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This is one of my absolute favorite paintings I did in my Painting The Feminine series and I seriously can't wait to begin another Painting the Feminine session again on May 5th!

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The Difference A Year Makes

I did the sketch above in my Moleskine on April 22, 2013.  It's a corner of our living room while Phoenix sits on the floor watching Sesame Street.

I did the sketch above (on the right) of Phoenix sitting in our living room watching Sesame Street almost a year later on April 4, 2014.   This one is in my new Fabriano sketchbook.

Our couch no longer has the chaise attached to it nor is that red carpet on the floor in there either.  Both have retired to my studio.

But what's most moving to me is that I can remember exactly how I felt when I did the sketch on top.  It was done in the early morning, hours before Hansel came home from being in the hospital for almost a month.  I was exhausted.  Drained.  And holding onto hope like a life jacket.

Sketching was my saving grace last year.   It helped me let go of worry and anger and focus on the here and now by attempting to draw what I saw around me.

Just recently I flipped through my three Moleskines that I filled last year and I was amazed by how much my life has transformed in such a short time.

I still am addicted to sketching and do it almost every day.  But I'm starting to write more in my sketchbook instead of just bottling everything up in my imagery.

That to me is the biggest sign that real change is taking place.

Thank goodness for art and the way it helps us document the sometimes over looked details of our own life's amazing story.

I'm not a person that likes to dish out advice, but if I could I would tell the whole world to start sketching.  It can honestly better your life.

Join Me For A FREE Spreecast Next Week!

I'm so excited to be offering Painting The Feminine once again this Spring that I thought we'd celebrate with a FREE Spreecast!

Please join me in painting the Feminine together on Thursday, April 24th at 10am PST / 1pm EST.  I'll be painting in my art journal live, answering questions, and discussing how this Painting The Feminine process has changed my life incredibly!

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Stay In The Flow

Ink & watercolor in sketchbook.

Today I kept trying to write a goddamn inspiring blog post.
It started out well, & then it lost punch.  So I did the usual.
Stop.  Make tea. Eat chocolate. I even took a shower.
And when I came back to the laptop--nothing.
So I shut it down & went to the park with Hansel & Phoenix instead.
I sat on a picnic table under a blooming palo verde.
I listened to birds sing, bees buzz, & the occasional airplane go over.
And I sketched what I saw.
And when that started to fall short.  I sketched what I felt.
This is the direction I'm aiming for completely.  More art.  More nature.  More living freely.
This sketch alone is a 100 x more inspiring than any blog post I could squeeze out after a good figtht.
All you need to remember is to stay in the flow Connie.
Stay in the flow.  Things are shifting & changing.  
It's Spring time.

A Peek Into My Morning Page

Last week I shared with you a couple of my morning pages that I've been up to lately!

Today I thought I'd give you an even more intimate peek.

Hit play below to watch a little of my process behind creating the morning page you see above.  It's hard to believe that I started out drawing a couch.

Yeah.  What was that all about!?!?!

Come join me in Painting The Feminine this May!
It will inspire you to start your own morning pages practice as well!

Painting The Feminine Begins This May! On Sale Now!

Painting The Feminine Starts Monday, May 5th

Student Work By Lisa Hofmann
In November of 2013 I started a journey I call Painting The Feminine.  Through a daily creative practice I began to explore various topics and ideas around Feminine energy and how it shows up or is suppressed in my own life.  This journey has been so healing and transformative that I felt called to share it with other women.  

In January 2014 I held the first Painting The Feminine online workshop and as the energy of our community began to build, Painting The Feminine started to feel more like an art movement with all of us painting daily together, and less like a workshop.

I am very pleased to announce that I will be hosting my second Painting The Feminine workshop again this May.  In Painting The Feminine we integrate FEARLESS® Painting with the lunar cycle, ritual, storytelling,  journaling, and sisterhood into a journey that explores Feminine energy in relationship to our own creativity, community, and Spirit. 

