My Two Year Anniversary Intentions

Back when I was pregnant, I started going to a weekly women's circle every Friday morning.  The real beauty of this circle is that it's main intention is to energize and to be a mirror for each other's greatness in the world.  My friend Roben, who facilitates it for us,  has a vision for her life that involves raising the energy of every person she comes in contact with.  This is her truth and she speaks of it passionately, and furthermore, she puts it into action all the time.  I hear it in her stories about her week--and experience it first hand when I'm around her.

She told me that she is serious about this vision.  So serious that she has created a business around it--one that is actually thriving.  But it's not just contained to business--it is woven into all her relationships and experiences in her life. Monetary or not.

Roben expressed to me once that she believes in doing this work at any cost because she's not just doing it for herself--she is doing it for the next generation and the generation after that.  She is doing it to help them have a better world to live in.    A different reality.

The thing is, Roben's vision--her life's work- has actually changed me and how I want to approach my own life's work through Dirty Footprints Studio.

In our weekly women's circle, Roben has taught us a new way of communicating with one another about our life stories that not only keeps us rooted in the present--but makes us dive deep into what is organically great and special about ourselves--and stay there.  In that energy.  Not to get caught up in the things that drag us down or deplete us.   Or to spend our time analyzing or processing things that are already passed.

This work that we do together in our women's circle has transformed lives literally.  Just in myself, it has made me even more self reliant,  confidant, trusting, and open to share.  I always leave there wanting too to raise the energy of everyone I come in contact with--and I have found that I practice this more and more daily.  I found that this is becoming a deeper part of who I am.

This past Friday was my second year anniversary of leaving my job to devote my time and energy fully to Dirty Footprints Studio. Early that morning I tried to write a blog post to celebrate this second year of being a self sustainable Artist--and what it means to me now--but my words were not gelling.  It just wasn't happening.  So instead, I let it go and went to our women's circle and then received an hour massage from one of the women while the other ladies watched over Phoenix for me.  I spent the rest of my day just being lazy--hanging out with my little guy--and honestly reflecting on what Dirty Footprints Studio means to me now and where I envision it heading.

This past year  was one of the most expanding years of my life.  No, I didn't make six figures or gain the adoration of tens of thousands of followers or grow my business with leaps and bounds.  But I did do what I set out to do when I started two years ago--and that is deepen my connection to Creative Source.

For me, my business is sacred because it is a true expression of my life's work.  It is a barometer that reflects the fluidity of my life--and my commitment to staying in the flow with Creative Source.  It is my unique way of raising the energy of those I am blessed to serve and share with.

My vision for Dirty Footprints Studio is a sacred space for women to strengthen their own connection with their Creative Source.  My job in Dirty Footprints Studio is to guide women to ruthlessly trust their innate wisdom and to inspire them in being the strong, radiant beings that God created us to be.

This is the core of what I do....and I do this through FEARLESS Painting, building community, and sharing my life with you in this blog.

As I venture into my third year of this journey, I wish to deepen my business, rather than grow it bigger.  I wish to strengthen my connection to Creative Source and raise the energy of all that I am blessed to serve.

And I wish to do all of this softly, gently, and always grounded in love.

Simple as that.


Cynthia said...

What I love about Dirty Footprints and you, Connie, is that it goes deeper, deeper, deeper ... instead of spreading outward to the point it is just thin. I feel like you are helping me see the root system and that is FAR more expansive than I realized.

Thank you for taking that fearless leap two years ago. My life is infinitely changed and by that, other lives are changed. One drop, a ripple that has fostered a torrent of change!

Robin Westphal said...

Congratulations Connie, its been great to watch you grow and expand. I love how you say your business is "sacred"..... awesome!

~hali said...

Yes, what Cynthia said so beautifully... ♥

and i would add that the depth of the connections between those that have worked with you is one of the greatest gifts and reflections of your commitment to this vision, as well.

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Well, I am glad that I have found you...and I have been on my own Path of finding my own real life and how I fit into this universe... i know I can learn much from you, so, thank you! And happy anniversary! Your son is beautiful... kath

Introverted Art said...

Connie, is there a place where we can find women's circles in different parts of the US?

Melody Flurry said...

I think instead of wishing that there was a women's circle in my corner of the world, maybe I should try to start one with other women I know who might be interested in meeting to encourage and inspire one another. You have inspired me so much! I am learning to let go of negative influences and to have the confidence to express myself through art. Until last December I had never painted or felt that I could do anything artistic because art was always something I thought was only for other people-- people with talent, not me. Now I am having so much fun playing with paint and exploring my own creativity! I cannot tell you how it has improved my confidence and improved my attitude! You are such a positive influence, and it has helped me to be a more positive influence on those around me. I hope your next year of Dirty Footprints Studio is filled with wonderful adventures that help you grow spiritually, creatively and financially! :-)

This Moment said...

I really love what you shared about your women's group, especially the lines "Roben has taught us a new way of communicating with one another about our life stories that not only keeps us rooted in the present--but makes us dive deep into what is organically great and special about ourselves--and stay there. In that energy. Not to get caught up in the things that drag us down or deplete us. Or to spend our time analyzing or processing things that are already passed." Wow - I really need to work on the diving into what is great and special about myself instead of what is wrong or needs fixing! Thank you.


freecreate said...

Connie, I love what you are expressing here. About a year and a half ago I took your course Big, and have been creating and connecting to spirit by painting ever since. Today I hung my paintings on a galley wall to sell them, and just by chance this day is also the anniversry of my beautiful fathers passing. Its all so interlinked, we are all on this very cool cosmic journey together, and you my lovely were my new path starting point. Love love love.

foxysue said...

Is it really two year, seems like ten minutes to me! Time really does fly faster the older you get.

Your circle sounds just the thing we all need, I feel the positive energy here every-time I click you, so you are doing a great job Connie, thanks. x

Lou Belcher said...

Wonderful blog post. It strengthens my resolve to find that authenticity within myself and to pass it along. Thanks, Connie.


Roben said...

Connie, I am just so honored with what you shared about our Energized Community Circles. Having you there has been such a blessing to everyone. You always bring your fresh and honest perspective to each conversation. You are so kind, caring and sensitive with your comments. I just feel super lucky that you are part of my life, and that you also have shared Hansel and Phoenix with us. :) :)
With love and gratitude, Roben

Mamak charepoo said...

I love that as you were energized you wanted to raise the level of energy of those around you also! You are truly making the world a better place with your intention! With great admiration for the spirit in which you do life!

Anonymous said...

Connie, I've just recently discovered your blog. I have been searching for something inspiring to help me feel free to create again. The other day after reading your description of Fearless Painting, I got out the paints and created something beautiful, just for me! Thanks so much and I plan to keep on reading. Enjoy your little one, they are so precious and bring so much to our lives. Cynthia S.

Blooming Soul Arts said...

When you made your jump out of teaching two years ago you created a space in the world for others to find you. I'm so happy to have found opened my eyes and brought me back to painting...without you I wouldn't have found my brush..truly. I am giving myself one more year. I thought I was ready to leave, but one more year is it...I know it. I almost lost my job and had to fight for it...and I did, so I know its not time to leave. But I held my very first art camp (two weeks) and it was fantastic...and wonderful and happy and full of laughter...and I know I am headed in the right direction. And it really is thanks to you..if you hadn't left, and opened your heart to the universe I wouldn't have found your door...thank you are simply precious.

wednesdayscreationsstudio said...

Reading your post is like listening to myself talk - just the way I like it - like an enery match
Thanks for sharing and stay inspired!

Amelie Dedman said...

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