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My name is Connie Solera and I’m devoted to supporting artists on their  journey of deepening their creative practice, awakening their innate wisdom, and nurturing their dreams — all while sharing an honest peek into my own life as a heart guided artist, teacher, and creative entrepreneur. Sign up for my newsletter and receive regular updates, tips, and insights.

Connie Solera

Artist Empowerment

Artist Empowerment

My artist empowerment programs help artists flow with confidence and grace among the creative, mystical, and practical layers of being a heart guided artist, teacher, and entrepreneur. No matter where you are in your artist journey you’ll find tools and mentoring to birth your creative dreams to life.

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FEARLESS® Painting


FEARLESS® Painting is more than just my personal approach to intuitive painting — it’s actually how I live and process my blessed life. FEARLESS® Painting is my connection to Spirit, my compass, my medicine, my trusted business advisor, and my complete joy to share with you.



21 Secrets Art Journaling

I believe art journaling is for everyone! At 21 SECRETS, Hali Karla and I gather a diverse and talented circle of artists eager to share their art journaling secrets with you. 21 SECRETS comes out twice a year and is available right now with instant, unlimited access and inspiration! Join us!

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