What I've Learned So Far

Here is what Thursday morning looks like this week.
It's slow moving with a dash of cranky.

People have expressed to me the importance of a schedule--
To do this.
Don't do that.

And I bet all of it is true-
For them.

But there is no formula to good parenting.
To being an Artist.
To living authentically.

Somedays the best you can do
Is what you can do.

Other days feel like
Breakdancing on the moon.

So what I've learned so far-
be it parenting, creativity, or finding your truth:

Just be kind.
Super kind,
In your thoughts, your words,
Your actions.

And spend more time listening to the softer voice inside of YOU.


Lisa said...

Good golly you two are so cute.

And yes, yes, yes to everything you said...nursing a sickness today and trying to remember that not everyday (if any) has to follow a schedule...

Dale Anne Potter said...

SO TRUE - everyone is different and we all have to find our own schedule.
LOVE the photo!

Jessie Marianiello said...

I love you, girl. :)

darrah parker said...


Amy said...

Connie, thank you for reminding me of this. Sometimes I get myself wrapped up in other peoples shoulds, or even my own shoulds. It was great to be reminded today that I am doing what I can.

Monica said...


Lucy Chen said...

But there is no formula to good parenting.
To being an Artist.
To living authentically.

I have to write it down and remind myself frequently. Thank you, Connie.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Aaaawwweee! That is such a sweet baby and mom photo!

Anonymous said...

Dear Connie,

A beautiful post. Wishing you a wonderful and gentle day.


Gabrielle Fabian said...

Thank you for the reminders Connie. And in such a kind and gentle way <3

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