Student Work by Christine Mealor (left) and Jill Chesrow (right)
Student Work by Danni Suplicki (left) & Danette West Spizzirri (right)


Painting The Feminine is a four week online workshop that consists of:

  • DAILY EMAILS (Monday-Friday) that will address the Feminine thread of the day to hold as your intention for FEARLESS® Painting plus valuable ideas on how to sustain a daily FEARLESS® Painting Practice.
  • TWO LIVE SPREECASTS where we will paint together in community and I will be live to answer your questions.  
  • ONE LIVE CLOSING TELECONFERENCE where we will share our experience together in circle and seal our journey together.
  • A PRIVATE FACEBOOK CLASSROOM where I check in daily (Monday-Friday) and where we can share with one another.
  • ALL THE CONTENT IS YOURS TO KEEP! You receive unlimited access to all the content,  including Spreecast and teleconference recordings, access to the Facebook classroom, audio files, and emails!
  • SPACE IS LIMITED to insure a warm, intimate community to share in.

  • For more details, including a supply list, please go HERE.
By Connie Hozvicka


Student Work by Jo Anne Parker
  • EXPLORE Feminine energy frequency in our creativity, relationships, & life.
  • EMBRACE a daily FEARLESS® Painting Practice.
  • CREATE a cohesive body of art work that will help reveal one's own unique style, visual language, & expression.
  • GROW more confidant as an Artist.
  • LEARN where we too embrace & suppress our own Feminine energy.
  • SHARE in a community of kindreds.
  • RECEIVE individual feedback & support from Connie.


By Connie Hozvicka




or 2 payments of $85 (30 days a part)




Before Friday, May 2 full refunds will be issued to those that cancel their registration by emailing Connie at Connie(at)DirtyFootprints-Studio(dot)com.  Please state the name and Pay Pal email address you used to purchase your registration.  A full refund will be made to you via Pay Pal within 72 hours of receiving your cancellation email.  

On and after Friday, May 2 ALL SALES FINAL.  Due to the online nature of this workshop no refunds will be issued on and after Friday, May 2.

MISSED PAYMENT:  If your payment is missed due to insufficient funds a service fee of $25 will be charged and your membership will be cancelled until full payment is received.

To read the Dirty Footprints Studio PRIVACY POLICY please go HERE.


Recently we dropped everything and took a short little roadtrip to Jerome, AZ.
When we got there it was cold, grey, and it even snowed a bit.
The weather made this old mining town feel even more gritty and crude.

There is something so vulnerable about Jerome.

Maybe it's all those houses bravely standing on stilts.
Or the terra cotta planters lined up in rows.

Or how if you don't look slow enough,
all you will see is evidence of the past.

Morning Pages

Acrylic paint & oil pastels in art journal.
Acrylic paint and oil pastels in art journal.

Lately, the first thing Phoenix and I have been doing in the morning  is painting.

I in my art journal. 

(My latest pages are in the photos above.)

Phoenix on whatever fits his fancy for the day!

Happy FEARLESS Painting!

Big Dreams & Small Packages

Every desk I've ever owned has been a big monstrosity.   

My last desk alone was the size of the titanic, had a bunch of useless shelves, and a space underneath it to store a computer tower which I used to stack gallons of gesso and gloss medium instead. 

This desk took up so much space in my studio and was nothing but a vortex of clutter and disorder.

Finally I convinced Hansel to help me move it outside where I simply put a sign on it that said "Looking For A Good Home.  FREE".

Within minutes it was gone.

That day I purchased a new desk. It only cost $40 and it was perfectly petite.

To be honest with you, I think it's technically a child's desk.  But I love it anyways!

It only fits a few things and my laptop itself takes up most of the room.

I mentioned that I love it, right?

There's been nights that I actually get out of bed and make my way into the studio just to look at it as it sits there all streamlined and neat.

When I close my laptop and call it a day it now feels like a religious ceremony as I make sure everything is precisely in it's place and aesthetically pleasing.

Because it's so small I can't just dump things on it.  There's no room.  Every loose paper, every drawing pencil, every cup of tea or sentimental nick-knack calls for attention and deserves to be accounted for and put in it's proper place. 

My desk is now a sanctuary for creativity instead of a safe haven for clutter.

And ok, I'll admit it.
I'm not really in love with the desk. 
(It's laminate for crying out loud.)

I'm in love with the extra space. 
With the clean lines. 
With the order and simplicity.

I keep waking up to look at the desk because it's a reminder of my own letting go and courage it's taken to do so.

I've always had a big desk.  Big plans.  And big ideas.

But lately I've been realizing that big dreams don't necessarily require big desks, big plans, and even big ideas.

