Your Art Work Sucks

Somewhat Me But Not Me

Ok, so I'm just going to put it out there.

Not everyone is going to or does already like your Art work.

Yes, I can 100% guarantee it. It might even be possible that I'm one of those folks that doesn't like your Art work as well.

(It's true.)

And the more you show your work--the more people who see it--means the more people that are not going to like it.

(Sorry, double true.)

And since there is going to be more people that don't like your work--that means your bound to run into more tactless idiots that don't think twice about crushing your heart and telling you they don't like it.

(Ahem...triple quadruple true.)

How do I know?

It happens to me.

People have told me that my Art sucks.
(I got an email just recently from someone saying my pod paintings were disgusting!!)
Sometimes I get emails from people telling me that my workshops suck. That a blog post I pour my heart

And sometimes (this is the best part) these people (most who have never shown anyone their paintings, who have never written a blog post or created a workshop) will go on and on about what I should do to stop sucking--maybe that's how they try to redeem themselves from being so cruel--but really...seriously....they're only talking to themselves.

And I get it...I really do...

It's simply easier to cut people's heads off with your words in an email than it is to actually pull your heart out of your chest and share it with the world.

For some people--this is their only outlet of creativity. I get it.

But here's the truth dear Lovelies....

(Grab a pen to take notes.)

There are ALWAYS going to be people who don't like your Art work.

Just like there are ALWAYS going to be people that don't like
your chocolate chip cookies,
your favorite color,
and that sexy mama dress you think you look hot in.

That's life. (You can put your pen down.)

But you want to know what else is true?

There are more people that do or soon will like your Art
than there are those that don't.

There are more people that are going to tell you how awesome you are,
how freaking-a fantastic your Art is,
how your workshops rock their world--
than there are ever going to be idiots that crush you.

I 100% guarantee it.

And how do I know?

I receive emails everyday from people telling me how much they LOVE my Art, my workshops, my blog, and even little ol' me.


I keep those emails. I print them out and hang them on my bulletin board.
I write those people back and I shower them with LOVE and gratitude.
I feed off of THAT energy. I drink it in like a smoothie.

I build from it a bigger net of LOVE and awesome I share with the world. Such a big net of LOVE and awesome that it actually even has room for all those haters.

(Yeppers, that's million quadruple true.)

And as I begin my next painting or plan my next workshop....I ALWAYS include those haters in my heart as I do.

Because as they spend their energy crushing people's dreams---
I spend my energy making dreams come true.


Shannon said...

Those were the perfect words for me to read this morning, thank you! :) <3

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

Connie. I love you. In a non sexual non threatening kinda way. you are awesome. I love this blog post.

Jules Dolly said...

This is so true and so well written. thank you for bringing it out and writing about it : )

Cynthia said...

wish the comments were like facebook ... I'd "like" Leslie's comment!

yep, yep and amen!

Marlaine said...

I guess some folks never saw the Bambi film!

Love ya Connie! Love you, your art and your blog!

Lorie McCown said...

Yep, agree with all the above. I guess being an artist (musician/writer etc.) is putting it 'out' there. You don't suck, your art definitely doesn't suck and this blog rocks! xo Lorie.

Amber said...

I freakin' love you!

Brandi Marie said...

LOVE this blog post, and your art, ummm and your workshops! Where did I put my pompoms?

Melanie said...

LOL, ditto on all of the above. I first came to 'know' you during your first 21 Secrets ... and I am back for the second (third? I hope so!) I believe I have even written to you how much I would love to meet you (you are a real person .... who makes incredible art).
Blah blah blah to the nay-sayers!
Keep on putting yourself out there - I love it!

Tracie said...

Jumpin' in to cheer along with the rest of the gals....awesome post! (EXACTLY what I needed to read today!) Yep, awesome post, awesome art, awesome workshops, awesome YOU!


SigĂșn said...

So amazing Art! :) I love your crazy and bright colors and thank you for your blog. I cant wait to start your course :D

Sigrun Linda

Anonymous said...

So amazing Art! :) I love your crazy and bright colors and thank you for your blog. I cant wait to start your course :D

Sigrun Linda said...

Amen sister! :]
Strong 7 powerful words here, thank you!
I personally think your painting is great :]
Take care.

Nan Dupuy said...

