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When it comes to your creativity are you feeling stuck? dried up? frozen or just down right paralyzed?  Well, I created this FREE online workshop called Total Alignment just for YOU! 

In this 5 step program we'll use  FEARLESS® Painting and a few gentle yoga poses that will melt that frozen creative iceberg of yours and begin to clear your path to Creative Source--- getting you back in tune with your intuition in no time!

Is Total Alignment For You?

This workshop is intended for everyone of all skill levels, abilities, and backgrounds--from the full time professional Artist that is feeling stuck and in desperate need of a creative boost to the fresh newbie just starting out on their Artist journey eager to learn!

Getting unstuck doesn't always happen over night --- but it can!  

So now that you are here simply bookmark this page to your computer, take a second to sign up for my newsletter HERE, and take your time marinating in the invitations provided below.  

I welcome you to come back again and again when you are feeling out of alignment with your creative source and are looking for a nudge back to your center.  

I created this workshop out of total love and to support more creatives in gaining the strength and courage to let their amazing hearts shine brightly!  That's what we are here to do as Artists ya know -- and your voice is important.

So welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

I hope that you will find this workshop a dose of medicine in  deepening your own relationship with creative source, strengthening your trust in your innate wisdom, and rocking out your creativity--no matter how it shows up in this world!  

Please feel free to share this Total Alignment workshop  by proudly posting a blog button on your site or simply sharing this workshop with others.  You can even embed the introduction video HERE on your own blog to get others interested.  AND the best part is that you don't have to do this alone!! When you finish with each invitation be sure to jump on over and join the Total Alignment Flickr group where you can share your paintings and process with other FEARLESS® Painters.  

Now let's get to it--let's paint FEARLESS®!

BIG Hugs,
Connie Hozvicka



In the video above I discuss my intention behind Total Alignment, identify some ways we can determine if we are out of alignment with Creative Source, and I share with you what supplies you will need for the FEARLESS® Painting invitations.  Plus, I mention a link to where I purchase my vellum bristol HERE.



The video above is a crash course in FEARLESS® Painting for those who have not been through my FEARLESS® Painting Adventures.



I am very excited, and actually honored to share these next five Total Alignment FEARLESS® Painting invitations with you.  They come directly from Creative Source--I just show up, put in a little elbow grease, and splash some paint around to make them happen for you to receive with your creative juicy heart.

Before we begin, let's get clear on what the purpose of Total Alignment is--and that is to help guide your body-mind-heart in total alignment with your creative source.  For some of us--it may seem we're out of alignment with our creative source just a smudge--but for others--you might wonder if you were ever in alignment in the first place.

No worries.  The invitations I present to you here are intended to build your awareness of where possible blockages to your creative source may be and help nudge you back into total alignment with ease and a whole lot of fun. 

But, it's important to understand that the invitations are not a one shot deal.  They are part of a process--a practice if you may.  They are techniques that if practiced regularly can create space, fluidity, and FEARLESSness in your Creative Juicy Life---not to mention your Art!  So I insist that you take your time here.  Let the process marinate in you.  There is absolutely NO RUSH. 

But (there's that word again), stay committed.  Make an effort and deep intention to do the work.  To show up and give it your all.  And most importantly--to trust.  Not me.  But to trust that what exactly is suppose to happen in the process will occur and bring you closer to total alignment with creative source. Trust your higher self.  Your Artist soul knows what to do.


So many times I hear Artists say they feel stuck or that they made a wrong turn--got further away from their creativity--their Art--their spirit.  So many times I hear Artists complaining that their Muse has hit the road--or that it's been hiding from them altogether.  So many times I am sadden when I hear Artists looking for inspiration--searching for their voice.

I'm here to tell you that all the answers reside within you already.  Your Artist soul is talking to you all the time---it's just that there are blockages keeping you from communicating clearly.  These blockages can be emotional, energetic, mental, and even physical.  With a little patience, commitment, and awareness we can begin to notice the subtle and gross ways blockages are present in our body-mind-spirit and begin to remove the debris keeping us from staying truly in the flow of our one beautiful Creative Juicy Life!

In Total Alginment we will address five common blockages that keep Artists feeling stuck, uninspired, and out of alignment with creative source:

1.  Heaviness Around The Heart Center
2.  A Struggle With Inner Balance
3.  Loss Of Energy
4.  Suppression of Full Self Expression
5.  Lack of Stillness and Feeling Grounded

All of these blockages can and do work together in many different ways.  Ways that create fear and lack of trust and confidence in oneself as an Artist.  My deepest intention behind Total Alignment is to help you connect with your innate wisdom through FEARLESS® Painting to prove to you that yes--your Artist soul does know what to do--and your job is to simply trust and obey!

