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Passion for Patterns

Making patterns is my passion, and I want to share that with you–not only why I love patterns, but also how I create patterns that I love. This workshop is intended to be a creative spark that will inspire you to explore the endless possibilities for developing and using patterns in your own creative pursuits. We’ll explore the use of simple doodled shapes to create a variety of patterns, how to establish balance across the page, and how to continually come up with new ideas. By the time you finish this workshop, I hope creating patterns will become a passion of yours too!

Anika Starmer

Anika Starmer is an artist, graphic designer, and pattern enthusiast. She started keeping a sketchbook and sharing her work online in 2006 and has enjoyed engaging in the creative community and inspiring others to make patterns ever since. After completing a year-long “Pattern a Day” Project in 2013, Anika has continued a daily art practice which includes exploring color, sketching found objects, doodling from her imagination, and of course, drawing and painting patterns. In all the artwork she creates, Anika allows space for experimentation, playful energy, vibrant colors, and contrasting texture. When not at work in her home studio, Anika can be found walking in the wilds of Maryland with her two dachshunds.
Carolyn Dube

Beautiful Layered Backgrounds with a Gelli Plate

Building up rich layers looks complex, but it is really very simple with the Gelli Plate! Not a drop of paint is wasted as you quickly create depth and detail with color building up layers for rich background papers. These papers are a great place to start an art journal page and can be used in conjunction with all your art journaling talents and techniques.

If you are brand new to the Gelli Plate, no problem! I’ll introduce the Gelli Plate and tell you all the ins and outs from how I care for mine, what papers to use, and what types of paints to use. I’ll give you a hint… I use what I have on hand!

Carolyn Dube

Carolyn Dube is a self taught mixed media art adventurer on a journey to quiet inner critics through play.  She plays with every color of the rainbow, avoids rules whenever possible, and lets the little kid inside her free.  She’s written articles for magazines such as Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors, designs stencils for StencilGirl Products, and shares the message of O.O.P.S. through her YouTube videos and blog.
Darrah Parker

Snap It: Photographing Life As It Is

In this workshop, we will use photography as a tool for slowing down and noticing the beauty in our everyday lives. Darrah will provide photography tips and simple tools for capturing the things that matter most to you. We will go on a scavenger hunt around our homes, discovering the things that light us up, bring back memories, or make us feel something. We will tap into our emotions as a tool for visual storytelling and use our images as inspiration for our art journals. All cameras welcome (even smart phones!) No prior photography experience required.

Darrah Parker

Darrah Parker is a Seattle-based lifestyle photographer, specializing in photographing newborns, families, and portraits in authentic, meaningful ways. In her spare time she follows her daughter around with her camera, capturing the messy moments of motherhood and trying to freeze time. She shares her approach to photography in her e-course, The Slice of Life Project, and her approach to savoring motherhood in her other e-course, Lens Mama.
David R. Modler & Eric M. Scott

Rethinking The Page: Creating Interaction and Connection Within Your Journal

The Journal Fodder Junkies guide you through an open process that will transform your mundane journal pages into surprising, interacting, and secret filled spaces. Using an arsenal of prompts, techniques, and ideas, David and Eric take you on a journey that will have you delving and discovering, painting and writing, cutting and ripping as you transform the static surface of your pages into dynamic places filled with cut outs, fold outs, flaps, pockets, hidden spaces and secret passages. This workshop focuses on the use of prompts to guide you through a creative process that will have you engaging and transforming your pages in a whole new way.

David R. Modler & Eric M. Scott

David R. Modler and Eric M. Scott are the Journal Fodder Junkies. This dynamic duo are artists, educators, and authors. With over 45 years of combined teaching experience, they have provided workshops, presentations, and seminars to teachers, students, and artists at conferences, conventions, artist retreats, and other venues across North America. In 2010 their first book, The Journal Junkies Workshop, was released by North Light Books, and quickly became a bestseller in the mixed media community. Feeling like they had not exhausted their ideas on the visual journal, they wrote a follow up, Journal Fodder 365. Released at the end of July 2012, it quickly became a bestseller as well

Eric M. Scott lives in Purcellville, VA with wife Joanne and their numerous animals. He is a National Board Certified Teacher, and teaches art for Loudoun County Public Schools in Northern Virginia.

