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20 Mar #21emBODY | BREASTS

This is the last week of the #21emBODY painting challenge -- and wowsers! What a journey it has been. I could not have predicted the transformations and a-ha moments I've received by pouring my attention and creativity onto my body. It's been both exhausting and exhilarating at times! I think once this painting challenge is over I am going to keep on focusing my FEARLESS® Painting Practice on exploring the body still. ...

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18 Mar #21emBODY | HIPS

For most of the paintings in my #21emBODY series I've been referring to three different resources I have in my studio: The Anatomy Coloring Book Body Parts: A Practical Sourcebook for Drawing the Human Form An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists But for today's invitation: hips, I decided to use my own personal process that I share in my 21 SECRETS emBODY workshop: imPERFECT that's coming out Monday, March 27th!...

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18 Mar #21emBODY | NECK

Initially, I wasn't going to put any trees in this painting. Even though, I must say, I'm totally digging the trees popping up in this series of work. I started this piece late last night and when I came into my studio this morning, Mr. Phoenix was already sitting at my work table adding his mark. Here's a photo I took of him pointing to his work while he explained how his contribution added to the...

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17 Mar #21emBODY | SHOULDERS

Each of these #21emBODY paintings have been excavating a lot of buried memories for me. Sometimes during the actual painting process "random" stuff begins to surface. I'll suddenly think of the time I received a massage from Colleen after my grandfather died or trudging through the mud on my way to a Grateful Dead show. I've also been writing rapidly in my studio log right after painting. This process is something I do quite often. ...

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16 Mar #21emBODY | TOES

In my junior year of high school, my friend Becky and I went one Summer to see the Grateful Dead play. This was two years before Jerry Garcia had died and during a total hippie dippie phase of my life. We got up super early and drove for hours to arrive 2 miles from the concert site stuck in bumper-to-bumper stand still traffic, lined up in the middle of farms and corn fields. On top of...

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