Those "I'm Not An Artist" Artists

More snippets of awesome from this year's Total Alignment retreat in Sedona.

It's Thursday afternoon, smack dab at 4 pm, and all my FEARLESS Painters come rolling into the Sedona Creative Life Center to begin Total Alignment.  And in the mix of excitement, pinches of Phoenix's chubby cheeks, and warm introductions--the sweetest woman comes running over to me. Before she even told me her name she blurts out I'm not an Artist--I'm not even sure why I'm here.  I came because my friend said it would be great.

You''re my I'm Not An Artist Artists.

You're the ones that really tangle up my heart strings and get my creative juices all pumping and ready to boogie.

You, I'm Not An Artist Artists, looove to sign up for BIG and write me long emails on how/why/and you better not even try to change my mind--that you are NOT an Artist.

You even come to my retreats and state quite frankly and clearly that you are by no way an Artist.

Uh-huh.  And I'm suppose to just ignore the fact that you laid down some pretty mean cash to fly, stay, and attend a FEARLESS Painting Retreat hundreds of miles from home!  Yeah.  Gotcha!

Anyways,  my real deal is that I love, LOVE, loooove to watch and observe how the FEARLESS Painting Process does it's thang--and when FEARLESS Painters come to me all experienced and well practiced in their FEARLESS Painting Practice--well, the magic is sometimes not so drastic or over the top exciting always.

But you lovelies--the I'm Not An Artist Artists--you're the perfect petri dish for the FEARLESS Painting Process to demonstrate it's magnificence with colors, glitter, and lots of boom boom boom.

Right of the bat, the first thing that makes me crush hard on you is that you've got yourself some massive courage.  Yep, you got FEARLESS written all over your pretty face just for showing up to something that you so strongly say you're not a part of.

It's kind of like the Universe playing peek-a-boo with you!

But truly, it's something inside you, I'm Not An Artist Artist, that calls you to create.  To gather with other Artists online--or in Sedona.  Something deeper fuels that courage you have to show up and get busy with a paintbrush.

And that something is the calling that all Artists hear.  That itch inside you that gets your heart swooning over paint bottles or excited by a stack of vellum bristol 300 pages thick.  (You FEARLESS Painters know what I mean!)

That calling alone makes you an Artist.

That calling...that crazy itch...that burning desire...that curiosity overload....that what keeps you up all night and accidentally drinking out of your paintwater bowl....that's the calling all Artists deal with.  The calling that defines YOU as an Artist.

Yes you.

Not some fancy wancy expensive education.  Not some ordained level of talent.  Not some crazy skill with a paintbrush and paint.

All that other stuff is marshmallow fluff on a tasty FEARLESS Painting sundae---just things we Artists pick up joyfully along the way.  Things we can work at--learn--start to discover was hidden all this freaking time.

So that's why I love you I'm Not An Artist Artists.  You make it so easy for me to show you your truth.  I don't have to do much--but love you, support you, and listen to your silly little arguments on why you're NOT an Artist.

The FEARLESS Painting Process does all the rest.


~hali said...

I'm pretty much going to refer this to all of me I'm Not An Artist Artist friends. Well done! :-)

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Me,maybe, too? I have always dreamed of being an I one? Hmmmmm. Beautiful, happy, loving post.

K said...

thanks for this post. really.

Charri Hart said...

Hi, Connie,
I am so glad to have found your delightful blog, I immediately grabbed your button for my blog. I am also a "Not-An-Artist", but last year I finally started to start stating it as a fact, and claiming it as my identity, although it is still difficult to say "I am an artist and writer" as my inner critic can be VERY loud! Your blog is really an inspiration to so many, myself included. I hope you will drop by my blog as well.

TAO pivot said...

Teehee Connie...I know who you're talking about from the retreat! ;)

- Helene

Anonymous said...

So? But we are going to go ahead and make art anyway. Because it's fun. Because we can't NOT do it. We say "I'm not an artist" because it makes the INNER critic go away: poof, magic. It is a shield against the outer critics as well. One day, maybe someone that loves us will look at our art and say "Wow, you really ARE an artist." And they will truly mean it. Then we will say Okay. Poof, magic!

Pink Scarf Studio's said...

yep, I am one of *THOSE* types of persons... however after taking the newest 21 secrets.... I have to admit there MIGHT be a artist in here some where....

Teri Calvery

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