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21 SECRETS Conversations starts on Monday!!!

I'm so dang excited for this seven week series to begin that I made you a little sneak peek to give you a glimpse at how inspiring and fun it's going to be!

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I Made This For You

For literally months now I have been working on a secret project almost every Wednesday of the week where I sit legs crossed in front of my laptop in my studio chatting away for hours with many of the teachers from both 21 SECRETS Spring and Fall this year!

I've been asking them one simple (but not-so-simple) question:

What has your journey as an Artist been like?

Oh. My. Goodness.

I had no idea when I started this project that it would change my life in such deep and powerful ways.

First,  what an honor it has been to be a collector of such personal and intimate stories.  Each of these amazing Artists opened up to me honestly and many shared things that they never shared publicly before even.

It was so touching.  So sweet.  So humbling to be granted the gift of their trust.

But even more,  this project has become evidence that there is no yellow brick road to becoming an Artist.  

There is no correct formula or right way to embrace success as an Artist.

Nobody but yourself holds the answer....and to tell you the truth, not one of the 33 Artists I chatted with was spared rejection, heart ache, or tragedy in their life --- but what makes this project so inspiring is that each of them used their circumstances as compost to fuel their creativity and to follow their dreams.

And you want to know the best part?

I created 21 SECRETS Conversations for you.

You, my readers, my friends, and my dear students I've been blessed to paint with over the years.

I created 21 SECRETES Conversations for you envisioning you listening into our conversations and receiving just the nugget of inspiration or extra boost of confidence you need to keep going --- keep moving forward -- keep following your own dreams.

I created 21 SECRETES Conversations for you because I believe every Artist that hears the call to ignite their creativity is special and they hear this calling because the Universe knows they have something important to share.

I created 21 SECRETES Conversations for you --- to prove that you don't have to be a superhero, wait till your kids are grown, or have a hefty savings account to have a thriving artistic career.

I have recorded hours and hours of conversations that showed me that being successful as an Artist takes heart, perseverance, a sense of humor, and most of all trust in the good times as much as the bad.

So, with the greatest gratitude and love in my heart I am ready to release this SEVEN WEEK amazing project into the world starting on Monday,  October 27th.

Yes, EVERY DAY (Monday - Friday) for seven weeks I will be posting a 21 SECRETS Conversations  right here to Dirty Footprints Studio for you to watch, be inspired, and share all for FREE! FREE! FREE!

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The journey begins Monday, October 27th!

It's FREE!!

I'm Going To Get Personal About All This Painting Big Stuff

Work In Process {1}

This is the painting I told you about HERE.  The one I started on the Lunar Eclipse.

It's still a work in process in my studio, but I thought I'd share some of it with you anyways!  There's just something quite enchanting about watching a painting unfold.  Don't you think?

Work In Process {2}

I personally love it and that's why I take a gazillion pictures when I'm painting.  Ok, well maybe not that many, but I take a lot of pictures of my paintings as they move along.  

It reminds me of being a parent.   I want to capture all the nuances and subtle things about Phoenix that maybe I'll forget later on when he's more mature.

Anyways, thank God, Goddess, the Universe and my beloved Ma Durga for painting BIG.  

It has been way too long since vellum bristol has kissed my studio wall.  Yes, I paint almost every single day of my life --- in an art journal, a sketch book, and I even been working on canvas lately too.

But something about taping those papers together and standing vulnerable before a blank portal as long as my own arms reach. 

It excites and terrifies me.  

It humbles me and gives me the most pungent of pride.  

It gets my engines going and activates the sacred in my life like incense in a temple.  

Work In Process {3}

And I couldn't ask for a better homecoming.

This painting has literally torn me to pieces and then slyly, like a blind snake in a meadow, sewn me back up when I wasn't looking.

For too long  there's been this civil war going on inside me over some of my own creativity -- my own voice in the world.

On my lowest days I've been beating myself up and then hanging my shoes from a telephone wire like a real bully.