Now let's really get started.


One of the most common creative blockages experienced by Artists is heaviness around the heart center.

As Artists, it's our job to work from our heart--to understand it's language--and to be truly connected to it mentally-emotionally-physically. 

For today's Total Alignment invitation we will make an effort to connect and feel how our hearts are directly connected to our hands and most importantly our creativity.  We will practice FEARLESS® painting with an open heart.

BIG REMINDER:  Our hearts NEVER judge, analyze, or search for meaning.  Never ever. 


So keep your mind fixated on that thought while you let your heart paint freely and FEARLESS®

Now I will share more with you about Opening The Heart Center...


Something very powerful always happens when a group of like spirited individuals gather together.  I have created a Total Alignment Flickr group for you to share your paintings with and to witness what other FEARLESS® Painters are experiencing with Total Alignment as well.  Please go HERE to join.

As I will repeat to you again and again--FEARLESS® Painting is not about the painting--so when you do post your work in the group, I highly encourage you to share your process as well.  If you feel comfortable and ready to do so.  Also--be mindful when commenting on others' work as well-- many times FEARLESS® Painting can bring to the surface very raw and charged feelings.


If you feel that Total Alignment is mucho helpful--than why not share it with others?!  Please grab a blog button--and if you wish--you can go HERE and grab the embed code to my Total Alignment Introduction video to share on your blog as well. 

Plus, Total Alignment will be permanently housed right here on Dirty Footprints Studio--so you can visit whenever you need that extra nudge back into Total Alignment!  Don't forget--there is no rush!

Now go on!! Paint FEARLESS®!!!



So have you jumped right in?

Have you started FEARLESS® Painting?!?  Did you attempt to paint with an open heart leaving all the judgements, analyzing, and searching for meaning behind in the dust?

It's not that easy, I know.  I totally understand.

But with time, practice, and a sense of lightness and joy to the whole thing---you will begin to untangle your always critical-always unsatisfied mind from your heart's pursuit.

So when you're ready--let's move into the second invitation of Total Alignment Invitation #2: Balance.


Have you checked out the FEARLESS® Painting I created for this invitation?  I did everything I suggest that you do as well--hold the invitation and then just go for it--and I'll be honest with you.

I think my painting is ridiculously ugly.  I don't like it.

And that's ok.

I'm ok with it even.  Actually I think it's quite humorous! Who's that chica in the painting suppose to be---the FEARLESS® Incredible Hulk?!?

But here's the thing dear don't have to like your FEARLESS® Painting.  You just have to paint it.  You just have to let it show up whatever way it is going to and then let it go (the essence of painting like a 5 year old!).

And why is it important to just paint it?  Because in the FEARLESS® Painting Process we are getting rid of the junky junk and clearing our path to creative source.  And many times the debris that stands in the way from our creative source isn't pretty.  So paint that ugly stuff--that trite and cliched rainbows and unicorns--that disturbing and gawd awful images that you would never show a soul!! Paint it! Paint it! Paint it! And begin to feel what it feels like to be FEARLESS® with a brush....maybe you'll begin to experiment with being FEARLESS® with your life as well!

And remember--an open heart doesn't judge, analyze, or seek out meaning--it simply shows up and expresses. So practice letting go and let's see what happens!



In Total Alignment our intention is to align our body-mind-heart with creative source.  But for many of us, we might question exactly what that may look like--or even more--how that may feel.

The best way I can explain it is in those moments when we are completely engaged and integrated with what we are doing.  I find that music is a fantastic vehicle to help us move into total alignment with creative source.  Music can transport us--as well as transform us.

For our third Total Alignment invitation we are going to energize not only are bodies--but our FEARLESS® Painting Practice as well by energizing it with a bit of music that ignites our spirit.  This could mean something fast and passionate--or something slow and meditative.  Choose what you feel resonates with you most--and then go for it! Dive in! Be FEARLESS®.


Please don't take yourself too seriously.  FEARLESS® Painting is not something you can achieve at.  It's not something that you can perfect--or even something that you can get somewhere at.

It's definitely not something you ever want to be "good at"

Good is so boring--you know that.

So let it be.  Let your paintings be.  Let your expression be.

And know that whatever you create is beautiful.

Even the ugly stuff.

Especially the ugly stuff.

And not because I say so--or because it's the warm and fuzzy thing to say.  But because what you are creating comes from a dance done between you and your creative source.  That what you are creating rises from that place inside you---so rich and abundant with beauty like a jewel found deep in the earth--so wild and pure like wild horses at sunrise--so raw and juicy like cactus in sunshine-- so vibrant and new like a baby's first smile.

