My Elephant Goddess

In Process.

After I finished these two paintings on retreat.
After I released a lot of fear and pain.
After I performed an exorcism with my paintbrush.

This elephant goddess appeared to me in a very humble and touching way.

She's big, with a belly and saggy breasts.

She's naked and bare--but minus the vulnerability that was so present and aching in my first two paintings.

She's bowing in honor.
She brings an offering and a message.
She showers fruit from her crown.

She's solid.  She's strong.  She's soft.  She's new life.

She was waiting for me outside the gates of the Underworld.
(But I think she was really there with me all the time.)

She's my guide.  My angel.  My ally.

And now she stands patiently in my studio--as I gently finish her and discover the magic she is here to deliver.


Danni said...

She's beautiful and just radiates love. I'm so glad that she found you. xo

Gretchen Stephan said...

ah - motherhood

Pattie said...

A Divine connection for sure! Love and big hugs!

Cindy said...

I think you may have actually channeled Ganesh, a Hindu god who actually is responsible for all the things you wrote and is pretty awesome.

Lovely painting - I love the feeling of peace and serenity!

Stacie said...

Love the painting, the vulnerable ones just as much as the serene elephant. It reminded me of Ganesh as well. They are all pieces of your life and what an adventure you are exploring. Hugs :)

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