But finally I had enough.  I needed to pull the tit away from all these heavy feelings I've been nursing and cut the microphone on all the ridiculous things I've been telling myself.

I needed to kneel in front of my own altar, the large vellum bristol, and beg for redemption.

The funny thing about FEARLESS® Painting is that most of the time the oracles and guidance I seek never come when I'm painting.

It's like the painting process itself is the clearing of the pipes, so later, when I'm standing in the grocery check-out line, or pumping gas at 11pm, or putting a band-aid on my toe that I mindlessly rammed into the stairs, then...then it arrives.

It just pours into me effortlessly like light in a Caravaggio painting.

And that's what this lady in my FEARLESS® Painting has been doing for me.  She's been sending out eviction notices to these demons who've been squatting rent free in my mind.

I don't think  the healing occurs from analyzing why those buggers were there in the first place or who rolled out the welcome mat in their honor.

Healing occurs from grace --- something we can't control, plan for, or schedule in.

So when healing occurs I find its just best to bow my head and be grateful that I did enough work clearing out the pipes for it to flow easily.

We all get it -- life is rough.  Life is hard.  There's a million demons out there waiting for a vacancy light to go on in our hearts or minds so that they can move their shit in and start picking out curtains.

Lots of people I know invest in stronger boundaries: iron fences, barbed wire, deadbolts, and armies.

For me, I just tape a couple papers together, pick up a paintbrush, and leave it up to timing.

My Secret Remedy For Getting Unstuck

Oh my goodness, it's been almost two weeks now since my dear friend Selina Barker came for a visit.

I've been wanting to share a little from our time together, because in my opinion, Selina is pure magic.

Not only is she a dear friend, she is a sister of mine sacredly.  We met years ago online through our mutual friend and mentor Barbara Winter --- and a loving friendship has grown ever since. 

This is the second time Selina has come for a visit actually -- the first time was when Phoenix was still a teeny tiny baby.  

Selina was nursing a sprained ankle while she was here (hence the rockin' boot in the photo above!) which made it perfect for us to slow down and spend lots of time just chatting and enjoying being in each other's presence.  

What I love about our friendship is that we are so eager to help each other grow spiritually, creatively, and professionally. 

Most of the time we discussed our creative endeavors and our dreams and Selina has this great way of reminding me how important self care is to keeping everything sustainable and juicy.  When my ambition takes the best of me, she'll lasso me in softly and help me simplify! simplify! simplify!

(Thank you Selina!!)

I know that alot of my readers here at Dirty Footprints Studio are navigating that crazy transitional place in life --- where you know without a doubt that the work you are doing no longer feeds your Soul -- but your uncertainty can feel incredibly daunting.

Selina is such an alchemist when it comes to turning confusion into clarity.

She has this wise way of listening and asking just the right questions that will poke your courage and inspire your heart to take action.  I know because she's the first person I always turn to myself when I'm  in that place of "what the hell I'm suppose to be doing?!?!"

And what I admire TREMENDOUSLY about Selina is that she's not one of those coaches that's constantly breathing down your neck.  Heck, she barely keeps an online presence at all --I love, love, LOVE how she has created a sustainable business by being true to who she is and relying completely on word--of--mouth marketing. (Remember that "strategy"?!?)

Yep, she has no idea that I'm lovingly plugging her right now even!  But I'm doing this because I think maybe --- just maybe someone is reading this who feels stuck professionally and unsure what to do about it --- and well, I'd like to share my secret remedy for unstucking myself as well:  Selina Barker!!


Don't leave yet! Be sure to check out an interview I did with Selina HERE when she was traveling England in a camper van and another inspiring one we did HERE about making dreams come to life and you can check out a big FEARLESS® Painting collaboration we did together a couple years ago HERE.  FUN! FUN! FUN!

I'm Painting Big Again, Thank You

On the night of the lunar eclipse I tacked up some vellum bristol to my studio wall, set up my paintbrushes all nice and neat, filled my water bucket halfway and then went off to bed.

