FEARLESS® Painting

I am busy breathing new life into my FEARLESS® Painting workshops & can't wait to share them with you soon!  

My FEARLESS® Painting workshops will have:

Absolutely all NEW content. 
Vibrant fresh approach. 
Stronger, clearer vision.
More love than ever before.

But you're gonna have to wait a little while.

Until than...check this out...





FEARLESS® Painting is for artists who: 

  • feel painting is love.
  • know that there's gotta be more to intuitive painting than just dripping paint & dancing in front of a canvas.....it's about experiencing one's BIGness. 
  • are curious about the stories their paintings have to tell them.
  • possess a  DEEP desire to embody the creative process.
  • believe that art heals, transforms, kicks ass in the sweetest of ways, saves lives, builds community, and is a vehicle to SHINE one's own light into the world as well!
  • are hungry for change and want to make the world a better place through creativity -- starting with themselves.
  • could use some guidance and tools for navigating between the mystical and practical worlds of being an artist.

Sound like you?

Great! I can't wait to paint FEARLESS® with you soon!

I'll be offering a FREE 10 day workshop called 10 Days of FEARLESS® Painting this Summer!!  Until than feel free to check out an oldie but goodie of mine:  Total Alignment.

And be sure to sign up for my Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter by CLICKING HERE!

Paint Like YOU.  Paint FEARLESS®.  

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