Starting An Art Movement Again

When I was in high school a few of my friends and I decided we were going to start an Art movement.

It was going to be something like the Hudson River School--except based solely on our love for painting the Lake.  Lake Erie that is.

A few of us even used to cut school all the time just so we could go sit by the Lake and paint her.  It was us hard-core painters that wrote a manifesto,  came up with a whole philosophy for our movement, and believed it with all our hearts.

I remember it so clearly:  The Lake was Life.  

Almost twenty years later, here I am.

Starting another Art movement all over again.

FEARLESS Painting.

Believe can't run from who you really are.

It's better to just surrender to those dreams you had when you were sixteen, five, or eleven.


Briana, MA said...

Love it! So true!

Melody said...

I am so glad that you started the Fearless painting movement and that you've given people like me the precious gift of realizing that we can be creative and that we can be artists too and express our inner voice on the canvas. You continue to offer the gift of encouragement which multiplies and grows and becomes a positive force in the universe. Thank you so much!

suzana said...

I'm smiling because there was an article in this morning's Saturday newspapers here in Oz about 'what children want to be when they grow up'. The research study showed that, while most teachers and parents believe that their kids don't start thinking about their future careers until their teen years, most children actually have firm ideas about who they are and what they'd like to become from a much younger age (5-6 even). It also spoke about how important it is for parents and teachers to explore those instincts with them (go deeper into what's calling them...) and not try to talk them out of it/ into something else.

As a teacher for over 25 years, this has always been my first question to my students (both adults and children) - 'what do you want to be when you grow up' (or for adults 'why are you here? what called you?'). No matter their age (or even the words they use to answer the question), 'who they really are' always, ALWAYS shines through...

So... no, 'you can't run from who you really are' and yes, definitely 'surrender to those dreams you had when you were sixteen, five or eleven'! And remember to teach the kiddos to be who they are too... :)

mel said...

i'm so glad you're kickstarting Fearless painting again...over and over i come back to that very first class -- BIG -- and offer deep, deep gratitude for the gifts of it that are still resonating two (?!?!?) years later...

many, many blessings...xo