FEARLESS® Painting


FEARLESS® Painting is a process to help one align mind, body, and spirit with creative source itself.  It's through this process intuition reveals itself more clearly.  But also through this process fear, suppressed feelings, and habits that no longer serve us can surface as well.  Though that's the nectar of this practice.  FEARLESS® Painting helps us rise above it all gently & with trust.


1.  Each  FEARLESS® Painting is revealed through the  scribble, line, shapes, and the act of painting like a five year old.  Through these four principles the FEARLESS® painter always has the means to  commune with the process no matter how they are feeling or what skill level they think they possess.
2.  Gut reactions, first thoughts, deep feelings, and hunches are what guides the painting.  For the process to fully blossom the FEARLESS® Painter must surrender to their innate wisdom and let the painting be what it is going to be.  Believe me--this takes practice!
3.  Curiosity is a main component of FEARLESS® Painting.  Curiosity is key number 1, 2 & 3!
4.  It's best to begin working with materials that are less expensive so the worry about "wasting materials" does not become an unnecessary obstacle to the process.  
5.  Staying fully present in the body through painting big, standing up, and focusing on the breath while painting helps the FEARLESS® Painter become aware of possible physical, emotional, and energetic blockages that may be occurring.


I started teaching FEARLESS® Painting online in 2010.  Below is a list of the work I offer to support your own journey with FEARLESS® Painting.  Please sign up for my newsletter HERE to stay updated on new FEARLESS® Painting offerings and receive inspiration to keep painting FEARLESS®!


BIG is an online FEARLESS® Painting Adventures where artists are invited to strengthen their trust in their innate wisdom,  deepen their connection to Creative Source, and become more confidant in expressing themselves as an Artist.  All through the use of  a paintbrush!  BIG will no longer be offered as a live workshop but rather is now a self-guided workshop. Go HERE for more information.
DEEP is the second part of the FEARLESS® Painting Adventures where artists are invited to explore their relationship to one painting for a 6 weeks journey guiding them to go deeper into the truth of who they are as artists.  Go HERE for more information.


TOTAL ALIGNMENT is a FEARLESS® Painting Retreat hosted in the magical town of Sedona, Arizona.  Going on it's fourth year in 2014, women from around the world gather for an extended weekend of FEARLESS® Painting, deep Soul nourishment, and sisterhood.  The next Total Alignment retreat will be announced soon!  Learn more HERE!


TOTAL ALIGNMENT (online) is a FREE online FEARLESS® Painting workshop that helps creative souls align their heart-mind-bodies with their creative source through FEARLESS® Painting and yoga.  If you are feeling stuck or out of alignment with your creativity--this free workshop will give you a loving nudge back!  To join the magic go HERE.  





Do I have to paint large to paint FEARLESS®?
Painting FEARLESS® is NOT about the painting itself.  The main purpose of FEARLESS® Painting is to place your focus on the actual inner process happening as you paint--and less on our pesky, never satisfied, judgmental mind of ours.  To help us do this more effectively we paint big.  In painting big--and by standing up and putting our full body into the action of painting itself--we gain the opportunity to move, feel, and truly be in our bodies--and we begin to become more aware of the way creative energy flows through--as well as where physical blockages prevent creative energy from flowing as well.
Do I have to be an Artist or experienced at painting to paint FEARLESS®?
Once again, FEARLESS® Painting is not about the painting. Fancy techniques, cool painting methods, art theory, refined skills, and even any kind of "artistic talent" are not necessary to possess to reap the full juiciness of the FEARLESS® Painting Process. What is necessary is a willingness to learn about yourself and to explore your creativity with an open heart and open mind.
Will FEARLESS® Painting make me a better/worse Artist?
Guess what?  FEARLESS® Painting is not about the painting!  So the focus is of course not on the actual skills needed to paint.  FEARLESS® Painting is very powerful for Artists--in that it is designed to guide you into alignment with your creative source.  FEARLESS® Painting is not about how you paint--but rather where the paintings are coming from--how inspiration is not something you need to search or wait for--but rather align yourself with.  FEARLESS® Painting is about surrendering completely to  your innate wisdom--and letting your heart guide your brushstrokes.  From my own experience--and from witnessing over a hundred other Artists explore FEARLESS® Painting, I know that this practice can be very challenging.  Academic conditioning and even habit and personal comfort zones created over years of successfully creating Art many times create obstacles for the Artists at first to embrace the process--but once these initial fears and insecurities are examined and released---a new sense of excitement, passion, and confidence take their place.  It's much like going back to painting as a child--except with way more skill and talent to boot!
Is FEARLESS® Painting "Art Therapy"?
First, let me state that I am NOT an Art Therapist.  I am an Artist with two decades of painting professionally, a licensed Art teacher with over 15+ years experience teaching,  a Certified (500 hour) Yoga Teacher, and a devoted seeker of truth through my own creativity and FEARLESS® Painting Practice.  Together I use all of my experience, background, and professional training to create environments and opportunities for women to use FEARLESS® Painting as a process to help awaken FEARLESS® creativity, strengthen their trust in their innate wisdom,  and align themselves with creative source.  Even though healing and emotional growth is many times the bi-product of FEARLESS® Painting--it is not the focus or intention behind it's design.  
What do you mean by creative source?
Creative source is labeled something different to everyone.  For the purpose of explaining FEARLESS® Painting, when I speak of aligning with one's creative source--usually I am implying that there are blockages keeping one from staying fully in the flow of their creativity and even their own lives.  Creative source--if you care to look at it as prana, energy, the universe, the muse, the goddess, god, or buddha--flows through us naturally by simply keeping our vital organs and physical body alive and going.  This same creative source that keeps our hearts beating, our blood moving, and our stomaches a grumbling is the same creative source that fuels our own creativity and is communicated to us directly through our innate wisdom--or as some call it: intuition.  In FEARLESS® Painting we become more aware of the blockages that form mentally, emotionally, and even physically to keep us from staying in that great flow--and through FEARLESS® Painting as well we let go, rise above, and even at times grow compassionate towards these blockages and thus--aligning our body, mind, and spirit once again with our own creative source.

Does FEARLESS® Painting have to be figurative, messy, abstract, or strange?
There are many misconceptions that FEARLESS® Painting. or intuitive painting in general, has to be messy or fast or done with great rapture.  Honestly--I find that misconception kind of silly.  Do you ever know your intuition-or innate wisdom to be something that is messy, high speed, or done with great rapture?  That's not to say that sometimes your FEARLESS® Painting Practice may not call you to paint as so--but it is certainly not a standard criteria of FEARLESS® Painting.  The fact is that there is no criteria for how you should paint--or even what you should paint when painting FEARLESS®.  The focus is on painting what and how your true inner voice--your innate wisdom guides you to.  Sometimes this may come out as a naked woman riding a dragon in a shoe store--other times it may look like simple squiggles and shapes--and other times--who knows!!  That is the fun of FEARLESS® Painting--it is full of surprises!





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