21 SECRETS Spring Teachers

21 SECRETS Spring goes on sale Monday, March 14 HERE.

The workshop officially opens on April 1st and closes August 1, 2011.

I would like to introduce the amazing Artists that will be guiding you....


Aimee Myers Dolich

Hi! I'm Aimee, and I love to fiddle around with doodles, color and words. My professional background is in retail buying, product development, and marketing -- all experiences that gradually prodded me to dig into my neglected creative side and find out what was in there. A few years ago, I started a blog as a dumping ground for my experiments, and found that the daily practice of making something brought me a satisfaction and happiness that took me by surprise -- I assumed the urge would run its course, and I'd be bored with it quickly. But the more I experimented, the more I posted, the more I mined my everyday moments for creative fodder, the more I found myself wanting to create. And during that process, though I didn't realize it until much later, doing those daily experiments helped me bring together the pieces of myself that I had always compartmentalized. Writing was always in one folder, color experiments in another; emotions in one safety deposit box, dreams in another; and so on. Creating every day encouraged me -- forced me, really -- to stick it all in a mixing bowl and put it on high. So what started as a lark has wound up being an essential part of my life. I can't ever imagine looking back now.


Alma Stoller

Alma Stoller is a multi media artist living in New York. Her work has been published in Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studio magazines and she was featured on (HGTV) The Home and Garden channel. She loves to create fabric sculptures, freeform collage portraits and embroidered painted pieces she calls Glossies.


Barbara Nigg

Today my favorite color is orange. My favorite food is anything eaten in Italy. I have two Boston Terriers that run the joint. My husband is Swiss. Our daughter is 14. We live near Z├╝rich. I am an only child. I grew up on the banks of a river called Skeena. Emily Carr is my favorite artist. I wish I had gone to art school. I am glad I didn't. Play is my learning style. 36% left brained, 64% right brained according to this test. Myth and metaphor, my bread and butter. Poetry feeds me. Nature nourishes my spirit. Horses keep me humble. Class clown and sometimes shy. Passionate about story. Fascinated by what brings us here to create.

Connie Hozvicka

I am passionate about helping women rise above their fears, strengthen their intuition, and grow confidant as Artists through my FEARLESS Painting Process. I do this religiously through painting, yoga, diving full heartedly into my life’s adventure and sharing all of it with you in my biz/blog Dirty Footprints Studio. I am also the creator and director of 21 SECRETS and 30Journals 30Days because I believe art journaling can change the world!


Debra Cooper

Debra Cooper is a mixed media artist and designer whose artwork and how-to articles have been featured in numerous magazines and books including 1,000 Artist Journal Pages and Stampington & Company's Arful Blogging and Art Journaling. She currently lives with her husband and two children in Pueblo, Colorado.


Erin Kenepp

Erin Kenepp is a mixed-media artist and art therapist from the Central Coast of California. Her art journaling projects have been featured in several magazines including Art Journaling, Somerset Studio, and Somerset Memories.


Goddess Leonie

Goddess Leonie is an incorrigible optimist, serial gigglesnorter & mermaid who is living her dream in tropical paradise. When she's not fingerpainting with her daughter or perving on her love, she's making miracles, art & an online sanctuary for spirited, creative women called the Goddess Circle.


Gretchen Miller

Gretchen Miller is a Registered Board Certified Art Therapist who practices in Cleveland, Ohio specializing in youth, women, and families impacted by trauma, domestic violence, and grief & loss. In her own art and creative process Gretchen enjoys finding inspiration, creating energy, and discovering transformation through working with mixed media, painting, collage, altered art, and creating handmade books.


Heather Plett

Heather Plett is a writer, speaker, teacher, spiritual seeker, artist, photographer, wanderer, and domestically challenged mom. She delights in helping people find beauty in the world and in themselves. She is currently writing a book about the spiritual transformation brought on by her stillborn son.


Ingrid Murray

Ingrid Murray is a twenty-something dreamer who has huge passion for all things colorful, unique, and creative. Though nearly any craft captures her interest, her favorite projects to date remain exploring the world of art journaling, capturing life through her camera lens, and inspiring others as best she can. Ingrid's favorite food is sushi, her favorite animal the elephant, and her most enduring belief is that every individual on this planet - including you, lovely reader! - has a brilliant, one-of-a-kind gift to bring to the world.


Jane Davenport

Jane Davenport is an internationally awarded artist, author and gallery owner. Her exquisite art is fervently collected by gentle souls around the world. ‘Artomology' is the word Jane created to describe her unique mix of photographic art and entomological persuasions (which is fancy way of saying she likes looking at butterflies & ladybugs!). Artomology has since evolved to encompass all manner of quirky painting, drawing and video, all fueled by an inspirational love for Art/ Visual Journaling. The 21 Secrets Spring Session, will mark the first time Jane has invited peeps into her creative laboratory.


Jeniffer Hutchins

Jeniffer Hutchins is a professional artist and art educator... That's how these “professional” artist bios are supposed to start. However, I am done doing things how they are supposed to be done. Instead I would like to tell you this: I LOVE ART and I LOVE TEACHING. I love creating art and teaching art as a means to spark creative fires within others. I love teaching others to trust themselves and to live more creative lives. I love teaching others to use art as a way of understanding themselves and their connection with the Divine Spirit that lives in us all. This is my passion. It is an absolute JOY to share my passion with you.


Kelley Brown

Kelley is an art therapist and artist living in St. Louis, Missouri. She studied art journaling as a processing technique for therapists and has presented on the topic at the National Art Therapy Conference and was recently featured on Psychology Today’s Arts in Healing blog. Art journaling is the focus of her blog where she chronicles her ongoing projects, including a recent project about turning 30 and a process she coined "parallel art journaling" where she explores themes through art journaling with her significant other.