David R. Modler earned a Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He now lives in Shepherdstown, West Virginia where he is an Assistant Professor of Art and the Coordinator of Art Education at Shepherd University.


Affirmation Artistry

This is a Creative Critic Conquering Workshop. We will create affirmation art desk journals to banish our individual blocks to creativity.


Hi, I’m Jenny! (also known as Jennibellie) I’m an artist in a few different areas but mostly an art journaler and recycle artist, meaning my number.1 supply is trash =). I am passionate about unleashing the creative instinct, both in myself and helping it be released in others. I feel sharing & creating community is very important, to develop ourselves, our art, our skills, our knowledge and to give loving encouragement with one another. I create lots of youtube tutorials & also have free classes and groups on my ning art community, Journal Workshops,which you are welcome to be a part of.
Jessica Leigh Brogan

Letting Go and Layering Up

“Faith means living with uncertainty, feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you, like a lantern in the dark.” Dan Millman
The only thing I really know for sure – and I’ve learned it the hard way – is that a joyous, vibrant life is one big exercise in faith. The answer is never truly known, the next obstacle or surprise is never really predictable and the lure to play it safe and easy is oh-so-tempting. The exact same can be said of Art, and Creation. An Art Journal page is not much different than traversing life: we can play it safe, stop before we get too far in, make sure we always know where we’re going next and through maintaining control, never really learn what we’re capable of.  And our art – our creative spark and soul – will suffer for it.
In this workshop we will explore letting go of control. Together, we will navigate what it feels like to relinquish the vision of a pre-determined, desired end result and to trade it instead for layer after layer of exploration, and release. We will release our Art Journal from the constraints of our anxious ego, wanting always to know it will be pleased with what it sees. Creating will become about the wholly unexpected. Our art journal pages will transform from monologue, to conversation. And in that, we will find true delight.

Jessica Leigh Brogan

Jessica Brogan is a popular Art Journaler and Blogger who is passionate about freeing women from self-imposed limitations in life and in creativity. Her e-courses and offerings are always a combination of artistic exploration and soul clarification to guide you to deeper creativity and authenticity in your life.
Joanna Powell Colbert

Personal Tarot Icons

The Tarot has been called a “book of wisdom” or a sacred text. Its timeless wisdom has been interpreted by thousands of artists in countless styles and mediums. Playing with tarot cards is one of my favorite ways to receive guidance, to listen to my own deep wisdom, and to create change in my life.
A religious or spiritual icon is a portrait of a holy figure that is used as a focus for devotion, and that embodies the energy of the figure it represents. The tarot is full of such figures — priestesses, queens, shamans, fools, and every animal under the sun.
In this workshop, we will do several exercises to discover one particular tarot card that is personal to you, through numerological, astrological, and intuitive methods. You will write a poem or prayer based on the card you choose, that expresses your deepest longings and dreams. The card and poem will set the theme for a collage piece in your art journal, or one you might want to frame and hang on your wall. We’ll use paint, tissue paper, a color copy of your card, ink, oil pastels, stamps, and more to create a personal Tarot Icon that not only expresses something about who you are at this moment in time, but also acts as a guiding light to lead you on.
(You will need a tarot deck — any tarot deck — for this workshop. No previous tarot experience necessary!)