AMEN to your post about people not liking YOUR art....I get that, mostly from my in-laws...everyone else appreciates that I put my emotions, thoughts and feelings out for everyone to said it quite nicely! They simple don't like themselves OR their artwork!!
Keep up the GREAT work :)

Melissa said...

haha omg WHAT ARE THE ODDS, I JUST posted a blog post about the same thing.

Is this just a really lame monday or something? So much negativity is going around this spring!

ps: I've never seen your work before but it looks so fun and such joyful colours!

happytrees said...

Your post are always like a slap in the head to me *duh, wake up silly!* I love your blog, classes and artwork! And you are an amazing inspiration to me...thanks for being so awesome!

sperlygirl said...

love, love, love this post! you are wonderful. i admire and love how you put it all out there. cheers!

Jean Baardsen said...

Yes to all of the above, but it still hurts when it happens.

I love the total boldness of your work. (Hope you've started getting some sleep!)

The Rich Ant said...

I love your art work and I'm just seeing it for the first time. I love your blog and this post is amazing!

aimee said...

you rock! and i love your art, too! xo

Amy said...

Wooooo! Connie that was awesome! Love you!

Janet Keen said...

LIke your blog its fun and colourful. People who are negative about your artwork need to get a life. Cheers janet Keen

Janet O'Connor said...

You have some great work going on. I can't imagine why you would get negative or hurtful comments. Just keep doing what your gut tells you; those nasties just want what you have. xoxo

Heather Dakota said...

For all the haters, there are those who sit silently back and smile every time you create a painting, a blog post, a workshop, or just send your love out into the world. From one kindred spirit to another. YOU ROCK!

mimulux said...

thank you for this wonderful post! you just made my day with it :))

Paul Ramnora said...

Nice words with which I can wholly and totally identify with; because I'm an 'amateur' artist myself; and, certainly not 'professional'. However, if I were to listen to all of the nay sayers; then, I'd have quit an awful long time ago; even before I ever got started. The very fact that I'm still continuing to produce art, right now, today; goes to show just how much I care to believe in their opinions; instead, I prefer to believe in my own dreams of success; which I feel will one day come true. On the other hand I do feel that 'negative' people do have a right to be able to express their opinions, too; even if it is pure bullshit! At the end of the day, it takes all sorts to make a world. I bet there was never ever even a single National Lottery winner who wasn't told by somebody else that they were completely wasting all of their money on buying a single ticket; this just simply means we have to 'dream' in order to be able to succeed in life, ultimately! ;-)

Rhonda Palmer said...

I already love your art and I just found it. Besides, who besides yourself (and probably your mother) really NEEDS to love it? No one. It's totally yours. Thanks.

Jo-Ann Dziubek-MacDonald said...

This post felt like a big hug...Thanks for pouring your heart into it. And by the way, I LOVE your art♥

laurie said...

i absolutely can't believe that anyone would say anything negative about you! you are so wonderful and unique and i'm glad you are strong enough NOT to let this very small minority get you down.

MeUpcycled said...

GREAT post, and very, very true! I guess that's what it's about...taking the bad energy from the haters, and turning it into more creative energy. Art snobs suck. Stay strong!

Claudine Intner said...

I LOVE this POST. I really don't understand people who feel the need to knock others. Seriously - didn't they learn if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything?!?!

bronnyk said...

I love your Art, Blog and Workshops... I agree with what everyone has said. I am an amateur artist, and I TOTALLY love the art process, I get so much pleasure from creating.... sometimes I don't like what I have done and it sucks...LOL
I think it's sad that people can be so negative, although they are entitled to their opinion...


Lora Lea said...

Hee hee hee! I especially love "Anonymous" haters. Lots of love & light to them ;)

RuthArt said...

I can't help but love your enthusiasm, love and joy while doing your blog, painting and videos. Your ability to see past those who think they are being constructive critics (?), is awesome to behold. Thank you for maintaining your hold on a reality that totally works for you....I value your honesty, humility and sense of honor to your art. I hope one day to be able to have that same comfort with my art. You rock.

duaa said...

this is a beautiful post and I just want to let you know that I am one of those people who love your art work, your blog and your wonderful personality.Thank you so much for these wonderful pieces of advice.

Anonymous said...

I really needed to read this post at this minute of my life. Thanks for so much positive energy and joy.

Marc Vellekoop said...

Love it, love it, love it! Thanks darl:)

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