I just can't deny it anymore.  There's this nagging happening in my heart.  

I'm feeling a great pull into the wide unknown that a large piece of paper possesses.

So the next morning I rose before sunrise and instead of sitting in meditation, instead of rolling out my yoga mat, I greeted my paints with slumber still crusted in the corner of my eyes.

The white of the blank page was whispering mantras intended to help my heart open like it hasn't done in quite awhile.

Sometimes I wish a painting was just a painting --- and I could leave all this process stuff behind.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have such a burning desire to hold a paintbrush --- and all the mystery of my Soul could lie dormant waiting for another lifetime.

But no, this is my path.  This is what I'm here to do.

Sometimes I surrender to it.  Other times I don't.

Neither is better -- neither is more right or wrong.

It's just the journey we all take as creatives -- as Artists -- as seekers for the wisdom that's buried deep inside.


PSST.....If you want to paint BIG with me too....you can.  Go HERE to get started!

Flowing Through & Out

We celebrated the Autumn Equinox at the end of last month in Sedona (of course).

I created an intuitive earth mandala that transformed into something else.

Is this a sacred symbol?  a tourist asked me as he stood behind me watching.

Naw, just a bunch of rocks.  I said and then looked at him with a wink.

The next morning, in my studio, the symbol arrived again.

Don't you just love how art has a way of flowing through us --
like a breath or a fairy tale.

Art Journal Wisdom :: Day 10 :: Share Your Wisdom

Thank you to everyone that so joyfully played along with me these past ten days of Art Journal Wisdom.  It's been such fun to share my art journal wisdom with all of you --- but now it's your turn!

I would love to learn more about the treasures you've collected through art journaling and it doesn't matter if you're a long time veteran or a fresh art journal newbie -- you have something important to share!

Maybe it's a technique you adore, an artist that inspires you, a journal spread you've created that makes your heart absolutely swoon -- or simply tell us how your process has transformed your heart.

It would mean the world to me if you took the time to write about your personal art journal wisdom on your blog and jump back here to leave a hyperlink to the blog post in the Mister Linky widget below!  That way we can all share in your wisdom as well.

Last, please note that Art Journal Wisdom is my gift to you -- so feel free to take your time journeying through it at your own pace and I hope you will come back again and again when you need a reboot for your own art journaling practice by hitting the Art Journal Wisdom button located on the side bar!

And are you craving more art journal wisdom?  Come join any of the 21 SECRETS 2014 that are now live and instantly accessible by going HERE.

Happy Art Journaling!

BIG Hugs,

Art Journal Wisdom :: Day 9 :: From My Heart To Yours

When I art journal I tend to sit on the floor.

My legs are crossed, my paints are near, and I usually lock the door behind me.

Once in awhile I'll have company -- maybe a friend, my husband, or even my sweet son Phoenix.  But my art journal and I prefer to be alone.  We like our solitude and privacy.

There's far more pages in my art journals that nobody will ever see.
And sure I'll let you take a quick glimpse if you ask nicely,
but my palms will be sweating as you fumble through my cryptic imagery.

Art journaling is not something I do for fame or followers or some kind of fortune.
I do it to better understand me.

If there's one thing I hope you take away from this ten day journey,
is that there's no wrong or right way to art journal
or to approach your beautiful creativity.

So before we officially close this workshop tomorrow, I wanted to leave you with a few last nuggets of art journal wisdom.

#1.  Messes are a good thing -- especially the ones that sneak up on you. They are the keys that unlock originality and the rowdy midwife to your authenticity.

#2. It's better to be finished with a painting than overly pleased with it.  The previous will keep you creative, the latter will trap you in your own mediocracy (and you, my dear, are much brighter than that).

#3. It's great to learn new techniques and approaches to art journaling --- but all you need to know is already inside you.  Trust those urges, hunches, and calls to do something your way first and foremost.