Joanna Powell Colbert

Joanna Powell Colbert is an artist, author, retreat host, and creatrix of the Gaian Tarot. Amber Lotus Publishing Co. calls her one of “the most accomplished and well-loved artists in the Goddess-spirit community.” She was named by SageWoman magazine as one of the Wisdom Keepers of the Goddess Spirituality movement.
Joanna teaches e-courses and workshops on earth-­centered spirituality, seasonal contemplative practices, creativity as a devotional path, the Divine Feminine, and using tarot as a tool for inner guidance and self-­exploration. She leads Gaian Soul Retreats for women twice a year. She lives on a small, magical island in the Salish Sea near Bellingham, Washington.
Joyce van der Lely

Messages To Me

In my workshop you will experience how to create a double page spread starting with a memory and a question, to yourself, to get inspired and follow the journey. You will lose yourself in creating, daydreaming and meditation. It will be like building a nest, a sanctuary, a safe haven to protect the memory and reveal the message or the next part of the path. My journaling approach is all about self confidence building.
We will work with pencils, charcoal, pastels, gesso, and more.

Joyce van der Lely

Hi! I am Joyce van der Lely {on-line also known as Miss Pippi}. I am a Mixed Media artist-illustrator-designer and tutor and a mum to a 13 year old boy and an 11 year old girl. A Dutchie that emigrated to New Zealand in ‘95 and after the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 moved from Christchurch on the South Island to the Bay of Plenty on the North Island later that year. And very grateful to have made this decision.

As a child I sketched a lot, always loved art classes at school. Once at high school I had two really amazing art teachers. One that told me that you really didn’t need talent to be a good artist, but a lot of curiosity, a good eye and lots and lots of practice. The other that really explained and encouraged teaching art, to make it possible to have a life with and from art.

I love creating many different forms of art, and I always come back to my journals, because they are my faithful companions in good and bad times. As an art tutor I love to inspire. The best feeling is when people, students, other/new artists say “because of you I didn’t give up.”
Juliette Crane

Make Believe

Painting has always been a healing process for me. Yet I struggled whenever I came to covering up the white space and knowing what to paint. So this workshop is all about fun and whimsy. We’ll paint with our fingertips and play with all sorts of art supplies.
I will demonstrate how to create luscious backgrounds and layers using papers, acrylics, oil sticks and inks. Then we’ll add simple shapes to create any whimsical character you desire like my very favorite… owls!

Juliette Crane

Juliette Crane is a full-time artist, teacher, storyteller and adventurer. She is the author of Inspired by the Little Things and the creator of a series of online classes that help thousands around the world overcome creative blocks and strengthen their unique style. From her How To Paint An Owl, How To Paint A Girl, and How To Create Whimsical Animals classes to her mixed media workshops Serendipity and Bliss.
Having fun, learning to let go and not being afraid to cover up her paintings have become essential to Juliette’s creative process. She’s fallen in love with mixed media painting and out of all of the painting techniques she’s ever tried, the one thing she always returns to is remembering to have fun with whatever it is she’s creating. This brings joy into the process, which inevitably gets infused into your artwork and always makes anyone who sees it smile.
Her work has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Oprah.com, and Stampington & Company publications.
Kate Thompson

Ghosts of Past to Present Light

In this workshop we will be focusing on our past challenges and hardships and how to use those experiences to create a life today full of light, hope and strength. I work with angels, in particular, fractured angels, flawed and experienced in the human condition. We will be working with collage, image transfers, painting in watercolors, inks and acrylics to create rich and soulful journal pages. My imagery is focused on portrait and figurative work and demonstration on how I create a portrait will be part of the course.

Kate Thompson

My work as a fiber artist working with fabric and fiber to create abstract 3-dimensional forms was my focus for many years. I started painting full time in 2009 focusing on portrait/figure work painting in acrylics, watercolors and mixed media. Fractured Angels is the continuous thread throughout my work. My art parallels my spiritual journey and I identify with the flawed, cracked and fractured human yearning for peace and fulfillment.

The older I get the stronger the pull to explore and express this theme in my work. Along the way I discovered I loved teaching. I find the creative process so incredibly interesting. My energy lies in that process and to share that with others has been the most fulfilling role of my life. The spiritual nature of the creative process is something that I think about a lot. The idea of constant practicing of my craft along with allowing myself to let go in moments of creating is the key to authentic art.

