30 Oct Lightening Up Around Here

This is a recent spread out of my Moleskine–can you believe it? By the time I hit my 38th birthday at the end of December I will most likely have this Moleskine completed.  This is a big deal to me–because I started my first Moleskine...
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25 Oct It’s Art

When I was at my retreat in Ojai a few weeks ago, I had a conversation with this man who told me to take some time to define what the Divine is in my own life. For some reason that didn’t really sink in until...
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29 Aug Keep It Organic

Just recently the beautiful Lis interviewed me for a lovely project she is working on.  She was curious about my sketchbook practice, and it was helpful for me to take some time and actually reflect upon it. But one of the questions she asked me...
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28 Aug My Traveling Art Studio

Above is what I consider my traveling art studio. It’s simply a great little back pack I purchased from the Croc’s outlet store that carries all of my sketchbook supplies when I’m out and about, or when I’m simply around home. You wouldn’t think it,...
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27 Aug Keeping A Sketchbook Kind Of Life

I received my first Moleskine sketchbook on my birthday, this past December 28th when I turned 37. That night I did my first sketch in it of Hansel, as we sat in the emergency waiting room. I simply used a Bic ball point pen, and...
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26 Aug A Peek Into My Moleskine

  I finally snagged a little time to give you a peek into my last finished Moleskine. This sketchbook was filled with snippets of my life from April 9 to July 18, 2013–the second volume in my 37th year. You can read more about my...
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