#4.  Don't be afraid to come to the page with your anger, sorrow, or jealousy.  The art journal is a great place to transform intense emotions into immediate healing.

#5.  If you are feeling stuck or unsure of what to do next -- scribbling is always the answer to turn to.  Scribbling fixes everything, it's like the duct table of art journaling!

#6.  Ultimately art journaling should fill your heart with joy.  If you find it causes you more grief and misery, I'd suggest stepping away for awhile or just scrapping it altogether.  Find yourself a new hobby.  I hear basket weaving is making a comeback.

#7.  Don't be afraid to share your work. But if your process feels tender and raw I encourage you to wait awhile before doing so. A week or two, maybe even a year or a decade.  Space can make an excellent buffer and remember, not everybody is going to get what you are doing --- so be selective in who you share with.

Thank you to all the art journalers that have stopped by daily to play along with me!! Please know that Art Journal Wisdom is my gift to you and you can access it here on Dirty Footprints Studio permanently. But we're not finished yet --- tomorrow is our final day and I'll be asking all of you to share you art journal wisdom with me!  See you then!

Art Journal Wisdom :: Day 8 :: Floooow

Welcome back to Art Journal Wisdom!

There are only three days left of this FREE workshop to go -- and only three days as well until 21 SECRETS Fall comes out! So what a great way to continue your art journaling practice with 21 artists sharing their stuff!

So come on over HERE and join us!  You won't regret it!

Yestereday I instructed you to dig deep into your courage and mess up a good thing on your journal page --- just to see what the heck was lying on the other side of your creativity!

I'm a big meany! Aren't I?

Well, today we're going to switch gears.

We're going to be gentle with ourselves, and most of all our paintbrushes.

Our whole intention is to just get into the  FLOOOOW baby!

This is a pretty easy smeasy kind of exercise, yes.  But one that's definitely good for the heart and Soul.

To begin I want you to choose some music that is soft, fluid, and most of all soothing to your senses.  Even if you're one of those folks that doesn't like to create to music --- I'm going to encourage you to give it a try anyways!! (Let's see what we can learn from stepping out of our usual routines, shall we!)

Once you got the music picked out, and you might need four or five -- or who knows, maybe ten songs altogether to get you through this piece.  So be prepared!

Then it's time to choose a palette of colors that feels right for the music you enlisted.

Does the music feel cool and refreshing to you?  Then how about a palette of blues, violets, and watery greens.

Or does it envoke some type of passion?  Then you better grab a handful of fiery colors to make a true expression!

And that's what we're going to do --- we're going to express the music we're listening to.  We're going to floooow with the tempo and guide our brush to mimic the harmony!  

First and foremost I would suggest thinning down your paint so that it feels more watery and easy to move around when you're wrist is dancing with your paintbrush.  You don't have to get crazy here.  Just a few extra dabs of water from your brush into the paint should do the trick.  We don't want soup!  Just a thinner consistency of paint.

And please note we're not just repeating what we learned on Day 2.  No that's not the point.

Instead I want you to focus on a fully monogamous relationship with your paintbrush instead of inviting a bunch of  flimsy objects in for texture or what have you!

Or maybe let's just pretend I'm Mr. Miyagi and you're Daniel Son --- so listen closely when I say become one with the paintbrush.  

Wax on.  Wax off.

Make your brush strokes that smooth and effortless and don't forget to let the music lead the way.

That's really it, Lovey.

You're going to FLOOOOW --- from the tips of your toes to the follicles on your head!  Let your painting be a full body experience --- and that paintbrush just an extension of your blessed hand.

I want you to feel it -- not just paint it.

Really feel it.

Go on.  Try it out.  You got this.

Be sure to use hashtag #ArtJournalWisdom on
Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to share your work! 

Art Journal Wisdom :: Day 7 :: Experiment

Try searching "art journaling" on You Tube and you will find at least a gazillion different videos /tutorials with a whole universe of techniques, methods, and approaches to try out and play around with.