Kim Phillips van Buren

Little Rays of Sunshine

This workshop is for all mothers, teachers, aunts, etc. who would like to share their love for creative journaling with the children in their life. Even though for most kids it is easy and natural to create, even in my Kindergarten class – where the kids are 4 and 5 years old – I have kids crying over ‘not being able to draw’ or ‘making something ugly.’
I think it is important for children to have a place to play, to experiment (!), to learn. To learn to trust the process of learning. To be free from judgment. And most of all: to shine!
In this workshop I will provide you with some easy and fun starting points for introducing art journaling to children. I will give you some exercises and prompts to play on the page and train your creative muscles. And I will show you how to create Sunshine-Pages, a great lesson from my class I have turned into an art journaling project that will help your child to shine their light.

Kim Phillips van Buren

Hi! My name is Kim, a.k.a. The Dutchess of Orange. I am a Kindergarten teacher from the Netherlands. Three years ago I started my own creative studio, where I give workshop in art journaling, painting and Creative Fitness – a method to take small daily actions (creative exercises and tiny adventures) to train your creative muscles, combining your head, heart and hands. I love showing people how to make their lives just a little happier and lighter through play and art.
Lorraine Bell

Anthology Keeper

An Anthology is defined as a book or collection of stories or poems. Since we often tell our stories through our art, we should have an Anthology of our own to use to collect our stories.
Join me as we create a lovely “keeper” to store our sacred art stories.  Using fabric, stitching, art mediums and paint, we’ll assemble a beautiful portfolio to house your artwork.  We will then adorn the cover with an original piece we create in class.  This Anthology Keeper will be a treasured heirloom for generations to come!

Lorraine Bell

Lorraine Bell:  Artist. Wanderer. Dreamer

A self-taught Mixed Media Artist, Lorraine resides in Windermere, Florida on the beautiful Butler Chain of Lakes.  A recent empty nester, she fills her time painting, traveling, and writing.  She combines all three hobbies to create illustrated art journals bursting with her adventures on the road. Lorraine is the owner of Serendipity Studios and one of the 5 members that make up the Collaborative Team of ART TO THE 5th.  She is the creator of the visual calendar/journal that was the inspiration for The Documented Life Project. Lorraine has been involved in the Art Industry for over 25 years.  She owned an Arts & Crafts Supply Store in the Cayman Islands for 10 years and hosted numerous events that showcased local artists.  She is constantly studying art and looking for new ways to expand her creative abilities.
Lorraine’s Catholic faith keeps her grounded and often inspires her art.  She is a lover of all things random, serendipitous and spontaneous.  Besides being with her family, she would rather be creating with her friends than doing anything else on earth!
Melita Bloomer

Art Your Way Through the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There is something incredibly inviting about a blank journal. The pages call to me, almost begging for a little colour and attention. Without a doubt, art journaling is my favourite creative outlet. Nothing makes me happier than to throw down some colour, scribble across my page, or indulge in some old fashioned cut and paste. What really draws me in though, is more than the creative opportunities. My journal is my emotional outlet, my therapist couch, my closest friend. Whatever my personal situation – good, bad, or ugly – my journal is a safe place to work through it all. It is an invaluable source of comfort, a place to truly spill my soul, and I want your journals to be the same for you. Join me as I share my tips on making your journal more than just a place for pretty painted pictures.

Melita Bloomer

My name is Melita and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a WAHM of two gorgeous girls, and am happily married to my high school sweetheart. I am a total bookworm, love my movies, and can’t resist a good tune! I have always been a crafty person – scrapbooking, art journaling and much more, but these days I am primarily a mixed media artist, working with just about any medium I can get my hands on.  I am on an ever changing artful adventure, stumbling along, finding my feet, and loving every minute of it. Come along for the ride, and we can explore together!
Mindy Tsonas

Inner Alchemy Pages: An Exploration of Paint and Personal Magic!

