A Letter To Myself

Dear Connie,

Let's be honest.  

Lately you've been feeling super crappy.  

I know.  You're in a constant state of nausea, your mind is a tad bit foggy, you break into hot flashes at yoga, and saying that you're always exhausted is a bit of an understatement.  And I know, this is really hard for you--because you're not feeling yourself and you're getting so far behind on everything.  Emails, blogging, workshops, keeping everything in order, etc. etc.  I know, I know, I know--you're always so good at doing what you do--but now, you feel like you're slipping.  You feel like you're losing ground.  And yes, I know you're worried.  You're worried that all of what you've worked so hard on with Dirty Footprints Studio is going to fall apart.

Don't be silly Connie.  Ok?  Just stop it.

First, worrying takes you out of total alignment with Creative Source and most importantly--it's not good for the baby.

And listen, your readers will understand.  Most of them are mothers themselves--mothers that you've always admired and wondered how the hell do they do it all.  

And you know what Connie--you're gonna be fine.  You're gonna be better than fine.  You're gonna thrive--and have so much fun--and feel more blessed than you ever have in your whole entire Creative Juicy Life.

But now, you just need to take care of you.  Listen to your body.  Surrender to you body.  It knows what to do--so let it.  Rest when it asks you to--eat when it says you're hungry--and keep sipping that delicious peppermint  tea. You'll be through this first trimester stuff in a jiffy--and have more energy again.  Promise.

And until then, let me take care of things.  Ok?  That's what I'm here for in the first place.

BIG Hugs,
Your Higher Self


Indigo Carlton said...

Rule #1 for Mommy/Mommy-to-Be :


EVERYONE benefits.

If only someone would have reminded me of that from the get go!
LOVE you!

Painting Herself Into Being said...

Amen! You know what to do. Surrender and rest. I know, easier said than done, but from one mom to another, take all the time you need to feel good. Take exquisite care of yourself. You are in the midst of your most spectacular creative project ever!

Many blessings,

jerened said...

Well said! now DO it! :)

Bowl of Sunshine said...

Thank you for sharing Connie. You inspire many people.
Take care of yourself, no one can get upset about that! You and your little babes need to be as healthy as possible! Sending good vibes your way...
Keep smiling! :D

artsy antoinette said...

Sending you BIG HUGS. You will be fine and it will all fall into place. Your creative source and you are creating a masterpiece. You have the honor of being the vessel. Oh, it is such a gift.

Rochelle said...

Connieeeeeee! So when we were chatting the other day, I said nothing - because I clearly missed the posts that said THIS NEWS! I am so happy for you - the best thing for you and Hansel to do is to make people because you are both so great, you could help this sorry world out by bringing more of you into it.

You have always been so great at talking to all the folks out there... I see pregnancy has not changed that you can also speak that lovingly and wisely to yourself. That is real love in action. I wish I could give you a giant hug!! Right now! Congratulations, I hope that tea works, and yes, do exactly what your body needs for just a few months and you should have a burst of energy for the next many months after.

Think about it - your body is only busy splitting cells and forming a whole entire other human being. That's all. It's a miracle, really, but OF COURSE YOU'RE TIRED!! lol :-D

Amy said...

Connie, you are so loved. Love you! Your higher self is a smart one. Listen to her. Take care of yourself. <3 <3 <3

Quinn said...

A baby is on the way? I had no idea! Congratulations like woah lovely Connie.

Terri said...

This is the most magnificent work you've ever created. You are wise to listen to your inner genius and cherish yourself right now. Your readers want your well-being above all else. Your tribe will be here for you when your energy returns. Sending you love and light,

darrah parker said...

Yes yes yes. Listen to your body. It knows what you need. Your energy will come back. And seriously, don't worry about us. If you take a break from time to time, we're not going anywhere. I've had the same concerns as I'm becoming a mama right as my business is taking off. But there's nothing like a baby to bring it all into perspective and remind us what is most important.

As for the nausea, I have two words for you: ginger chews. They saved me in my first trimester!


Beth said...

YES. If you ever needed to truly take time to rest, to simply be, that time is NOW. Blogging, Dirty Footprints -- it all will be here when you're ready. Right now the most important thing is you + baby. And I bet in a few weeks you'll be feeling better. Hang in there, friend. You're doing the right thing.

Inner Artist said...

Sending big, big hugs. Yes, we mothers understand, and I'M not going anywhere. I'll still be here when your little one arrives, and beyond. I treasure your wisdom and the love that you send out to the world. And yes, ginger is the thing for the nausea, and safe to take while pregnant. xxxooo

~Rasz~ said...

