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Amanda Fall

Keep True: The Compass of You

What if your art journal could become a sacred space, a sanctuary where you spill your heart-­howls and joy­-songs? What if every page served as guidebook to your most fulfilled, passionate, vibrant life? In Keep True, we’ll develop and deepen an intimate practice, using intuitive collage to align with personal truth. We’ll explore soul­-stirring prompts designed to honor our unique life­-journeys. Most importantly, we’ll discover the art of keeping true to ourselves, even/especially when we are feeling vulnerable, anxious, or uncertain. At the end of this workshop, your art journal will be a compass for everyday life: a sacred practice and process that helps you Keep True.

Amanda Fall

Amanda Fall is a truth-teller, love­-believer, sacred-­seeker, and heart­-on-her­-sleever. She is the proud creator, editor, and publisher of The Phoenix Soul, a fiercely indie digital magazine and community honoring our life’s grit and grace.
Ashley Joon

Finding Your Artistic Voice

Every person has a unique style and story to tell. However expressing your true self is the hard part. Learning how to create by replicating others is an important and helpful tool. But digging deeper and discovering your own style is where the magic happens. This workshop will consist of several exercises and prompts to help find your artistic voice. Be prepared for a lot of self ­love happening. We have a unique style inside all of us, and it’s time to let yours shine.

Ashley Joon

I have had a connection to art as far back as I can remember. I kept coloring books like diaries. Somehow life happened and creating art was not a priority. It took some bumps and turns in the road, but my passion for art came back to me. And now I feel more myself than ever. I paint with a balance of instinctual movement and subtle observations. I dance as I paint using my fingers and brushes alike to express myself. With my intuitive technique I let my paintings evolve organically layer after layer. When I’m not painting, you can find me walking in the park, practicing yoga, or talking to strangers.
Carrie Todd

Flying by VFR

VFR­ ­“A set of visual flight rules to follow, even though you can see where you are going”

As creatives, we embrace the new….. the edge….. coloring outside the lines. If we didn’t, art would never evolve. But even though we should always push the boundaries, there are rules to follow if we want our creations to “work”.

Now these are guidelines, not hardlines, so there is always room to get creative, but they serve a purpose. And though not earth shattering, these proven methods will give you pages a dynamic they would not otherwise have.

In this lesson we will build a journal spread using some of these simple tips Because even though we can see where we are going, we still need to have those “visual flight rules” handy.

Carrie Todd

Carrie Todd is a mixed media artist, born and raised in Southern California. As a full time project manager and General Contractor, she spends her free time creating. Her love of bold colors, acrylic paint and all things paper, has led her to a love of art journaling. She loves to continually learn new techniques and is happiest when creating as worship to God. She has been published numerous times in several different publications, and welcomes the chance to teach her first online journal class.
Cassia Cogger

Story Circles

Creating Story Circles are one of my favorite creative practices and I love to share it with others. This workshop will explore mandala making, self-exploration and visual storytelling in a creative and playful way.

Together in our journals we will explore the mandala, sacred geometry, symbol and story. We will likely make beautiful pieces of art. More than anything we will learn about ourselves and our surroundings in the process.

Cassia Cogger


With two busy young children, a few cross country moves, and some unexpected curve balls thrown by life, I know what it’s like to lose track of one’s self. I also know the strength of creative expression, movement, introspection and humor and their ability to find our way back home to the heart.

I’ve taught art classes for over a decade, and yoga for nearly as long. Recently I’ve been consciously weaving the two together into experiences and I have found the combination to be deeply therapeutic.

Catherine Anderson

Media Remix

Hidden in the printed pages in your recycling bin is a treasure house of journal material. Together we’ll create a stockpile of one­of­a­kind journal page backgrounds, transfers, silhouettes, embellishments and more to use in your visual art journal. Never again will you fear the blank page knowing you have these resources at hand!

