Every Artist Needs 21 SECRETS!

Imagine pulling out your art journal and having 21 talented artists there beside you eager to share their art journaling techniques, approaches, and wisdom with you!

That’s what 21 SECRETS is all about!

With over 25 hours of videos and 150+ pages of full color photos, templates, and detailed clear instructions — the talented teachers of the 21 SECRETS eBook will help you discover new techniques and bold approaches to art journaling that will get you creating with more gusto and joy today!

That’s right! 21 SECRETS is a downloadable eBook with instant unlimited access to all 21 workshops — so you decide the pace, the order of the classes you dive into, and when!

Plus, there’s a warm community of fellow 21 SECRETS art journalers waiting for you in our private Facebook group too!  It’s a great place to share, be inspired, and find support.

At 21 SECRETS we believe that art journaling is for everyone and we welcome artists of all skill levels and backgrounds with open arms and warm hearts!

21 SECRETS is perfect for the art journaling newbie with absolutely no experience — all the way to the seasoned artist who’s looking to energize their creativity with something new!  

Plus, we’ve been serving creative hearts worldwide for years now!!!

21 SECRETS was the first collaborative art journaling workshop of its kind online founded in 2010 by Connie Solera and has served over 5000 artists since then!

Bebe Butler art for 21 SECRETS

Artist: Bebe Butler

Katie Kendrick art for 21 SECRETS

Artist: Katie Kendrick

Lisa Cheney art for 21 SECRETS

Artist: Lisa Cheney


The teachers of 21 SECRETS want you to fall in love with art journaling!! So c’mon — click on the Spring/Fall images below to learn more about our 21 SECRETS eBooks and start splashing paint around with us!

2015 Fall 21 SECRETS
2015 Spring 21 SECRETS

Join The Conversation!

What has your journey as an artist been like?

That’s the question I ask each of my 21 SECRETS teachers in my ongoing interview series called 21 SECRETS Conversations.  They’re totally free and these interviews are perfect to watch while in the studio!

Check them out yourself!

At 21 SECRETS…We’re Family!

One of my main intentions behind 21 SECRETS is to create a platform that honors and supports emerging and established artists professionally and creatively.  I am super proud of the talented teachers that have made 21 SECRETS such a huge success over the years!

Learn more about the teaching family