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Be love, spread light, paint FEARLESS®.  

At Dirty Footprints Studio, my mission is to help artists discover their true gifts and shine confidently while providing  the tools, support, and sacred space to embrace the deep transformative work needed to answer the call as teachers, healers, and empowered leaders.

Since 2009 I've been warmly offering eCourses, events, online intensives, and  in-person retreats intended to transform your life,  nourish your creativity, and support you on your path as an artist who believes art can make a difference. 

With over twenty years of teaching art professionally under my apron and a lifetime of creating art, my strength is in helping artists, like yourself,  fearlessly explore, express, and celebrate their own unique  gifts they've been called to share.

From FEARLESS® Painting, to art journaling, to learning how to fearlessly dance between the mystical and practical worlds of being an Artist, my programs are designed to help artists fully embrace art as a spiritual path and sustainable livelihood. 

Below is a list of my current and upcoming eCourses and events, I hope you find something that inspires your creativity and elevates your heart.

I am so happy you are here.

With Great Gratitude,
Connie Solera


Come paint FEARLESS® with me in person!

March 7, 2015 :: West Palm Beach, Florida

Come join me for a day of FEARLESS® Painting focused on embracing more freedom as we paint! You'll leave this intimate gathering feeling inspired, creatively energized, and painting with the same kind of freedom you had when you were a kid! SPACE IS LIMITED! Registration is open NOW!

Support for artists who are teachers, healers, visionaries, activists, & sacred space holders.

IGNITE Online Intensive is a six month, online intensive that provides Artists the tools, methods, templates, support, and most of all DEEP Soul Work needed to teach powerfully, create meaningful programs, and build a heart centered business. IGNITE starts March 16 and registration is open NOW!

The Creative Circles Guidebook is for women who dream of hosting their own creative circles, workshops, or retreats but need some help getting started.   Included in this Guidebook are the invaluable nuts and bolts of hosting a creative circle shared by Connie Hozvicka and fellow experts Chris Zydel, Lisa Sonora Beam, Heather Plett, and small business lawyer Elizabeth Potts Weinstein.

FEARLESS® Painting
Be love, spread light, paint FEARLESS®.

BIG is part one of the self-guided online FEARLESS® Painting Adventures where artists are invited to strengthen their trust in their innate wisdom,  deepen their connection to Creative Source, and become more confidant in expressing themselves as an Artist.  All through the use of  a paintbrush and the FEARLESS® Painting Process.

DEEP is part two of the self guided online FEARLESS® Painting Adventures where artists are invited to explore their relationship to one painting for a six weeks journey guiding them to go deeper into the truth of who they are as artists.

TOTAL ALIGNMENT is a FEARLESS® Painting Retreat hosted in the magical town of Sedona, Arizona.  Annually women from around the world gather for an extended weekend of FEARLESS® Painting, deep Soul nourishment, and sisterhood.

Painting The Feminine is a four week, self guided eCourse where you'll pull out your art journal, stack up a few canvases, and dive into a daily creative practice that will have you exploring the ways you honor and suppress Feminine energy in your own creativity, relationships, and life!

Art Journaling
We believe art journaling is for everyone!

JUST ANNOUNCED  ::  21 SECRETS Spring 2015

21 SECRETS Spring 2015 eBook comes out April 1, 2015 -- pre-order your copy NOW and save!  Come check out the 22 artists that will be sharing their magic with you in Spring 2015!

The beauty of 21 SECRETS Fall 2014 is that you can start right now!  With 22 artists shining light on the techniques, processes, and methods that make them swoon over art journaling you might run out of paint...but not inspiration!


21 SECRETS Spring 2014 kicked off our new eBook format for 21 SECRETS with an inspiring, healing group of 21 artists!  This is an art journaling eBook every artist should have in their collection.  It is filled with workshops that will spiral you deeper into your heart and boost your creativity!

FREE Ecourses & Events
Be inspired.

FREE Interview Series :: 21 SECRETS Conversations

In 21 SECRETS Conversations Connie Hozvicka interviews 33 artists from the 21 SECRETS 2014 season asking each one the same exact question: what has your journey as an artist been like? What unfolds is a beautiful collection of stories that will inspire you and get your creative juices pumping!

FREE 10 Day Workshop :: Art Journal Wisdom

The intention of this FREE 10 day workshop: Art Journal Wisdom is to get you creating in your art journal -- maybe for the very first time ever or the first time in weeks, months or years! Come be inspired -- its fun and FREE!

FREE FEARLESS® Painting Online Workshop :: Total Alignment

Total Alignment is a 5 step program where you'll use  FEARLESS® Painting and a few gentle yoga poses to realign your creativity and nudge you back in alignment with your intuition in no time!

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