Catherine Anderson

Catherine is author of The Creative Photographer and Journaling the Labyrinth Path. Catherine’s journey of self­discovery has taken her from attorney to photography-franchise owner to creativity­workshop facilitator. She has taught photography retreats in Italy, France and South Africa, and loves teaching and creating in her studio in North Carolina where she combines her passion for photography, art journaling, SoulCollage® and the labyrinth in her workshops. Inspiring others to unfold their creative dream wings is what makes her happy!

Chris Zydel

In Your Own Imagery

Our soul loves to express itself in all kinds of ways when we make visual art. It thrills at the chance to dive into color or flow into abstract forms. It also hungers for the opportunity to create symbols and imagery that expresses its deepest longings and most powerful truths.

But taking the risk to create imagery is one of those places where the voice of the inner critic can be particularly loud and brutal.

It can convince us that we aren’t capable of creating imagery that looks right or that’s good enough. When we believe that voice all kinds of things become off limits. We stop painting hands or faces or people or animals. Or we might venture into trying those things, but only if we have a step by step template to follow.

But if we stop painting imagery entirely or use someone else’s techniques to make certain things, we never get to have the experience of creating imagery that is truly our own. We never get to feel the incredible creative deliciousness our own images being born spontaneously through our hands and brushes and bodies and onto the paper or canvas in front of us. We never get to participate in this powerfully creative act of making art that looks like nothing else we’ve ever seen. That is totally and unmistakably ours.

In this lesson you are going to be invited to explore some of the ways that you hold yourself back around creating your own distinctive imagery. And challenged to break through some of those blocks and inhibitions using an intuitive painting approach to creating form.

Chris Zydel

Chris Zydel, also known as Wild Heart Queen, is head creative goddess at Creative Juices Arts. She has over 30 years of experience as a compassionate creativity guide and an unshakeable faith in the power of creativity to heal hearts and change lives. She knows deep in her bones that everyone is deeply, wonderfully and gloriously creative and is on a relentlessly love­soaked mission to prove that to the world. She performs this magic by providing nurturing and joy­filled creative sanctuaries overflowing with compassion, encouragement, permission and trust in the sacred energy of play and creativity that lives inside of us all.
Crystal Moody

Your Creative Habit

They say “you’ll never change your life until you change something that you do daily.” A daily creative habit has changed my life. I’ll show you how to make art journaling a daily habit for you. First we’ll prep for success. Then we’ll look at triggers, beginning rituals and habit chains. Finally we’ll recognize the power in sharing your work. This little creative habit will surprise you in the best possible ways.

Crystal Moody

Crystal Moody is a former art and math teacher who now homeschools her kids. In December of 2013, she was inspired by her 4 year­old daughter’s huge pile of artwork. She challenged herself to build her own creative habits by doing one little thing each day. In 2014 she made a drawing every day, often photographing it with her breakfast. In 2015, she is painting each day. You can follow her journey or even join her year of creative habits at crystalmoody.com.
Faith Evans-Sills

Layered Painted Mandalas

As an artist I use Mandala making within my painting practice as a creative and meditative tool, to access my deepest self and to fuel the creative fire that lies within me. Crafting these arrangements, layering a variety of shapes and textures, then painting my Mandalas is mostly about bringing myself into a calm state of mind that is open to creation. I call them Mandalas, following the ancient tradition of using concentric circular patterns as a method of orientation, a spiritual practice, and a connection to the cosmic harmonies of the universe. In this workshop I’ll give you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to create your own layered mandala paintings. We’ll begin with a few exciting layering techniques, exploring collage, paint washes, layering with stencils and silkscreens to create a rich ground full of expressive energy and balance. You will add delicious textural layers and personal flair as you introduce all of these techniques into your painting. Then I’ll show you the techniques that I use to paint my Mandalas. You’ll learn skills that you’ll be able to use again and again to jump into your own mandala painting practice.