Now-a-days my big dreams come in smaller packages.
They take up less room and feel lighter,
less urgent even.

But don't let that fool you.
It's these dreams, the simpler ones, that require the most out of me.

There's no more room for the clutter, the distractions, or the drama.

There's only enough space for my creativity, a few good tools I've picked up along the way, and those valuable keep-sakes of life--such as family, friends, and community.


 The Give Your Dream Wings Blog Hop is a peek inside the process of how inspiring people make the magic happen. We've got some of the internet's most inspiring bloggers sharing how they give their dreams wings - what they do that supports, nurtures and encourages their tender dreams to come to life. This is happening in celebration of the new e-course of the same name by Andrea Schroeder of the Creative Dream Incubator. The Give Your Dream Wings e-course shows you how to nurture and grow YOUR dream, for free, in only 10 minutes a day. You do not have to wait until you have more time or money! to find out about the free e-course, and to read the other (crazy inspiring!) posts in this Blog Hop.

Taking The Time To See

The first sketch in a new sketchbook is always a little daunting.

I have to admit I worry about making a mess of it
or regretting my choice of subject matter later on. 

But funny thing.....I never do either.

On Monday I started a new sketchbook.  I sat outside a coffee shop surrounded by leathery old men smoking stale cigarettes and a couple of delightful old friends sharing coffee for the first time in fifteen years.

About twenty feet away, past the chatter and the laughter, were two simple trees clinging to the sparse patch of dirt they were rooted in.

Something magical happens when you sketch from life. 
Time slows down and your senses begin to heighten. 

What might have only been background noise if I was just sitting there sipping a chai tea latte and scrolling through my emails, suddenly becomes a symphony when my pen is in hand sketching.

The screeching sound of bus breaks.
A rattling muffler.
Classic rock leaking from a car window.
Ladies laughing in unison.
Two crows hashing it out from a telephone wire.
An old man coughing repeatedly.

It all feels so perfect.
So intentional.

And I can only sit here and wonder.

How much of Life have I've missed
by not taking the time to see and hear
the world that's only waiting for my attention--
that constantly wishes to support me.

Awkward & Refreshing

Acrylic paint & oil pastel in my art journal.

Hot and cold.
Sun and moon.
Fire and water.
Space and form.

Basically that's what I was feeling when I opened up my art journal--
So it's no surprise that this is what followed.

At first I was going to do some journaling over the orange
but the more I sat with it,
the more it called to be left alone.

It's funny how quickly we rush to fill things in
and how awkward and refreshing 
all that space 
can feel.

Say Hello To Roxanne Evans, Tara Leaver, & Tara Wagner!

Today is the last week of my blog series introducing the teachers of 21 SECRETS Spring! 21 SECRETS Spring will be released to the world on Tuesday, April 1st as a brand new 177 page eBook! I can't wait!

To check out the past teachers I introduced please go HERE!

Shortly after Roxanne Evans said yes to my invitation to join 21 SECRETS Spring a former 21 SECRETS teacher and I were chatting and out of the blue she suggested that I consider inviting Roxanne to teach.  Something about that really felt special to me.  Like the Universe wanted to make sure that no-matter what, Roxanne would be joining us!  And it's no surprise.  Roxanne's work is absolutely delicious.  The best way to describe it is natural, organic, textural, and I'll say it again: delicious.  You just want to reach out and touch her art work and hold it close for awhile!  She is so talented at marrying mixed media and nature together and she does it with such a generous, open heart.  I'm so proud that Roxanne is sharing her goodness in her There Is A Place workshop this Spring!

Read Roxanne's official bio HERE and check out her website HERE.

When I think of Tara Leaver I think of blue calm skies, deep ocean waters, and fluidity.  Maybe it's because of all the gorgeous beach scenes she posts frequently on her Instagram feed, or maybe it's because her paintings always express this deep sense of tranquility and peace to them.  But Tara's art work expresses her Spirit so effortlessly and boldly.  And what I love, love, LOOOOVE about Tara is that she is always stretching herself creatively and looking for new ways to grow and be authentic in her expression.  What more could you ask for from a teacher!?  What a pure joy it is that Tara is sharing her workshop A Way With Words with us this Spring!

Visit Tara HERE at her website and read her official bio HERE.