If you ask me, that's the beauty of art journaling --- it's a place to experiment and try new things and if things go south or look like zombie barf it doesn't mean you're a "bad artist" or that you "suck at this".  It just means you still have some learning to do.  (And who doesn't?!)

So if you're a newbie to art journaling I want to encourage you to go crazy with experimenting in your art journal.  A good place to start of course is You Tube.  Don't be afraid to play around with different techniques, supplies, and even various ways to approach your art journaling process.

But if you're craving a bit more than just simple tutorials, 21 SECRETS is great because the teachers offer you actual workshops that will take you deeper into a variety of techniques, methods, and unique approaches to art journaling.  As you know, 21 SECRETS Fall comes out on October 1st  and 21 SECRETS Spring is still up for sale as well!  So jump, hop, and skip on over HERE for more info!

Though trying your hand at different techniques, methods, and approaches is all great and dandy, but this workshop wouldn't be called Art Journal Wisdom if we only skimmed the surface of things.

So let's go deeper, shall we?

The art journal spread that I share with you above is one of my all time favorites.  For one reason is that I created it during a very difficult and painful time in my life --- and painting this not only gave me hope but it helped me see things differently about my circumstances as well.

I won't go into the details because they are best kept private, but just let me say that our paintings have a beautiful way of talking to us if we are willing to listen -- and this is a painting that knew just the right things to say to me at the time I needed it most.

And gosh.  Seriously.  This painting itself is why I created Art Journal Wisdom here for you.  If I can encourage, inspire, or convince just one Soul to bring this powerful practice of art journaling into their life more regularly,  well, that would be enough for me.

But I digress.

Today's invitation is about experimenting.  Let's get back on track!

The kind of experimenting I want to invite you to do today takes a bit of courage.

Who am I kidding?  It takes a whole lot of courage actually!

Today I want to invite you to just start painting in your art journal something that feels comfortable and natural to you.  Maybe it's faces or animals or simply fun abstract pieces.  Whatever it is that you like to paint and feel confidant at-- go for it.

But here's the kicker....at one point during your art journaling I want you to take a deep, deep breath and then mess it up.

Yes, mess it up.

Maybe that means you use a gawd awful color or you start painting over the parts that look best or maybe  you just close your eyes, grab some black paint, and start scribbling like a maniac.

Whatever poison you choose -- swallow it!

Bite the bullet.

Have a hay day at making a mess of things.

And why, you ask.

In the video above you can see how right at that point where my art journal spread was looking pretty good and things were coming together, I went ahead and started covering things up with paint.  I don't know why exactly I did so -- but I do remember thinking "oh shit" when I did.

But the one thing I've learned from my lifetime of painting is that creativity thrives on drama.

When paintings go wrong or we've made a huge mistake or something we thought was so awesome suddenly goes sour, we as artists are faced with two choices:

1.  Quit and start over and just keep painting what we're comfortable with.  (That's ok to do.)

2.  Keep on trucking and discover new creative possibilities.  (Now that takes some gusto!)

Today's invitation is about #2 and it's intended to push you out of your comfort zone.  Messing up a good thing IS going to make you feel a little uneasy and maybe even freaking upset or downright angry.

But the real sauce on the enchilada here is to trust yourself.

That's right.  Trust yourself.

You're an artist.  Artists are put on this Earth to transform messes into beauty, pain into healing,  nothing into something.

You can handle whatever comes your way.  (It's just paint on paper...not a sinking Titanic.) 

Take a few deep breaths, maybe even step away from the art journal for awhile, and see what happens when you come to it with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Listen to what the painting wants you to do...and follow.  It will lead you.

And I'm going to be honest, you might end this experiement with one horrendous looking art journal spread or it might become one of your all time faves, I can't predict that.  But either way, the courage it takes to just try this little experiment will create ripple effects in your creativity (and maybe even your life) for years to come.  

