Postcards From Costa Rica

Here are a few postcards from Costa Rica for you!

First, I was terribly nervous about taking Phoenix on his first flight!  But he did fantastic!!!

He slept most of the time--and the other time he played with his toys and waved and smiled at all the other passengers that walked by or stopped for a visit!  He's such a charmer!

And the best part is that Hansel's sister Tatiana was waiting for us when we arrived!

After a whole day of airports and flying--I agreed to be the one that would drive us through San Jose, Costa Rica.  Believe me--these photos do no justice.  After driving there--I feel I can do anything!!!  Traffic rules and courtesies are nonexistent there--this was quite a feat!

We stayed with Hansel's parents in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  
Right here.  Honestly.

Phoenix got to meet tons of his family--including his grandparents and great-grandparents!! 
Plus loads of uncles, aunts, and cousins!!!  That was loads of fun for everyone!

One of the absolute highlights of my trip--and I have to say my whole life now as well--is that Phoenix and I got up really early every morning and strolled along the coast for a couple hours.  

Maybe he'll never remember these mornings we spent together....but they are by far some of the best moments of my life. What an incredible gift-- just us and Mama Ocean.

(I'm all teary eyed simply typing this.)

Hansel's Mom and Sister were more than happy to babysit Phoenix so Hansel and I could adventure around the jungle by ourselves.  

We needed this.  We really needed this.

And it brought nothing but bliss.

I passed this every morning and night on my way to the beach.

It's an oracle still.

I painted.  I sketched.  I journaled.  

 I nourished my body with the simple pleasures of the tropics.

And now we're back in Arizona.  I miss my home in Costa Rica already.

But our absence won't be for long.
Not long at all.


Blooming Soul Arts said...

simply beautiful connie. I can tell that your spirit was at great peace while you were on your trip...what a special place.

and that baby of yours...simply way too sweet!

Robin Westphal said...

How lovely. I especially love the graffiti art!

anyname said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quinn W said...

Alright, that's it. Baby overall are the BEST.

morningDove said...

oh these are so special. you sound like a different person. are we moving quickly for a permanent return. extended family how wonderful.
i cut up one BIG painting and plan on putting pieces on my ceiling, lol.

freecreate said...

You are so brave to drive there! We drove all the way from San Jose to Panama, and popped 2 tires! Pot Holes the size of Elephants. I hope someone got a surf in while you were there! love love love

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