In Transition

Maybe one day I'll tell you about this journey I've been on.

Or maybe it won't matter by then.

But for now,  the only way I can express this hard and sacred time,
is by capturing little bits of it
in my sketchbook,
on my iPhone,
and in the privacy of my journal.

Thank you for holding space for me as I navigate in transition.


Debra Wenlock said...

Thanks for sharing these glimpses of your life. Every moment matters. Best of wishes to you,

Natasha said...

Sending you all my love. xx

Sally said...

Love and big big hugs Connie. Sally x

Suzana said...

Sending you lots of love and blessings from Oz

Laura Strack said...

Hello Connie,
Your art is so beautiful. Watching you paint in your Healing Journal was like...watching a baby bird fall from the nest; vulnerable, sad, evoking. But this Birdie has wings and feathers and can fly. I hope and pray that you Soar soon. I hope that you will soon be ready to feel the wind beneath thy wings.

Blooming Soul Arts said...

connie, sending you loads of love as you journey thru this time.

Cathy said...

Stumbled on your lovely site and I loved seeing your paints and sketch books on the tray table of your airplane seat. I found this very moving believe it or not. Clearly you are a woman who does not let circumstances like being on an airplane stop you from expressing your creativity or doing the work you need to do. I LOVE THAT!!! You inspired me today to not let anything get in the way. Thanks for that-

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