Faith Evans-Sills

Faith is a painter, wife, mother, world traveler and New York City transplant. With 20+ years of personal painting experience she enjoys inspiring others to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art. Her art has been exhibited widely, included in multiple publications and she is now fulfilling her longtime dream of offering creative workshops and retreats. In 2016 she will lead art retreats in Costa Rica and Morocco. Closer to home she offer’s workshops in her studio and year long painting inspiration, lessons and community in her e­Course 52 Paintings. Faith lives with her husband and 3 young children by the sea in Charleston, South Carolina, where they enjoy exploring southern beaches and maintaining a close connection with nature through frequent trips to wild places. When she’s not in her studio you’ll find her creating mandalas in nature or biking around her neighborhood.
Fonda Clark Haight


Soulstories is all about creating from that intuitive place we all have within us. We all have original, personal stories that we would like to access and convey in our art. However, it’s easy to run into trouble when it comes to expressing them. Soulstories will help you overcome those obstacles and get your story out onto your journal page using archetypal thought processes, tips and techniques that make it easy to access that part of you that needs to be heard. Most people are surprised at what is waiting to be said.

Fonda Clark Haight

Fonda Clark Haight is a mixed media artist living in Western NC. She and her husband, Evan, an author, live in a converted apple barn on a 100-year-old apple orchard. They share their home with six children, three boys and three girls, along with assorted animal rescues.

Fonda Clark Haight makes conceptual artworks, paintings and mixed media art. Through an intuitive approach that is grounded in the everyday, Fonda creates art to convey language, emotions, and archetypal stories. Transformed into art, language becomes an ornament. At that moment of alchemy, lots of ambiguities and indistinctnesses, which are inherent to communication, come to the surface. Often, these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. Her works directly respond to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences from the artist as a starting point.

Gina Lee Kim

Spirit Taking Form: A Watercolor Practice

Making art is a dynamic form of keeping a spiritual practice. One of the most beautiful aspects of watercolor is how welcoming and accessible it is. Who knew that simply swirling pigments with water would cultivate a deeper, inward journey of creativity, imagination, and playfulness. I believe the power of entering this magical state (aka flow) is within every one of us. In this workshop, I will guide you through what I call the six stages of creating a watercolor painting—Courage, Curiosity, Compassion, Connection, Completion, and Contemplation. Each step employs a specific watercolor technique that embraces a universal philosophy. So whether you’re painting in your studio or navigating the outside world, it is all a sacred act. So come join me! p.s. there might be some incredible prismatic explosion of color involved 🙂

Gina Lee Kim

Gina Lee Kim is a registered nurse and a self­taught watercolor artist who fell in love with mixed­media. She was asked by Cloth Paper Scissors (F+W Media) to teach a 4­-part series of Art Lessons in 2015. Gina lives north of Chicago, IL, with her husband Jim and their 3­year­old son Stephen. Gina’s happy to know that her son will inherit all of her art supplies.
Hannah Andersson

Stick with it, dear paper horder!

I am a fan of collage and recycling materials and here I am combining these two things. In my workshop I will talk about what kind of paper you can collect and play with when it comes to collage – and where to find it without spending much on fancy papers. I’ll tell you my secrets on where I find the best stuff…

Then when you’ve got your scrap inbox ready, we’ll create an art journal spread with these pieces of paper and a trusted glue stick. You will experience the magic and joy of collage, and afterwards I think you’ll be wanting to stick with this art form for a long time!

Hanna Andersson

iHanna is a mixed media artist, writer and art journaler who shares all of her creative adventures on her blog. Twice each year she hosts an international mail art swap with participants from all over the world. iHanna is a fan of notebooks, glittery embroidery floss and iced coffee. She paints, draws and doodles in her art journal as well as creates collages. She also makes small art quilts that features acrylic paint as well as stitching. She has published a book of her blog, a few photo books and tries to infuse creativity into her everyday life.

iHanna lives in Sweden and has turned her home into a creative studio.

Jane Cunningham


In this busy world we are encouraged to spread ourselves too thin, stretch ourselves too far, do too many things all at once. Sometimes we feel like the pieces of ourselves are scattered far and wide. Sometimes we can feel lonely for ourselves.

In Restore we reach into the unconscious mind using symbol and image. The simple technique we will explore can have a profound impact on us, encouraging us to reclaim our wholeness and remember that we were never really broken at all.