So glad you are listening to your body and understanding it really will all be okay!!!! You have been there for all of us, do not fear lovely one, we will all be here for YOU too! The best thing you can do for you and baby is to listen to your body and stay in total alignment! Gee, I wonder where I learned that wonderful lesson? Big hugs and lots of love your way! And definitely YES on the ginger! You can even take raw ginger and seep it in boiling water for some yummy and tummy tamer tea! I still use ginger chews and ginger tea, great cure.

Elizabeth said...

At the moment you are totally creating with your whole body. Your creation is absorbing as much energy as it possibly can and your body just needs time to adjust to that.

Your world is not gonna fall apart because of the lack of organisation, you are enriching it by creating.

Enjoy your pregnancy and stop worrying.

Marit said...

Listen to your higher self Connie, she's right! And yes, we 'momma's'DO understand!

Peggy K said...

Yes, we really do understand. And, oh what a wonderful 2nd trimester it will be!!! So rest up now, my dear. You're gonna need it for all the energy you'll have in your 2nd. ((Hugs))

Purpletreebird said...

Your higher self is very wise indeed. Listen to your body, it knows what it's doing even if you think you don't! Rest while you have the chance, and remember this doesn't last for long. I know, I've been there a LOT of times. :)
Jess xx

Marcie said...

Your body knows what it needs and what it is doing. Just be patient. Everything I want to say to you has already been stated by non other than your higher self. Just listen and learn. It is not only for getting through this first trimester but also through motherhood. If I could have done any one thing differently in pregnancy it would have been to listen and learn from the beginning.
I will still be here when you move through the next phase, waiting and cheering you on. Just like you have done for so many.

Tracie said...

Baby's have a way of making you aware of what is most important!! Emails? Pfffffft! Get some rest mama!! Take care of you (for two).

lynna-g said...

Just think of the amazing creative work your body and soul is focused on right now deep inside you creating the gift of this magical child coming from spirit into the world. You are busy working at that now. You have to rest from the other work because the most creative work of all in in progress.
LOve you Connie

Jessie said...

I love you, Connie. This was a letter for all of us.


Luna Raven said...

More people should write letters to themselves. You can't function if you are tired and you have a whole new soul to care for as well. You do what you need to, and we'll all still be here, every step!

Julia said...

OMG Connie...I was so excited about the whole "being published" part but I missed the biggest news of all - congrats!!!!! You are gonna be such a super-fab mama. That's one lucky baby. Enjoy!

Rebekah said...

Hear hear! You will be fine!

Big Hugs!

Stephanie said...

making babies is tough work..

try and think of it as the most juicy painting that you have ever made...and it will totally be worth it.

in the meantime take the time you need to rest and recharge...you'll feel better soon. It gets better each and every day!

Michelle said...

Dear sweet, loving, wonderful, amazing Connie.

I am not a mother myself, but I *do* understand. You are creating a whole new life, a small shining light of love and compassion to go into this world and this requires energy.

You are amazing, you have created a loving and nurturing community full of great people and we will all still be here when the "baby baking" doesn't require as much of your energy.

We adore you and your work. SO take your time. Relax, *do* listen to your body. Do what is required of you in this new exciting place of your Fearless Journey. We are on the path alongside you.

Much love

Wendy said...

Dear Connie -

ALL of what you've just said is so, so, SO true!
I couldn't have said it to you better myself. And i've had TWO babies. =-)


I have to admit... i was a tiny bit upset with you when you announced that there's an itty-bitty in there, because after the initial "Awwwww..." i had those totally selfish thoughts of, "Crap! I've signed up for Big. How is this going to affect me (assuming negatively)?!"

I apologize for having those thoughts. *Sincerely* apologize.

You're busy creating Life, and we just have to be patient
'cause these things take time
and you MUST listen to your Body
and we must ALL just Trust.
Much Love!

Asphodel said...

You are going to be such a GREAT mom!
It's all so rewarding, you'll see, there's nothing that quite measures up to motherhood...except in my case, nanahood! It's wonderful, I get to see so much of my son all over again :)

You do have to take care of yourself, that's top priority at the moment.

Lucy said...

You're great!

j said...

I love self-love letters. Especially this one. Rest. We'll all be right here waiting when you're ready.

Violette said...

dEAR Connie - i'm so happy that you are pregnant - congratulations. it's so wonderful that you are listening to your higher self and taking care of YOU! In order to create a Juicy Life you need to be gentle with your vessel!

You Rock!

Love, Violette xo

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