Mistakes, blunders, wrong turns, and manic scribbles are all a part of art journaling and life.  We can't get past them!

But how we transform those obstacles and blemishes is what defines us as artists!

Now go out there and make me proud! Go make a total mess of things! 

Be sure to use hashtag #ArtJournalWisdom on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to share your work! 

And be sure to stop by tomorrow -- we'll be talking all about FLOOOOW!  

Art Journal Wisdom :: Day 6 :: Morning Pages

I want to share with you something very near and dear to my heart: morning pages.

Morning pages is a key component of my own personal Creative and Spiritual Practice.

I tend to be a person that gets up at the crack of dawn eagerly.  Morning is my most absolute favorite time of the day and to spend it in the studio feels like a blessing for the day to come.

My morning pages started about 8 years ago when I used to work full time as a public school art teacher.  It was then that I would give myself this 20-30 minutes each day to play with paint before I had to dedicate my entire day to others' creativity.

Back then morning pages kept me sane.

Now-a-days they feel more like a prayer or a way to communicate with my higher Self.

I always work intuitively when I approach my morning pages.  Meaning, I don't begin with an agenda for it to look like anything, but instead I choose a few colors calling me that morning and see where things lead me.

Personally I think everyone should start their day off in the studio!

Not only does it feel good to do something you truly love first thing when you get up -- but there's something innately peaceful and sacred about mornings.  I love to witness how the sun dances outside my window and I've gotten really good at knowing what time it is just by the different shades of copper and gold that the sun spills across the rooftops.

I feel strongly that how we begin our day usually defines how that day will unfold.  I choose creativity and alignment.

Though what is most important is creating a daily creative practice that fits into your life.  It truly doesn't matter if it's in the morning, evening or during lunch time!

And to be honest with you, back when I was a public school art teacher, on those days that I couldn't squeeze in my morning pages for whatever reason I would instead sneak it in during my lunch hour!

It's all good!

And yes I'll admit, there are days --sometimes even weeks or once in a while a  month or two that this practice slips me by.  My world doesn't crumble to pieces because I haven't done my morning pages, but I'll tell you that I tend to.

When I don't attend to my daily morning pages I notice that I'm more moody, more cloudy, and sometimes even more difficult to be around -- even for myself!

Over these 8 years I've come to rely on this practice to ground me and it never fails to do so.

Like I said, I think everyone should commit to morning pages, but it's definitely one of those things you need to experience for yourself to fully be aware of what difference it makes in your own life.

So why not start today?

Even a mere 15-20 minutes will do the trick!  Think about it....20 minutes a day equals a little over two hours a week!  Who wouldn't want an extra two hours a week in the studio!?!

Plus, lets face it -- the more you practice the more comfortable you will become with your creativity and the better you will be at your craft as well.  That's a huge pay off in itself!

So here are some tips to get you rolling!

  • Give yourself a personal challenge to jumpstart your practice! Commit to 21 days of art journaling or 30 or a 100 if you're feeling extra feisty!  But when you do a challenge like this set yourself some yummy little goals along the way.  Any time I take on a challenge or a long term project I set myself little trail markers to hit and rewards I'll receive when I get there.  So how about rewarding yourself a new fancy paintbrush or a special evening of pizza and wine if you make it to 10 days, 15, or what have you!  

  • Work small.  When I was first starting my morning pages I used little pieces of paper that were about 4 inches by 5 inches.  This was just the perfect size to tackle in the morning before work.  Now-a-days my morning pages are in an art journal, but instead of using both pages as my spread I focus on only one page.  Half the space -- half the time.  And as we learned here in Art Journal Wisdom, limiting yourself can be fun!

  • Keep it simple.  If the hassle of setting up and cleaning up paints and brushes is just too much for you and keeping you from committing to your practice, then improvise and use something else more immediate and with less mess.  I prefer oil pastels of course!  But a pen doodle on one of those sticky notes would be fun too!  Get creative and make it simple.

