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Art is a journey... savor each step.

Welcome to Dirty Footprints Studio, I’m Connie Solera!

I paint.  I write.  I share.

I’m committed to living a simpler, gentler heart-guided creative life and mentoring artists called to do the same.  My medicine is paint, my devotion is creativity, and art is not just something I do but rather a path that I journey.

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Connie Solera


Artist Empowerment

In IGNITE I mentor women who are ready, ripe, and willing to navigate the uncharted territory of their hearts, creativity, and ways of showing up in the world sustainably and powerfully as artists, teachers, and leaders.  My IGNITE programs go deep and invoke women to discover and own their innate greatness, passions, and creativity.

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FEARLESS® Painting


FEARLESS® Painting is my connection to Spirit, my compass, my medicine, and my trusted oracle when life gets cloudy. FEARLESS® Painting does not follow a formula or adhere to a prescription — it’s fluid, honest, and sometimes grueling.  FEARLESS® Painting is NOT for everyone, instead it will call you when you’re ready.

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21 Secrets Art Journaling

Art journaling will lead you home.  It will soften your fears and turn your insecurities into jewels.  It will heal your heart and help you build a deeper relationship with your truth.  It will inspire joy, laughter, and peace.  21 SECRETS is my bi-annual workshop that gathers the art journaling secrets of a diverse and talented collective of artists.

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