FEARLESS Inspiration :: Christine Graziano

All of the above paintings were created by FEARLESS Painter Christine Graziano in Sedona at Total Alignment 2012.  Christine is also one of my FEARLESS Painting Teacher Trainees in IGNITE.

Plus, out of the kindness of her radiant heart--she made every FEARLESS Painter at Total Alignment one of these necklaces! 

 I haven't taken mine off yet!


Christine Graziano Miner said...

Love you Connie!!!

Tracie said...

Christine ALWAYS inspires me (on MANY levels), but for whatever reason, these paintings absolutely stole my heart.

I am so privileged to have witnessed them in person during last week's Total Alignment Retreat! They were beautiful, ethereal, simple and yet so emotional.

Everyone of us was touched so deeply, we hardly spoke afterwards (for a moment or two) as we soaked in the profound beauty.

I'd know Christine's work anywhere and have loved seeing how it so clearly demonstrates her deepest feelings at both this retreat, and last year's.

Lisa said...

Exactly what Tracie said. I am still taken back to the moment of witness when I see her work again...and am still speechless.

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