  • Spread it out.  Who says that you need to create something new every dang day?  How about committing to one piece that evolves all week long?  Every day you could transform it a little more and it will begin to take on a life of its own!

  • Set up the night before.  If you are going to invite in morning pages I encourage you to set up your work space before you crawl into bed the night before.  That's what I do.  I have my water ready, brushes out, and my paints waiting for me to wake!  It doesn't take much to do and it can become a Creative Spiritual ritual even.  How sweet is that?

  • Make it a habit.  The best advice I can give you around creating a daily creative practice is to make it a habit.  Choose a time of day and do your best to stick to it.  Schedule it in on your planner or plug it into your iPhone calendar even.  Set yourself little reminders and make it a habit to meet with your art journal at the same time each day.  What you'll start to notice is that on those days you don't you'll really feel the effect of your commitment and it will keep you on track!

  • Use social media to hold yourself accountable.  Lots of times I post my own photos of my morning practice on Instagram.  This way I am publicly committing to this practice as well and its so energizing when others support you online or join in inspired by your courage to commit!  So put yourself out there and commit to posting your work on Facebook Instagram, or even your own blog.  Plus, once you start rolling it will be so cool to have documented the journey!

  • Forgive yourself if you flub!  It's ok if you miss a day or two or how many, as long as you jump back on the wagon and commit to yourself.  So on those days when life gets too crunchy or sleep has won its battle with you -- be kind to yourself.  You're a human not a machine --- and actually a little variety and change is good for our creative practice anyways!  

  • Make it fun!  Play music! Dance around! Play! Play! Play! I can't stress enough how important it is that your daily creative practice be fun and light (especially when you're starting out).  You should want to be there.  Seriously, why else would you commit to something on a daily basis if it didn't bring more joy into your life.  So if you find yourself dreading your practice or bored out of your mind -- that's your sign that its time to shake things up a bit!  

  • Take a class.  21 SECRETS Fall comes out on October 1st and that's just around the corner.  This is the perfect workshop to keep you inspired till the end of the year and beyond!! How awesome would it be if you slowly moved your way through the content focusing on one course a week!  Taking a class is a great way to keep your morning practice inspired and thriving!! So come on over to 21 SECRETS and let us be your guide!

  • Get other hearts involved.  There's no reason you need to do this alone.  How about inviting the kiddos, the spouse, or even the neighbor down the street! Got no one near that can join you on your daily creative practice?  Then setting up Skype dates with a friend from a-far works just as well too!  I have many dear artist friends that live thousands of miles away -- some in other countries actually and its always such a joy to meet on Skype to paint together!!  Reach out to someone you know online and get some art dates going!

Be sure to use hashtag #ArtJournalWisdom on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to share your work! 

I'll see you back tomorrow when we step outside of our comfort zone a little and start experimenting!

Art Journal Wisdom :: Day 5 :: Limit Yourself

This year, to celebrate 21 SECRETS going strong for five beautiful years, we hosted a pretty awesome workshop at the beginning of the year called 21 SECRETS LIVE!

Basically for 23 weeks every Wednesday we met with a different 21 SECRETS artist for a live streaming workshop.  

It was addictive!! 

Believe me.  I couldn't wait for Wednesday to come just to see what fun was in store.

Plus, what made it even sweeter is that my dear friends Hali Karla and Lisa Wilson were co-hosts as well.  Each of them brought their own special creative sensitivities and light to this workshop.

Unfortunately, we probably won't be hosting another 21 SECRETS LIVE! for quite awhile.  

21 SECRETS LIVE! closed on June 11th with a finale show hosted by Lisa, Hali, and myself.   Each of us suggested one element that everyone (including us) were required to use in their art journal.  We were really excited to see how many different ways  these elements could be expressed differently.



Today I invite you to gather together your favorite art journal supplies along with the three elements each of us suggested and give this fun exercise a try.

Plus, you are welcome to watch our finale show as well! Not only do you get to watch as Lisa, Hali, and I art journal live --- we also share with you an intimate look into our own art journals.