Jane Cunningham

Jane is a conduit for Love and a Creativity Activist. She works with women and children online via her website www.numinousjane.com and in person, running workshops and one on one explorations around creativity, imagination, the power of the subconscious and story. She lives in Aotearoa New Zealand with her husband and two lovely daughters and doesn’t often make time to do the housework.

Jassy Watson

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life has been a common motif present in world theologies, mythologies and philosophies since ancient times. Its’ meanings are diverse, however in all respective cultures and belief systems it is seen as the Source of Life. It ultimately represents the interconnectedness of all life on our beautiful planet. All attributes of the tree act as life metaphors. For example: Its’ roots reflect strength and sustenance. Its branches and leaves reflect nourishment and growth, and the fruit; abundance, wholeness and knowledge.

Join Jassy on this fun and reflective journey and create a personal Tree of Life. You will ask your soul to show you an image of yourself if you were a tree and bring it to life in a step-­by­-step mixed media, intentional & intuitive process. This workshop is an inquiry into self­understanding and is a tool for reflection and meditation.

Jassy Watson

Jassy is an Australian Contemporary Visionary Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach and Writer who is captivated by myth and cultural stories. The symbolic language portrayed in ancient art and the role that women played in these creations are key inspirations for her work. Through her moving and innovative creations of empowered archetypal images of woman, Jassy invites us into a deep re­membering and re­imagining. Her imagery is also used as a creative tool to raise awareness of ecological and environmental issues. From her space “Goddesses Studio & Gallery”, workshops and events fostering Earth Connection and Creative Expression are held. She also teaches nationally, internationally and online. Her work has been featured in numerous international journals and publications.
Jennifer Joanou

Looking In: Self­Exploration through Art Journaling

In this process oriented intermediate level workshop, we will explore the questions that help us find out who we are and who we want to be. I will provide prompts that will get you writing in your journal. Then, using mixed media techniques with paint, paper, pens, pencils, stamps, stencils and more, we will create layers, much like we are made of many layers, to express ourselves creatively. In addition to the mixed media techniques, I will share some ways to incorporate your unique lettering into your spread. This time is for you; it is a safe place to make mistakes, try new things and experiment with your creativity.

Jennifer Joanou

Jennifer Joanou creates visual journals and altered books utilizing mixed media and collage techniques. A graduate with a BFA in Fashion Design from Otis College of Art and Design, her work is a culmination of more than 25 years as an artist. This work began when she was a teenager and sewed her own clothes, then continued when, in her early 20’s, she became a prominent Los Angeles designer. Her women’s wear was popular with Hollywood studio executives and was sold in Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman and Fred Segal. In 2004, she began creating art journals and altered books that incorporate her love of personal expression and all of her past mediums including fabric, photography, paper and paint. After 20 years in Pasadena, Jennifer and her husband now live in NYC where she finds new and exciting experience and inspiration.

Jes Belkov Gordon

Circle Love

This workshop is dedicated to my obsession with painting circles… I want to share with you how deeply connected we all are and how I see that connectedness in this beautiful shape. I have many paintings in my circle series and I find circles showing up without a thought in my journal pages. So this course will explore what circles mean to our psyche and all the different ways of overdoing the circle with layers and mixed media. Let’s circle up together!!!

Jes Belkov Gordon

Jes Belkov Gordon has a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art and holds an Associate Certificate with the IACC (International Association of Color Consultants/Designers). After years of study in paint and color, Jes Belkov Gordon is using intuitive painting techniques to allow intellectual knowledge to be accessed without an analytic approach. Jes enjoys sharing her approach to art making in her color and intuitive painting workshops in the Atlanta area and online to artists all over the world. For current shows, classes or more info go to bucketsofcolor.com and be sure to follow along on the blog at theblog.bucketsofcolor.com.
Lesley Riley

A Word of Art

I started collecting quotes long before I ever made any art. Quotes have changed my life. But even a single word (i.e. grace or alchemy) can be the inspiration or motivating force that compels me to create. So much so, that a couple of years ago I gathered over 100 quote­inspired artists to help me illustrate my beloved quote. Together, we created the bestselling book, Inspirational Quotes Illustrated. But even that wasn’t enough!