Last year Tara Wagner started opening up her art journal and sharing it publicly on Instagram and I knew immediately that I wanted to invite her to 21 SECRETS.  Tara uses her art journal as a way of going deeper into herself.  I so admire her honesty and raw vulnerability that she pours into her work.  Plus Tara is a coach devoted to helping women go deeper into their own heart space.  She gets women out of their heads and into their hearts.  Imagine what she'll do for us with paintbrush in hand!  I'm so looking forward to journeying with Tara in her workshop Self-Discovery Beyond Words.

Read Tara's official bio HERE and visit her website HERE.

21 SECRETS will be released April 1st! 
Sign up HERE!

Those Who Can, Make Art....Those Who Can't, Teach.

Back in my art school days it was common to hear people say:

Those who can, make art.  Those who can't, teach.

So when I took my first job teaching art at the Cleveland Museum of Art, I did so a bit reluctantly. 

I was worried that somehow teaching art would make me less of an artist and that helping others on their path would distract me from my own.  I'll even admit it to you, a part of me was worried that I was in essence helping my competition and there would never be enough space/time/clients/resources for myself.

But something magical happened that first year of teaching.

Surprisingly, my students helped me fall in love with art and art making even more. 

I literally got high off of witnessing others' break throughs and I  became obsessed with finding ways to help everyone, of all skill levels, swim in their own creative juices!

Also, simultaneously, as I was falling deeper in love with teaching, my students were falling deeper in love with art as well. 

I'm proud to say that at the time I was the only teacher there that actually had a waiting list for my classes!

One of the things I did that made my classes so unique is how I approached the art history portion of my lessons. 

Being that we were in an art museum, each of us teachers were required to use the collection as our main resource and to share the history with our students. 

While other teachers were boring their classes by rambling off dates and trivia, I spent my time researching the more obscure and scandalous parts of the art periods and then shared what I found with my students in story telling fashion.

I considered myself more of a gossip reporter instead of a historian!

From spilling the juicy details of a Pharoah's failed love affair or having my students yearning to hear more about the scandals behind the Vatican during the Renaissance Period....I got people excited about art history.

And sure, some folks in the museum had a real beef with my teaching style.

But noone could deny that I got people interested in art.  I inspired my students to learn more.  I helped them feel comfortable in the halls and galleries of an art museum.  And most of all, I got them calling themselves an Artist.

My goal was not to make scholars out of my students--but lovers of art.

My art assignments were just as unconventional as my art history lessons--and I pushed my students to be creative as well as disciplined in doing the work to gain certain technical skills.

I taught for 8 years at the Cleveland Museum of Art before finally deciding to go back to college for my art education degree. 

I fell so deeply in love with teaching that I thought for me to be the best teacher I could be, I needed a formal education. 

Sadly, I started to become disheartened with teaching once my college classes took over.  The stripping away of heart and humanity from the actual craft of teaching really took a toll  on my Spirit. 

In my academics there was so much stress on having the perfect lesson plan and scheduling every second of a class that there was no room for creativity, spontaneity, and real listening to our students' needs and interests to make true learning bloom.

From there I took a full time job in a public school that only lead to my heartache around teaching, until finally, four years ago, I said good bye to the traditional teaching world and embraced teaching online full time through Dirty Footprints Studio.

I don't regret my formal education or the years I spent in the public school system.  I learned valuable skills and theories through my studies that I still apply today.

But I do see now that "that Connie who thought she needed the education"....well, she was really enough. 

What made me such a powerful teacher back in my museum days was my passion, love, and commitment to my own art practice NOT pedagogy.

And it's still my greatest attribute today.

That is why I created IGNITE.  It's the "formal training" I wish I could have had when I was seeking guidance to be the best teacher I could be.

IGNITE marries the formal with the Feminine!

In IGNITE we start with the fact that you are already "enough". 

That everything you need to be the best teacher is inside you.  Your gifts as a teacher are only in gestation.  With the right support, encouragement, and attention they will soon feel confidant to shine brightly.

There are only five more days left of the early bird discount for IGNITE. 

If you are feeling called, I encourage you to reach out and explore if IGNITE is right for you. 

Please feel free to email me and be sure to watch the recording of the live information call I did, posted HERE as well.

My wish is to help more women experience the incredible joy and fulfillment that comes from teaching/facilitating and inspiring others with creativity!