Through a combination of inner wisdom, creative intuition and art alchemy, we will make art journal magic! Learn how to easily mix your own paint elixirs – color imbibed with the healing qualities of gemstones and minerals to use with active intention in our work. With layers of these colorful elixirs, as well as words, symbols and other meaningful ephemera, we will create dynamic and narrative art journal spreads that speak to wild heart and personal truth. Use this process to explore and discover more of your wild Inner Alchemy!

Mindy Tsonas

Mindy Tsonas is a Wish Alchemist, Life Artist, and Feminist Girl Guide. In creative covens and sacred circles, she helps others to discover the magic of their unique Inner Alchemy. She is a fierce peacemaker with fear and shame committed to wildly exploring authentic creativity and sexuality through a deep and abiding trust in the wisdom and value of our own true desires. Follow her unabashed creative life and work, as well as the intimate storytelling of her unconventional open marriage at her website.
Miriam Schulman

How To Make Your Own Letter Rub-Ons

Discover how you can create your own rub-ons to personalize the look of your art journal. Explore different methods for creating custom rub-ons which will save you money on store bought rub-ons and unleash your own personal sense of style. Schulman will train you step by step so you can master her techniques and prepare rub-ons for your art journal or any mixed media project.

Miriam Schulman

Miriam Schulman embraces her creative life with wholeheartedness in Scarsdale, New York. Schulman studied art history at Dartmouth College and abandoned a career in finance to work on her art full time. Her watercolor and mixed media paintings have been seen on NBC, published in art magazines and home decor books. In addition, the Hudson River Museum and Katonah Museum of Art carry her artistic accessories in their gift shops. Discover her other watercolor and art journaling secrets in her ning community at The Inspiration Place.
Nat Kalbach

The Story Within a Story

For me art journaling is visual story-telling. It might not be a story that everyone can read but I can read it and that is all that counts. All my stories consist of many viewpoints and layers – thoughts, emotions and the story itself. I love to express the complexity of a story by building up layers and dimension through various techniques and texture.
In this workshop I would like to walk with you through my art journaling process. I will show you various layering techniques and I will tell you why and how I am doing what I am doing. Join me in telling a creative story within a story.

Nat Kalbach

Nathalie Kalbach is a self-taught mixed media artist living in Jersey City, NJ.
For Nathalie creating art is a dialogue between my skills and the supplies I use. It is not so much a battle as an ongoing attempt to work out the connections between ideas and techniques.
Nathalie believes that everyone can be creative. Since 2006 she taught workshops in Europe, Canada, the U.S., Australia, Israel, Malaysia and online. She share what I know about tools, supplies and techniques, with the goal of helping each student unlock his/her personal creativity.
Nathalie’s artwork is licensed through StencilGirl Products and Stampendous. Her work has been featured on the packaging for Liquitex Acrylic Painting Sets sold at Michaels art and craft stores. Since September 2014 she is a sponsored artist/brand ambassador for Liquitex. She is also a product development consultant to several art and craft supply manufacturers.
Päivi Eerola

Artistic Embroidery With Pens and Paper

Let the long history of textiles show up in your art journal! For hundreds of years people have created textile art to express themselves. In the workshop we will discover ways to imitate embroidery and quilting using paint, pen and paper! No actual sewing needed!
We will find inspiration from various stitches and techniques like crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroidery and modern patchwork. These art journal pages don’t only make you feel warm and welcomed, but also let you express the luxury only handmade can offer. After the workshop you will look at family heirlooms in a new way!

Päivi Eerola

Päivi is a designer and artist from Finland. She gets her inspiration from the rich history of textiles and fine art. For her, paper is like fabric, pens like thread and the nature of Scandinavia like the wonderland of colors. With the background in industrial design, Päivi teaches simple ways to express and imitate complicated things. With her help, you can fly to the world of your imagination!
Roxanne Coble

Fragments & Mysteries

Throw your plan out the window, and lose the ‘big picture’ you’ve been consistently mapping and overworking in your journal pages. Fragments and Mysteries is about embracing the idea of art making with zero constraints. As an artist, I believe that in stepping away from pre-existing plans, true and personal meanings will emerge. Deep within layered materials, found objects and imagery, your subconscious will reveal its own theme. In this workshop, I will guide you step by step. These small steps, small phases, and fragments will ultimately piece together a meaning lying within you. A meaning which until this point, had only been a mystery…

