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26 Mar #21 emBODY Ketchup Week & A New Series Starts Monday

This past week Life really kicked my butt. I'm going to spare you the long list of obstacles and heart breaks it delivered and just say that in the midst of all it, I chose to honor my own personal boundaries of what I can and can't handle. Doing the #21emBODY Painting Challenge this month really showed me exactly how I deplete myself physically by always pushing, pushing, pushing....

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25 Mar It’s Here! 21 SECRETS emBODY is Out!

21 SECRETS emBODY was suppose to come out this Monday -- but why wait? I decided to launch this amazing, soulful workshop out into the world this morning! That means you can CLICK HERE to purchase 21 SECRETS emBODY and be slapping paint around with talented teachers such as Kara Bullock, Olga Furman, Tiare Smith, and many more in just a matter of moments....

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20 Mar #21emBODY | BREASTS

This is the last week of the #21emBODY painting challenge -- and wowsers! What a journey it has been. I could not have predicted the transformations and a-ha moments I've received by pouring my attention and creativity onto my body. It's been both exhausting and exhilarating at times! I think once this painting challenge is over I am going to keep on focusing my FEARLESS® Painting Practice on exploring the body still. ...

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18 Mar #21emBODY | HIPS

For most of the paintings in my #21emBODY series I've been referring to three different resources I have in my studio: The Anatomy Coloring Book Body Parts: A Practical Sourcebook for Drawing the Human Form An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists But for today's invitation: hips, I decided to use my own personal process that I share in my 21 SECRETS emBODY workshop: imPERFECT that's coming out Monday, March 27th!...

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18 Mar #21emBODY | NECK

Initially, I wasn't going to put any trees in this painting. Even though, I must say, I'm totally digging the trees popping up in this series of work. I started this piece late last night and when I came into my studio this morning, Mr. Phoenix was already sitting at my work table adding his mark. Here's a photo I took of him pointing to his work while he explained how his contribution added to the...

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