This Word of Art journaling class for 21 Secrets is an offshoot of my latest book, Creative Lettering Workshop: Combining Art with Quotes in Mixed Media. I’m sharing my process for finding inspiration with a favorite quote, creating art that reinforces the message and meaning, plus a variety of easy lettering techniques. In this class I’ll also be sharing a few secrets (of course!) on how I combine all three elements into a true
Word of Art.

Lesley Riley

Lesley Riley wears many hats. She is an internationally known artist, art quilter, teacher, writer and Artist Success coach and mentor who turned her initial passion for photos, color and the written word into a dream occupassion.

Her art and articles have appeared in too many places to keep count. As former Contributing Editor of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, Lesley developed a passion for showcasing new talent in mixed media art. Lesley has written seven books and #8 will be published November 2015.

In an ongoing effort to find the best ways for quilters and mixed media artists to get permanent photos on fabric, Lesley introduced Transfer Artist PaperTM, named the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) 2011 Most Innovative new product.

Lesley is the former host of BlogTalk Radio’s Art & Soul show, recording over 75 podcasts on art and the creative process through in­depth interviews with contemporary artists. Her passion and desire to help every artist reach their creative dreams and potential has led to a growing specialty as an Artist Success coach and mentor where she draws from her own experience, insight, and a knack for seeing the potential in everyone to provide guidance and solutions for artists of all levels.

Lesley creates her magic on an idyllic horse farm in Frederick, MD, where she lives in an empty nest with her high­school sweetheart husband. You’ll find her in her studio from sunup to sundown unless, of course, any of her seven granddaughters come to visit.

Malini Parker

Finding Your Way Home

“Getting lost will help you find yourself” – Holstee Manifesto

In May 2013, I lost my husband to cancer. I was his carer for four years, and he died at home, surrounded by his loved ones. In the years that I was looking after him, I noticed that his passion for life and for service increased as his health diminished. He leaned into his creative practice for strength and inspiration (he was a musician) and staged, with great difficulty, five shows in the four years of his illness. I looked after him while simultaneously tending to my own creative practice as a visual artist, writer and teacher. The experience not only strengthened me, but strengthened my belief that creativity has magical powers!

When he died, even though it was not unexpected, the grief was singular, all-encompassing and almost blinding. I lost myself. It took months, but in allowing myself to be lost, I gradually found my way home by leaning into my own creative expression. A pattern emerged in the journey.

Now, one year later, I am sharing a part of that journey in this workshop. Loosely based around my own experiences, this workshop is for anyone who wants to use art, writing and beauty to re­claim their centre, to find their way back to themselves, if life has knocked them a little off kilter (and if you’re alive, you know what I mean!).

Malini Parker

Malini Parker is an Australian based scientist­turned­artist. In the past few years, Malini’s popular live workshops have helped many hundreds of students embrace their creativity. She is deeply committed to teaching anyone, particularly beginners, how to create beautiful art quickly and joyfully. Her passion for teaching is reflected in her student’s responses, where she is described as someone who “brought hope into their life”, and by another as someone who “brings a light into other people’s heart that is hard to describe.”

Malini’s art has been shown in eight solo exhibitions and can be found in private and public collections all over the world. She is also set to take her teaching world­wide with a soon to be launched online version of her workshops. When she’s not leading a workshop or painting you can find her writing or walking her dogs by the beautiful Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

Maya Stein Amy TIngle


A playful investigation of the way creative writing supports and enhances the artist’s process. During Food for the Soul Train live classes, we often begin with a prompted creative writing exercise before we start work on a piece of art. The writing opens a different emotional channel, which often allows the artist to access a deeper, more meaningful space before attempting a new technique. The writing nourishes and inspires the art. We see this particular kind of work as an extension of our own collaboration and have found that the interplay between the art and writing is fluid as one flows into the other. During this workshop we will practice using short pieces of prompted creative writing to influence our artwork.

