What It Feels Like To Be Me

FEARLESS Painting by Jes Gordon in BIG.

FEARLESS Painting by Jennifer Koss in BIG.

FEARLESS Painting by Juliette Graziano Mertens in BIG.

FEARLESS Painting by Marcia Patrice Ganeles-Kislik in BIG.

FEARLESS Painting by Marina Vitica in BIG.

FEARLESS Painting by Sandy Combs-Martin in BIG.

It has been about a month since BIG ended---but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to share some of the incredible BIG paintings that were made in this Tribe!  These pieces were part of Week #5's What It Feels Like To Be Me theme! 

My favorite part of BIG is to witness the transformation that happens.  Women who started a little timid to paint with only one large piece of vellum bristol at the beginning--end up taping four pieces together at the end and expressing themselves BIG BIG BIG!!

It's also interesting to me because each Tribe has their own unique characteristics.  No two tribes are ever the same--and for this Tribe the painters seemed really drawn to the figures.  I think that's super brave of them--and I'm really happy that most of the FEARLESS Painters from this Tribe made their way over to DEEP as well.  I'm not ready to stop painting FEARLESS with them just yet!

The next BIG goes on sale in January 2013!


~hali said...

wow! what awesome paintings!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

such beautiful expressions of Self! what an amazing experience BIG must have been.

Whinnie said...

what inspiration- thanks for sharing- loved "I'm Not An Artist"

peace and light

Lucy Chen said...

I absolutely love the first one! So sensual!

Amy said...

OMG, you have some awesome and talented painters in this BIG thing you're doing!!! :->

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