Ma Durga

38 Weeks Pregnant Today.

The henna is fading.
The sun is rising earlier.
I've been taking a lavender bath every night--
And barely sleeping.

I make line drawings with ink during the day--
Mandalas, repetitive patterns, and silly intuitive creatures.
And am being visited by frogs, turtles, and ducks in my dreams.

I breathe into my heart center
Imagining the space growing wider, brighter, larger.
Encompassing not just me and him--
But all life that exists.

I forgive.  I let go.  I surrender.

I do nothing and watch tv.

I've started practicing japa once again.

Ma Durga
Ma Durga
Ma Durga.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful Belly!

Those last couple of weeks are so different--- waiting, in a sort of limbo of altered time/space. Just relax into it and enjoy....your life is about to change! There will never be "this" again.
I couldn't appreciate that until the 2nd, then 3rd, 4th and 5th came along. Enjoy this; delve deep...this precious space can never exist again!

You and your babe are in my thoughts these last days...Love you so!

PS-just wait till you see Christine's special henna! ;)

bohemiannie! art said...

What a beautiful time in your life. You are Blessed.

Emma said...

Sending you lots of good wishes today!

Gutsy Arts Girl said...

You know what Jennifer is so right.
I try to encourage every new mom to really cherish - listen to, the moments in the last couple weeks. Life - your life until you pass, will never be like this again. It altars as you have new life on earth you are connected matter how old or how far away - YOU become more, wider, expansive. You live life even through their eyes and's really hard to express...but so real. If we only really saw...we would know that every morning holds this same energy - creative new life, waiting to be born, through us.
Love and blessings always

Jessie said...

Biggest, biggest, biggest of hugs to you, dear friend. You...there are no words. :)

Peggy K said...

Those last couple of weeks are absolutely precious. When you take the time to enjoy the life within, your world just opens up. You are part of a miracle. My last experience was nearly 32 years ago and I can still conjure up the calm and awe of those last two weeks. It never goes away, Connie. Enjoy it all.
And that henna is still beautiful. I wish I had pics of my bellies back then. But that was something that just wasn't done. How sad is that!!!

Simona Cordara said...

Good wishes!!!

scamp (aka Shirley) said...

Your mention of drawing mandalas brought back the memory of birthing my daughter--the only one of my four who was born at home. I had a black and white mandala on my wall, and I still remember how it changed colors with my contractions.
Peace and love to you!

freecreate said...

oh sweet,special uncomfortable times....I remember lik only yesterday...lots of sitting. Oh beautiful mama the time is near....

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings

Nelda said...

Your waiting will soon be over. You are doing all the right things. You are a fabulous mother.

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