Maya Stein and Amy Tingle

Maya Stein and Amy Tingle are co­founders of Food for the Soul Train, a mobile creativity business headquartered in Nutley, NJ, and occasionally housed in a vintage caravan nicknamed Maude. We facilitate art and writing workshops for children and adults, and design events and experiences that stimulate playful investigation, inspire collaboration, and build community.

Orly Avineri

The Secret Lives of Paint Drippings

The practice of Art­Journaling cultivates insight into the nature of the creative process and its multiple meanings. Enriched by self trust and acceptance, paper, paint, pen, and line entwine to make expressive and complex intimate pages. It’s all about one’s willingness to reveal vulnerability and rawness for the sake of true creative freedom. Experiencing honest and joyous journeys takes precedence over producing beautiful outcomes. Ultimately, Art­Journaling is about depicting the fluidity of life, about effortlessly carrying one’s self from one place to another. And what better way to help us express our need for forward movement than by introducing diverse paint drippings to the other elements in our journals. Glorious paint drippings, messy, telling, unruly, free-
flowing, yet most defining.

Orly Avineri

Orly Avineri truly believes that the need to be witnessed by the self and by others is a human­core­need to be fulfilled by the act of creating. Therefore, a compelling part of her journey is the teaching of art making in the context of visual journaling. As a young adult she studied Fine Arts in an artists’ village in her native land of Israel, and later Graphic Design at the University of Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Now living in Southern California, she takes in all the magnificence of the landscapes that shaped her and of the visual languages she has acquired along the way. Orly is the author of three books: One Artist Journal, 14 Artist journals, and In My Bones, and is the starter of the lively FB group A Stand For Art Journaling. Orly is very passionate about finding meaning and connection through the process of visual journaling.

Rachelle Mee-Chapman

Lectio Divina Collage – Creating Visual Icons From Your (new) Sacred Texts

In a world that is increasingly “spiritual but not religious” what serves as our sacred text? Which images become our new icons? And how do we gather up a new hymnody so our throats know what to sing in times of joy and sorrows? This workshop begins to answer some of those questions as we put our favorite quotes, poems, and lyrics through the process of lectio divina – a meditative practice that allows you to truly savor the words you live by. The final part of this ancient monastic practice is contemplatio – a thoughtful response – which we will do via collage! The end result will be a practice you can use again and again to create visual reminders of the texts and songs that serve as your best guides.

Rachelle Mee-Chapman

Rachelle Mee‐Chapman is a modern-day priestess dedicated to helping you create right‐fit spiritual practices that are rooted in your history, authentic to who you are today, and creative enough to grow with you. With beauty and compassion as her core values, she believes there’s a quiet power in building a life of art and soul. A former evangelical minister, she helps women create acts of healing rebellion by curating your past and creating soulcare and selfcare practices for your present. Rachelle is the host of Holding Space ‐‐ personalized soulcare retreats for one or more in the Pacific Northwest. And she hosts Flock, an online soulcare community for women. You can find her for mentoring, card readings, and customized blessings at RachelleMeeChapman.com

Robin Kalinich

Still, Solid, Strong: Integrity to Self

Have you ever quieted your own voice because you were afraid to speak up, didn’t want to cause a commotion, or were afraid to hurt someone else’s feelings? This is something we’ve all done on occasion, but doing this too often can result in reducing your own voice to a barely audible whisper. It can also result in a powerful dose of resentment. I am working diligently to break this habit in my life and replace it with clear, kind, and honest communication. I invite you to join me! In this workshop, we’ll create a mixed media journal spread while working through some strategies to understand and cultivate integrity to ourselves (which happily also results in interacting with others in a way which demonstrates integrity).

Robin Kalinich

Robin Kalinich adores art in all forms. At first it was a secret love, comprised mostly of furtive glances in the tall stacks of an old library. It slowly grew into a full­fledged obsession which pays no never mind to genres or expectations. She is smitten with art journaling because this luscious intersection of art and creative expression fuels her quest for becoming the best person she can be. When not making art, Robin might be found writing, hiking, or skiing. She has been facilitating Ink & Alchemy, an online haven to wallow in art on a daily basis, since 2011.