Pretty inspiring stuff!

So grab the elements listed above and hit play on the Spreecast video below.

Also, don't forget to share your work on social media using the hashtag #ArtJournalWisdom.  We would love to see what magic you create from limiting yourself too!


Artist : Connie Hozvicka
Artist: Hali Karla
Artist:  Angela Kowitz Orobko
Artist: Sally-Ann Garrett
Artist: Briana Goetzen
Artist: Dru Nordmark
Artist: Sandra Mathews


21 SECRETS Fall opens in less than a week on October 1st!  If you want to douse yourself in art journaling inspiration for the rest of the year be sure to register HERE soon!

Be sure to join me tomorrow when I share something very near and dear to my heart: morning pages!

Meet Rachel Urista, Veronica Funk, Opal Keen & Connie Hozvicka of 21 Secrets Fall!

From now until October 1st, every Friday here at Dirty Footprints Studio, Hali Karla the new 21 SECRETS Creative Director, is honoring the amazing teachers of 21 SECRETS Fall  by personally introducing each of them to you here! We are certain that you will love these artists as much as we do! Be sure to check out each artist's links & come join us in 21 SECRETS Fall this October!  To see past teachers in this series just click HERE.

I’ll be honest - I found Rachel Urista’s beautiful journal pages scrolling through a facebook group. Maybe it was the juicy layers, or the way her connection to nature transmits in her imagery, but it just pulled me in and I had to know more about her. Rachel has a background in illustration, design and bio-medical art - but feels she truly found the spirit of her artistic voice  and connection when she discovered mixed media art - and it shows! She exhibits art and offers workshops regularly in her hometown, and she intends to take us on a journey into texture, color and personal symbol interpretation in her workshop, Dream Voyage!

Read Rachel's official bio HERE and visit her website HERE.

There is an honesty to the bright, abstract, and aboriginally influenced artwork of Veronica Funk that is transmitted straight from her journey in life. Veronica is a Canadian artist represented by  several galleries, who generously shares her insight and what she’s learned as an artist with others. I fell in love with her dedication and style in her 52 weeks series! She paints because it connects her to the beauty she has experienced - a textured, vibrant expression, with the intent of honoring the spirit of the land and people that have touched her creative heart. Her workshop, Connecting with Your Wild Spirit, will both ground AND lift your sense of connection and expression.
 Read Veronica's official bio HERE and check out her website HERE.

AND - you might have heard earlier this week: our dear artist Sheri Ponzi had to step down to tend to her own healing journey (she will be joining us in Spring 2015 instead). 

To take her place, we have a real treat for you! Connie Hozvicka herself has teamed up with a yogini and dear friend, Opal Keen, to co-host a workshop called Heart Opening. Together they will guide you through a gentle yoga nidra practice, a sweet heart meditation, and a beautiful art journaling experience intended to open your heart and help lift the weight of the world so that you can shine like the radiant Soul that you are. I can personally attest that this new workshop will soften and center you with grace and joy in your journaling practice and beyond.

Read Connie & Opal's official bios HERE and check out Opal's website HERE.

21 Secrets Fall is on sale now!
GO HERE for more info!

You've now had the chance to meet all 21 artists teaching in the 21 Secrets Fall 2014 workshop!  Did you miss a week? You can catch up RIGHT HERE!


This beautiful post was written by Hali Karla, the 21 SECRETS Creative Director.

Hali is an artist and writer passionate about cultivating holistic creativity. She enjoys gathering artists, healers and visionaries for collaborations, workshops and circles. Her soulful perspective and background as a nurse offers a meaningful framework for how she guides others, which has been described as nurturing safe space for truth-telling, healing and courageous transformation. Celebrating our wholeness through imagery and presence, she encourages trust in body, nature, and intuitive expression as a way toward vitality and joy. Grounding in her own daily creative practice, you can see her current musings at HaliKarla.com.
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