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16 Mar #21emBODY | NOSE

I apologize for being super late in sharing my Nose invitation over here on the blog. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, well, then you might have already seen my pieces. But the last couple days have been real doozers. My sweet dog Sedona, whom has only been in our family for less than 7 months, suddenly got very sick and unexpectedly passed away. She was only 2 years old and quite the...

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12 Mar #21emBODY | ARMS

I woke up this morning and felt like painting today's #21emBODY invitation: Arms on Facebook Live! Yep. Just total impromptu decision. Thanks for all the lovey doves that joined me! You can watch the recording below. And, be sure to follow Dirty Footprints Studio on Facebook and Instagram if you want to know if I decide to do such a last minute, crazy thing again! Happy Painting Everyone! ...

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11 Mar #21emBODY | FEET

I've been staying one day ahead of the #21emBODY challenge so that I can a.) have time to make sure everything is posted online consistently and b.) still be feeling like I'm right in there doing the challenge with you. But I gotta tell you, this week was a killer. I experienced major technology craziness on another project I've been working on, which resulted in a whole lot of long, sleepless nights. When Friday hit all...

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