I paint.  I write.  I share.

Welcome to Dirty Footprints Studio, my name is Connie Hozvicka. I am an artist, passionate teacher, and a gatherer of creative Spirits.  I’m most of all a devoted mother and wife to the greatest blessings of my life. I consider creativity to be a sacred path to wholeness and that every soul has a story worth telling.  I’ve been sharing my own insight online at DirtyFootprints-Studio.com since 2008 and teaching art professionally for 20+ years.  My work is dedicated to inspiring artists to trust their feminine wisdom, express themselves fearlessly, and  to embrace creativity with an open heart.  At Dirty Footprints Studio I offer workshops, retreats, eBooks, and my celebrated feminine leadership program IGINTE designed for women called to share their creativity sustainably through workshops and heart centered programs.  But most of all I offer my love.


How my heart sings...

--I ANSWERED THE CALL TO BE AN ARTIST when I was just an itty bitty and was blessed to have a family that supported my decision.  I graduated with a degree in art and art history, and years later went back to receive my art education licensure.  I’ve been making art since as early as I can remember, and I’ve been teaching art professionally for 20+ years now.  In 2010 I quit my full time, public school art teaching gig to pour my heart 100% into Dirty Footprints Studio--best decision I ever made!

--I AM A THRIVING, HEART-CENTERED ENTREPRENEUR--so much so that author Marianne Cantwell honored me with a whole chapter in her book Be A Free Range Human  and the pioneer of self employment herself: Barbara Winter personally invited me to speak at her Joyfully Jobless Jamboree convention in Austin, Texas back in 2010.  What most Artists fail to see is that we have the total advantage at being an entrepreneur--creativity and courage is the key to success--not a business degree.

--I AM THE FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR of the celebrated online art journaling workshop: 21 SECRETS--which is going on it’s fifth year in 2014.  I founded this workshop with the intention of bringing the healing forces of art journaling to Artists and non-Artists everywhere--making it affordable, accessible, and inspiring. 

--I CREATE ART PURELY AS PART OF MY SPIRITUAL PATH.  Even though I have sold my work world wide and have been in numerous gallery shows, I consciously choose now to create Art that is purely for my own spiritual development and not for commerce. 

-- I AM A DEVOTED YOGINI.  I first was introduced to the practice by my Dad when I was just five years old and ever since it has been a constant in my life...In 2011 I graduated from the Yoga Pura 500 hour Teacher Training and I have followed the path of Bhakti ever since.

--I BACKPACKED BY MYSELF THROUGH ITALY for a whole month in 2001.  I had to go see the Sistine Chapel for myself!

--I HITCHHIKED AROUND COSTA RICA with the great love of my life (who is now my husband) Hansel in 2006...then the following year we sold  all our belongings and took a road trip across the US of A, landing in Arizona where we’ve been living ever since.  We're planning another amazing adventure for 2015!

--I GAVE BIRTH TO THE MOST INCREDIBLE SOUL--my son Phoenix, in 2012.  My whole life changed in the most magical and mysterious ways.

--I CHANT DAILY.  It's how I pray and realign myself.

--I'VE BEEN A VEGETARIAN since I was 17 and I am currently studying permaculture and sustainability because I believe how we eat influences everything.

--I USED TO HAVE DREADLOCKS. (Somedays I miss them.)

--PURPLE is definitely my favorite color.

--I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sketchbook.

--MY SUN SIGN IS CAPRICORN.  MY MOON SIGN IS SCORPIO.  That explains everything.


Behind Dirty Footprints Studio...

--I STARTED BLOGGING AT DIRTY FOOTPRINTS STUDIO  in April 2008, but Dirty Footprints Studio existed before it was a blog as my own personal ceramics business.  When we first moved to Arizona I was making large ceramic vessels and selling them at craft shows and local galleries.  In 2008 I left ceramics and went back to painting.  I started this blog to share my process and connect with other Artists.   Even though Dirty Footprints Studio has evolved much since those first days, my intention still is the same.

--THE NAME DIRTY FOOTPRINTS STUDIO CAME FROM  my years creating at the ceramics studio barefoot.  One afternoon, during a studio meeting, one of the Artists said they always knew when I was in the studio because they could see my “dirty footprints” in the clay dust on the floor! Voila--Dirty Footprints Studio was born.  But truthfully, embedded in the name is my practice of staying grounded to beloved Mother Earth and my reverence for this blessed journey of discovery I truly am on as an Artist.  

--AT DIRTY FOOTPRINTS STUDIO I SHARE my own personal journey as an artist and teacher--but it takes a village to make the magic happen.  I am super grateful for my amazing wisdom council which consists of my business coach Selina Barker who keeps me grounded and always helps me organize my thoughts and ideas into do-able steps, for Shirlene Brenes at Premier Customer Service--she does all the administrative stuff that feels like finger nails on a chalkboard to me, and for Quinn Whissen of Sukha Creative--she is a graphic designer / mind reader / marketing priestess whom I feel was born for Dirty Footprints Studio--she’s that good.  Along with this team--I am blessed with a beloved circle of mentors who have encouraged me to grow and expand as an Artist and yogini.  My great thanks and love goes out to Chris Zydel, Barbara Winter, Heather Plett, Jamie RidlerJai Uttal, Sukhdev Jackson, and Angela Farmer.  They have each challenged  and loved me oh so sweetly.


Let's connect...

If you wish to contact me personally please go HERE.


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