Roxanne Coble

Roxanne Coble is an L.A. bred mixed media artist and illustrator.  She graduated from UCLA with a BA in Art History and a passion for the creative. Known for her altered book journals, her work focuses on a combination of mundane imagery and illustrated fragments. Inspired by the quirks of everyday life, completed journal pages embrace both humor and emotion – all while exploring topical events that occur within her personal life. Currently, Roxanne is working towards her MFA and single subject credential to teach art.
Sheri Ponzi

My Magical Paintbrush

In my experience, when we are centered, open, connected, and willing our art can come from a place that is BIGGER than our every-day physical selves — bringing us messages, magic, healing, and guidance. In these instances, it is almost as if we possess a Magical Paintbrush.  Using the techniques and practices of Intuitive Energy Painting you will receive and then “paint into being” a multi-layered representation of your Magical Paintbrush, its energy source, and its vision for you. Connecting in with and invoking the the energy of this Magical paintbrush can have a profound impact on your entire creative practice.

Sheri Ponzi

I am an Artist, a Healer, a Magic-Maker and a Mermaid-In-Disguise.

My work encourages a deep knowing, honoring, and celebrating of the Divinity in each of us.  I believe that as we recognize the truth of our Sacred selves,  we open to previously unimagined possibilities, and can then claim a life that reflects our heart’s desire.

My intent is to provide a safe and nurturing space to allow you to paint and experience life through the lens of the Magical Creative Spirit that resides in each of us.  I look forward to sharing my love of Intuitive Energy Painting with you.

Steve Salik

Bound to Journal

My journals serve no single purpose; they’re a conglomeration of intentional art, random thoughts, ideas in work and the overflowing debris of my brain. I engage in the process from start to finish by first binding my own journals and then filling them with drawings, photography, collage and other mixed-media elements. In this workshop, I’m going to take you on a tour through my process and share some of my techniques with you.
We’ll start with a tour of a couple of my journals and see what I keep in my journaling bag. Then we’ll bind a twelve-page “folio” journal; the folio is lightweight and highly portable and can be sew into a larger journal once you’ve filled it. I’ll show you how I use urban art materials to create bold swatches of color to create layered drawings or use as a foundation for other elements. We’ll explore techniques like masking, lifting,stenciling and airbrushing to create complex patterns and textures.
We’ll wrap up by bringing photography into the picture and I’ll demonstrate some simple techniques for taking control of the camera in your phone. While taking great photos will allow you to document events, distressed or distorted images will take your visual narration to another level, creating a more compelling journal page. Tying all these techniques together will create a series of rich pages that will speak to who you are.

Steve Salik

Steve Salik is a Phoenix-based artist whose work is a fusion of bookbinding, book arts, art journaling, photography and printmaking. He is best known for his hand bound journals that are created from a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods, polymer clay and metal. He favors materials with chaotic properties like maple burl and figured walnut; “these materials” Salik says, “emphasize the properties of life we often struggle against like, chaos, imperfection, disarray and decay.” He turns these properties on their head by featuring the imperfections in the materials as core elements of his work. Steve is also an avid art journaler. His journaling process moves beyond recording the minutia of daily life and his journals are often a mix of photographs, prints and experiments with a variety of materials ranging from pen and ink to spray paint. “I’m not overly concerned with creating works that are meant to last forever” he says; “I very much want to create something that’s visually appealing and I don’t obsess about my materials being acid free or archival.”
Tammy Garcia


Discover the magical intersection of thread, paint & ink. Learn to embellish your art journal pages with lush color and machine stitching.

Tammy Garcia

Tammy Garcia is a mixed media artist who draws elaborate doodles, alters books, sews paper, takes photographs and mixes a bit of everything into her art journals.