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Welcome to my FREE Resources page. Here you’ll find loads of support, inspiration, and tools to keep your creativity nourished and your heart wide open.

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Creative Circles Guidebook

Do you dream of hosting your own workshops or retreats?  Or maybe you already facilitate your own creative circles and you simply need a burst of inspiration?

Than I created the Creative Circles Guidebook for you.

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Art Journal Wisdom Workshop

The intention of this FREE 10 day workshop is to get you creating in your art journal — maybe for the very first time ever or the first time in weeks, months or years!

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Take A Peek Series

Take A Peek is a video series where I share an intimate peek into my own personal art journals from the past 20+ years.  Talk about baring one’s soul — come take a peek!

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Make Your Own Easy Peasy Paint Wall

I get asked all the time how to make the cardboard paint wall in my studio! It’s easy peasy — just click the link below to get started.

Click Here To Make Your Own Paint Wall

FEARLESS® Painting Videos

FEARLESS® Painting is always a journey and in these videos I invite you to travel along. Plus I’m always updating this page with new videos so visit often if you feel called to.

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21 SECRETS Conversations Interview Series

What has your journey as an artist been like? That’s the question I ask each artist and no matter if they’re art school graduates, self trained sensations, or tender newbies, every artist has an inspiring story to share.

Click Here For 21 SECRETS Conversations

Travel Journaling Tutorial

I had the great honor to create this 2-video + 1 PDF tutorial for the Documented Life Project 2015.  It’s a goodie and will give you just the boost you need to take your art journal on the road!

Click Here For Travel Journaling Tutorial