Do you hear the call to go deeper into your creative practice?

Than join me in a workshop or retreat — we’ll step into the mystery together.

At my workshops & retreats you can expect to…

Be invited to embody the truth of who you are as an artist and gain a solid understanding of the mystical and practical mechanics of your unique creative process. Expect to be challenged as well as held tenderly.

Never receive step-by-step instructions to follow. In other words, your painting will NOT look like mine or anyone else. I saturate each eCourse and workshop with heart opening, insightful discussions on embodying the creative process and crafting your life as an artist combined with fun, mindful instruction that will inspire, challenge, and get you painting deeper than ever before and loving the brushmarks that are uniquely 100%  yours!

Find yourself immersed in a supportive, warm environment to embody your creative process and express yourself honestly! You’ll be heard, seen, and loved for exactly who you are and how you’re showing up! All skill levels and backgrounds are welcomed. The only requirement is a true, sincere desire to create.

My workshops and retreats are for artists who are…

  • called to embrace creativity as a way of life — even the messy parts.
  • yearning to express their own unique artistic style and voice.
  • curious about the deeper currents of creativity.
  • seeking a community of heart guided artists.
  • ready — I mean really ready, to create wildly.

Sound like you, Sugar Cube?

Great — then let’s do this! Here are some ways we can paint together…

Fearless Painting

Paint FEARLESS Mexico


Come join me for a week long Paint FEARLESS retreat in vibrant Oaxaca, Mexico.

Together we’ll explore the beautiful colonial city of Oaxaca and allow it to flow through our brushes and exciten our hearts. We will be staying at Art House Oaxaca, an artist residency created by Lisa Sonora, an American artist living in Oaxaca.

Paint FEARLESS Mexico is nourishment for the artist that relishes in time to simply paint, paint, paint, and feels that adding a little adventure to it in the company of kindreds would be the best medicine of all.

On Sale Now!!!

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Paint Riot with Connie Solera & Chris Zydel


If you are ready for no-holds-barred creative expression and for overthrowing those creative shackles that have bound you for way too long, then come and join us for the best kind of creative trouble!!!

Paint Riot is a four day workshop where both Chris Zydel and myself will guide, support, push, poke, and throw glitter at your creative radiance so that you leave embodying the true Artist you are here to be and kick that pesky perfectionism and fear to the curb! Ba-bye!

On Sale Now!!!

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I like to think that my moodiness is just part of my charm. If others would agree or not is another story. But when it comes to making art, being moody always works in my favor.

In my 21 SECRETS Tools & Techniques workshop MOODY we will explore and use charcoal, graphite, a limited palette, and a handy-dandy kneaded eraser to embrace our dark moods as well as expose our light.

Then, when the mood hits us, we’ll express them both exquisitely in our art journal.

MOODY is in 21 SECRETS Tools & Techniques out now!

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Ever get to that point in a painting where you’re absolutely terrified of messing things up but you know it’s still not time to quit yet?

(Yeah, me too!)

These are the moments when your creativity is at its ripest.

In BOLD we’re going to practice taking creative risks, use color in its rawest form, and discover new ways of expressing ourselves bravely, colorfully, and most of all BOLD!

BOLD is in 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color! out now!

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Painting The Feminine


Painting The Feminine is my annual four week eCourse where we spiral deep into our creative practice through art journaling, storytelling, and sisterhood in honor and celebration of Feminine Wisdom.  Each season of Painting The Feminine contains fresh new content and insights as together we excavate the Truths about Feminine Wisdom that are as ancient as the air we breathe. No previous experience with FEARLESS® Painting is required — simply an open heart, a willingness to go deep, and a whole lot of paint!

Painting The Feminine starts September 18th.  Registration opens in August!

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The FEARLESS® Painting Trilogy (eCourses)

In 2009 I launched my very first FEARLESS® Painting online eCourses: BIG and DEEP.  For three years these eCourses served hundreds of women and created a large tapestry of love, transformation, community and paint.  But when my son was born in 2012 I decided it was time to take a short sabbatical.  Since then, my understanding and relationship with FEARLESS® Painting has evolved and strengthened and I am happy to announce that I am currently resurrecting a new FEARLESS® Painting trilogy of eCourses to share this powerful medicine with others .

So keep your paintbrushes near — I’ll be announcing more info soon!

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