Lisa Dieken

Lisa Dieken is an intuitive wisdom teacher, guide, energy healer and artist. Her focus is a gentle form of shamanic journey healing and in particular, soul retrieval. Working in both the spiritual world and the physical world, she assists you in strengthening your internal foundation in order to manifest the joy, abundance and creativity that your "wild creative heart" desires. Single sessions and multiple session intensives are available for personal and life transformation. She works with clients around the globe. Her main creative endeavor is intuitive drawing and painting, though she dabbles in mixed-media, writing, photography and art journaling.


Lisa Wilson

I am an awareness artist. Basically, I do stuff that makes me feel alive. I share that stuff with others in hopes that it inspires them to do the same. (Yoga and Art are my primary tools.) I do all of this from my home in Indiana alongside 2 young kids, a hubby, and a fuzzy dog.


Natasha Reilly

Natasha is a colorful sidewalk chalk drawing, the laughter over a pint, a Nacho chip dreaming of yummy wonderfulness and an overflowing bucket of words and paint. She has been writing and creating art since the day her mom put a journal in her hand at age four. After receiving her MFA in writing from the New School in New York City, she spent time as Marketing and Development Director for a nonprofit and later, freelance writer creating promotional materials for small businesses. She has taught writing, editing and photojournalism workshops for teenagers and adults. In addition, she has written for publications such as Family Circle, Latina, Lifetips and MediaBistro.


Rachel Whetzel

Thrift junkie. Free Spirit. Believer. Artist. Photographer. Mom to boys. Rust Lover. Worm Farmer. Blogger. Creative Soul. Rule Bender. Spider Saver. Coffee Drinker. Cream Lover. Chook Farmer. Goat Milker. Sailor Mouth. Music Listener. Phone Talker. Garden Grower. Mess Maker. Risk Taker. Chewy Mom. Good Intender.


Silky Hart

Silky Hart is a Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner with a degree in Dance and a master’s degree in International Business. For more than 20 years she has been leading sessions, workshops and retreats in creative expression in a wide variety of settings including shelters, schools, treatment centers and health care facilities. Silky is the Southwest Regional Coordinator for IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.) Through workshops, retreats, online classes and one-on-one mentoring, Expressive Hart empowers and inspires people to joyously connect with their creative spirit to manifest their personal dreams and professional visions. Silky believes in illuminating magic, in spectacular possibilities, in uplifting joy and in unbridled creative expression!


Tamara Laporte

Tam (also known as willowing) is a mixed media artist, illustrator and online art teacher who loves being messy and is addicted to brayering paint. Her work can be described as mixed media folk art. It ranges from cute children's illustrations to a more stylised fantasy type art. Her art often incorporates healing themes, uplifting messages and inspirational poetry. She is also a prolific art journaller and creates stuffed toys and art dolls when she has the time! Recently, digital creations have been calling her and she's loving creating paintings in photoshop as well. She is based in Brighton in the UK with her lovely husband Andy and her magical child Dylan.


Tammy Garcia

I'm an analytical artist mom never without a camera, moleskine journal and a pitt pen. My creative life includes art journaling, drawing mandalas, photography, painting, stitching paper journals and inventing stories for my kids. I rediscovered my art and creativity after leaving my corporate job as a quantitative analyst 4 years ago. I grew up in Pennsylvania and live in north Texas with my husband, our 8 + 11 year old daughters and an eccentric rhodesian ridgeback named Kimba.


Violette Clark

I am a mixed media artist, author, designer, workshop instructor and creative catalyst. I create whimsical and inspirational collages. I live in beautiful B.C. Canada with my partner Mr. G (aptly named for his tolerance of glitter) in a purple magic cottage. The cottage sports a huge papier mache dragonfly drenched in glitter!

My first book “Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash your inner Eccentric” is all about Visual Journaling. My passion is to teach others to embrace who they are through the vehicle of their creativity. I do this mainly through classes on Visual Journaling (among other mixed media projects), in my online classes and in my blog. My home, glittery van and art have been featured on numerous TV shows including Weird Homes.


Registration starts Monday, March 14, 2011.
21 SECRETS Spring opens Friday, April 1, 2011 and closes Monday, August 1. 2011.


Registration will still be the low, low price of $59.
Videos are not downloadable--
but each Artist will provide a supportive PDF for you to print and keep.


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Jeniffer said...

I can't wait!!!

aimee said...

super excited! we're going to have a lot of fun!

Natasha said...

I'm so freakin' excited to be a part of this....to be teaching with ALL these sensational, talented women!!! AND to get to meet SO many art journalers...new, experienced you name it...it's like a DREAM come true!!! I can't wait!!

(She cartwheels around the room and throws chocolate to everyone!!)

Amanda said...

To pop tart rocking awesome to miss!
Gawd I gotta go clear my schedule!

Lisa said...

Woohoo! This is MAGIC! Pure MAGIC! I am thrilled, honored and excited to be a part of it, Connie! ♥ ♥ ♥

Amy said...

I am signing up for this! Looks like an awesome group of teachers.

.the WildTree. said...

Where did you find all of these wonderfully creative people! I can NOT wait to check out all of the blogs, and sites! Way Cool, THANKS! :]

rachel whetzel said...

I'm so excited that I will be part of this. Looking forward to this journey!!

Lauren said...

This is exciting!

Jeauxdee said...

Ok, I am sad and desperate! I don't know if I will have the money for this time around, but I SOOOO want to play! I am resorting to bartering! I make lovely curley cue scarves and will gladly make a couple in exchange for class fees!