Sketch in Moleskine.  

Sketch in Moleskine.
Sketch in Moleskine.

Sketch in Moleskine.

Elephant just didn't show up in my last painting done during retreat.  She's been showing up again and again and again since I became pregnant with Phoenix.  I guess you could say she's my "totem".

And in the last few months--at a time I felt at my lowest and darkest days--she kept appearing in the most auspicious of ways.  

So I'm listening to her medicine.  

And for me--listening involves connecting my heart, my hand, and my senses.  

Here are a few ways we have been communicating together--through sketches in my Moleskine.


Lucy Chen said...

Elephant is your totem? Whoa! I'm going to look it up in Animal Speak. My totem is the Hippo, but it's not in the book.

Danni said...

Elephant is what I like to call, my life totem. She's been traveling by my side through life since my birth. She's a very powerful, yet very gentle being. So happy you and her connected.

These sketches of her are beautiful! Also, love that they're in purple, it's a very powerful color and it's associations meld really well with Elephant's medicine. <3

Eileen Pardini said...

Beautiful! I can feel your love for this creature in your drawings. Thanks for sharing :)

Zena said...

These are wonderful sketches. I think totems are related to our leading energy. My totem is the eagle. Thanks for sharing

rachel awes said...

i am WITH YOU.
elephant has also been with me of late. just yesterday, a dear friend shared w/me that in india, people see elephants as angels.
also, i've never seen that rumi quote + adore + need it! thank you!

McKella said...

Last summer I did a meditation followed by a collage, just to see what was inside of me that wanted to be expressed, and an image of a dancing elephant emerged. I've never had a totem or a "soul animal" before, but I recognized the elephant as an important symbol for me. Elephants are incredibly strong and emotional creatures. They're slow and steady but very powerful. They never stop growing and they're beautiful and kind of odd looking at the same time. It looks like we've found a common totem! I love your sketches and your paintings.

SAMARA said...

really beautiful and fine connie, not to mention how intimately they go with Rumi..."the doors at night have secrets to tell - don't go back to sleep" I love that you put these together...your elephants are romantic just as Rumi and his lover are. Lovies to you, Samara. p.s. I signed on for your teacher's training. xox

Ella said...

Beautiful! My Mom's totem is an elephant! I am not sure about mine. I think it might be an Owl or Crow...I have moved a lot and had to gather bits to recreate my nest~ :D
I love the glad you shared!

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