in either video images or your paintings.
You are so gifted and always creatively on fire.

You are brilliant.

Kate said...

I love it. Just what I have been thinking about myself. It was nice to see it so articulated.

Painting Herself Into Being said...

Sending the biggest hug your way. I was *just* having this conversation with myself. In fact, thinking that if I kept going down the path I am on I might end up someplace similar to you, but certainly not doing it as well and then why even bother...

Thanks for the reminder that the real path is sharing who I am and then all is well. NO need for me to *be* like anyone else, or be as good as anyone else, or be anything other than my fabulous wild woman self. Or even my other than Wild Woman self.

Just me. That's enough...

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Perfect! I really needed to read this today. Thank you for this comforting post.

Just found your wonderful blog this weekend, so glad I did.


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