My Daily Sketchbook

Back in my teens and twenties I sketched in my sketchbook religiously.  I don't think there was a day that went by that I didn't sketch something--be it ideas for a painting or most importantly just something from my daily life.

This past month I totally revived my old passion and have started a daily sketching practice again.

My intention is to strengthen my drawing skills, but even more than that to intimately document the world that I live in.

By taking the time to sketch something, you are actually taking the time to really look at something.  By sketching you begin to notice the ways that the object relates to everything else in it's environment and you can also discover it's greater details and subtleties too.  For example, the things that I remember most about my recent visit to Costa Rica were embossed into my memory by the time I spent sketching them.

To keep my sketching fresh and FEARLESS--I purposely use a pen and not a pencil.  This way I can't erase--I can't try to fix things and get it perfect.  Instead my sketching is more of a direct dialogue between me and what I'm sketching.  It doesn't have to be perfect or look ultra realistic--that's not my aim.

What has also been rocket fuel to my renewed sketching practice is the book An Illustrated Journey by Danny Gregory.  I just received it last week and I've been devouring it every free second I get!  It's full of juicy travel sketches from a variety of Artists! It's been so inspiring to have a peek into other Artists' sketchbooks--and I've also been fully enjoying listening to the interviews the author has been doing with the Artists over on his blog too!

I dare you to pick up a pen and try sketching yourself! The best part is that the more you practice--the better you get!


Jenn said...

I have the sketchbooks, and the goal of sketching in them.. but I've been having a hard time to actually get motivated to just do it. This post is inspiring to me, thank you.

Kate Robertson said...


I hear Danny Gregory's new book is wonderful. I have the Illustrated Journey which is his book that is similar, focuses on journals in general and is full of great stuff.
Initially I started in pen gravitated to pencil but thanks for letting me see the value of pen again.

I am in a FB group that is doing a 30 sketchbook challenge and I was thinking of taking part. Your post is saying to me why wait, start today.i have a sketchbook that is just waiting to be filled.

Hugs back to you,


Jacqueline said...

I love this. Just as exciting as it was when you introduced us to other artists through youtube in BIG Fearless Adventure, seeing other artists thoughts through sketches is inspiring.
Now I want to go grab Danny's book to lol

Kate Robertson said...

Hey Connie,

I had to post again to tell you that I took immediate action. I got out the sketchbook and sketched what was on my desk and in pen too. Thanks for inspiring me.


TwinkleToes2day said...

I got The Creative License last week and s a non-drawer, for the first time in my life (50+) I feel that I may at last be able to learn, thanks to Danny's book. In my humble opinion, I have found that most people who DO draw have an innate ability, well I don't, but I'm hoping to move on from unrecognisable blobs, to something that I am willing to post on FB or Flickr and I know that doing 21 Secrets too, will stretch me and boost me. I can't wait :D

Lynda M. Metcalf said...

I'm doing the same thing! But I am doing just 10 minutes a day. I may increase my time if I find I can. I have a basket I carry around the house with favorite pens and pencils and my sketchbook. I set the timer and go. I sometimes draw from a reference, sometimes from imagination. I'm also posting everything on my blog. It's my way of forcing myself to do the daily drawing. Oh, and I have to do this for the whole year. I'll have to check out Danny Gregory's books. They are on my list!

Joy said...

I *love* the idea of 15 minutes a day...I have that while I wait in the car for my kids during school pick up...and I love the *fearless* part about pen...recently I've been feeling that so much in my life is edited, so this is perfect, thank you!

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