Let your painting be what it wants to be. Give birth to the pieces of you that you've decided to ignore, hide, or leave best left untouched.  Give them a place to exist.  A home.  A safe haven of truth.

Energize your body.  Energize your mind---your spirit--by surrendering.

Through trust.

But be gentle with yourself, dear FEARLESS® Painter.
Be kind,
be loving,
be soft.

Now go on!! Paint FEARLESS®!!!



Total Self Expression.

Say that out loud.

Total Self Expression.

It's so good that each word deserves to begin with a capital letter.

And if there is one thing I feel completely passionate about in this world--it is Total Self Expression.  I believe that each of us are made up of a beautiful constellation of talents, skills, and gifts that make us each uniquely perfect and beautiful.  That create our own Total Self Expression that is unlike anyone else completely.

We each have a voice that is distinctive and truly our own--but so many of us feel that we need to do something to achieve it or to find it.  And some of us have spent years and years suppressing our voice--that we have lost contact with it altogether.

But your voice--your tool for Total Self Expression is there--you just need to give it a little jolt!  Breathe a little life into it--and to do so it's way easier than you might think.

All you need to do is sing.

Yes, sing.

I don't want to hear some silly excuses that you can't sing--or yada yada yada.  I want TOTAL SELF EXPRESSION--I want you to bolt it out baby!  Be a rockstar!

And the reason why is because singing changes things.  Music changes our mood--it lifts our spirit--and it focuses it's energy right there on our throat center where we store much of our junky junk  that is blocking our path to Total Self Expression.

Now go on!! Paint FEARLESS®!!!
And don't forget to check out the Total Alignment FLICKR GROUP!


FEARLESS® Painting is not about changing who you are.  
It's not about becoming some better version or embracing some shinier newer upgrade of you.

FEARLESS® Painting is about dipping into the courage it takes to be exactly who you are--to paint how you paint--to express what is inside you with confidence--and to be self reliant as a creative being--knowing deeply that all the answers--all the Art--all the direction you need--lies inside your heart simply waiting for the moment to be born.

I said at the beginning of this workshop that an open heart never judges--never analyzes--never searches for meaning.  And that is true.  But our minds on the other hand are professionals at analyzing--judging--and spending loads of energy and time searching for meaning to every little nook and cranny of our experiences.

The mind is going to do what it's going to do--and actually, analyzing, judging, and searching for meaning is not a bad thing.  It comes quite in handy--when, let's say, you're crossing a busy street, about to grab the handle of a pot that's been in the oven, or when we are in situations that no longer serve us.  We very much so want our minds to be good at judging situations--analyzing our circumstances--and even finding meaning in things that are important to us.

But when it comes to staying in the flow--living from our heart--painting FEARLESS®---analyzing, judging, and searching for meaning become huge obstacles--huge road blocks even--and eventually the junky junk that keeps us from being in total alignment with creative source.

The key to painting (and living) FEARLESS® is to, #1, be compassionate and kind.

Compassionate and kind to yourself.

Many of you, in knowing that you are to paint FEARLESS® from an open heart--went to war with yourselves.  You added more guilt, more disappointment, more frustration to your pile of junky junk when you came to the painting all excited--and found that instantly your mind began to judge/analyze/search for meaning.  Maybe even some of you felt like a failure.

Be compassionate, dear FEARLESS® Painter.  Be kind.

Just notice--that's all you have to do.  Notice your mind's behavior.  It took years and years and maybe even more years for it to gain these pesky little habits--and beating it into submission with how it should be is not going to help.  Beating yourself up for not being able to "do it" as well--is just as toxic to your spirit.  Simply be aware when your mind is doing it's thing--and excuse it from this party.  Just gently tell your mind "Thank you, but I can take it from here."  and then go on listening to your open heart.

You may find that once every minute your mind is chirping in.  Maybe even once every second--even micro-second.  That's ok.

But don't come at your mind with a blaze of fire and a pitch fork looking to fight it into submission.  Simply be aware and acknowledge what it is doing--but don't buy it.

Keep on walking.

Or in our case FEARLESS® painting!

And remember most of all: this is a practice.  Something you keep working at baby step by baby step--and with even a tiny bit of time you'll start to notice a difference.  You'll start to notice that your mind has slowed down it's crazy talk--that your fear gremlin has maybe even taken a vacay to Bermuda--and you are feeling more and more in the flow.


Thank you for taking the time to totally align yourself with creative source through my Total Alignment Free Online Workshop!  I hope that you will visit again and again and participate in the Total Alignment Flickr Group as you do!  Thank you for sharing your energy, your love, and especially your courage!  

There is great, great love here for you!

BIG Hugs!! BIG Love!!

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