FEARLESS® Painting

I am busy breathing new life into my FEARLESS® Painting workshops & can't wait to share them with you soon!  

My FEARLESS® Painting workshops will have:

Absolutely all NEW content. 
Vibrant fresh approach. 
Stronger, clearer vision.
More love than ever before.

But you're gonna have to wait a little while.

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-- COMING OUT IN 2016 --

PART ONE :: 6 Weeks
  • Claim your own unique sacred mark making & develop your style!
  • Paint your heart story : what’s calling you? what are you curious about? what do you love? 
  • Awaken your senses -- infuse the colors, textures, and patterns of your spirit into your own personal expression as an artist.
  • Define and embrace your unique bigness as an artist.



PART TWO :: 6 Weeks
  • Unfold a body of paintings like pealing back layers of your Soul.
  • Embody the rhythms, cycles, and seasons of your creative process.
  • Make dreams your guides & transform fears into allies as you paint FEARLESS®!
  • Excavate your devotion with each brushstroke!

PART THREE :: 6 Weeks
  • Stand in your power as an artist.
  • Discover greater clarity on where your creative life is calling you.
  • Gain practical and mystical ways of weaving FEARLESS® Painting into your every day life that supports YOU and your creativity.
  • Shine brightly as the heart centered artist you are called to be.

What You Can Expect

  • The  FEARLESS® Painting workshops are an invitation to embody the truth of who you are as an artist and gain a solid understanding of the mystical and practical mechanics of the creative process.   Expect to be challenged as well as held tenderly....it's isn't called FEARLESS® Painting for nothin'!

  • The FEARLESS® Painting workshops contain NO painting techniques to copy or step-by-step instructions to follow. Instead each workshop is saturated with heart opening, insightful discussions on the elements of FEARLESS® Painting, embodying the creative process, and crafting your life as an artist that will inspire, challenge, and get you painting deeper than ever before and loving the brushmarks that are uniquely yours!

  • Connie’s top priority is creating a warm, supportive, and wildly creative environment where you will be free and safe to get down and dirty with the creative process!  You’ll be heard, seen, and loved for exactly who you are and how you’re showing up!  All skill levels and backgrounds are welcomed --- only a true, sincere desire to paint FEARLESS® is required.

FEARLESS® Painting is for artists who: 

  • are eager to embrace painting as a way of life. 
  • are wanting to develop their own artistic style and voice.
  • are curious about the stories their paintings have to tell them.
  • are interested in the marriage of process and product.
  • long to be in a community of kindreds that believe art heals, builds community, and awakens consciousness.
  • are hungry for change and are ready to make the world a better place through creativity -- starting with themselves.
  • could use some guidance and tools for navigating between the mystical and practical worlds of being an artist.

Sound like you?

Great! I can't wait to paint FEARLESS® with you soon!

I'll be offering a FREE 10 day workshop called 10 Days of FEARLESS® Painting later this year!  Until than feel free to check out an oldie but goodie of mine:  Total Alignment.

And be sure to sign up for my Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter by CLICKING HERE!

Paint Like YOU.  Paint FEARLESS®.  

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